The 2020 Red Lines Crossed Against Humanity

Mass Murder is their big complaint. Women who fight for the safety of children & their families call out three men who they claim crossed 2020 Red Lines already.

“Leaders who crossed red lines against humanity is a warning category picked by our global civil society women’s group,” says a statement.

“The named men who crossed the red lines of global values are leaders who are lawbreakers, autocrats, misogynists; they are accused racists who rape, kill and disrupt millions of lives,” says the civil society group RINJ in a response to questions by email.

“We name the people we admire and call them Sheroes (In 2020 they are, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Philippines Senator Leila de Lima, and 52nd Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.),” says Katie Alsop, director of The RINJ Foundation.

“And we name the patriarch criminals who are the most dangerous to the safety of women and children around the world,” she continued. “In both cases we assess and give voice to the thousands of complaints and accolades we hear from RINJ members around the world.”

Leaders who crossed red lines against humanity is a warning category picked by a global civil society women’s group. They are leaders who are lawbreakers, autocrats, misogynists; they are racists who rape, kill and disrupt millions of lives.“These are the most dangerous entities to the safety of women and children around the world,” says the RINJ group’s spokesperson.

Photo Credit: Official photographs, Youtube Video Captures, source supplied photo of Assad,  and Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement by Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Story by Micheal John in Atlanta with files from  Saif Abdul-Ahad, correspondent in Iraq, and from Behar Abbasi in Iraq

For 2020 the Board of Directors of the RINJ Foundation says, according to a statement released today, that in their fight for the safety of women and children around the world, their primary enemies are men who have crossed the red lines against humanity.

Two of the names on a list of three have been listed in the past. They are Syria’s Bashar al Assad and the Philippines’ Rodrigo Duterte.

Joining the list is Donald Trump.

Removed from the past list is Omar al-Bashir, now deceased following several indictments and his imprisonment. Also removed from the list is Vladimir Putin who “through his statesmanship has redeemed himself,” and, “because his handling of the 2014 Crimea situation has shown an improvement that benefits his constituents who continue to maintain that being a part of Russia is their unequivocal wish; plus other facts vindicate his past actions,” says the statement.

“Trump is nudged the liest before but now he has leaped into the pit with the most vile leaders on the planet,” says Gracie Edwards, a nurse in Syria.

Without any war time cause of action whatsoever, Donald Trump admitted mass murder of Iraqi and Iranian officials on 3 January near the Baghdad International commercial airport. This would seem to mean that the crime was commit randomly in a third nation, one that the US says it considers to be one it controls. Without ambiguity the Iraqi government has protested and told the Americans to leave. Trump has responded more or less that he does not respect the Iraqi government’s authority to ask him to exit.

Detailed examination and literally dozens of interviews from the inside reveal that the extrajudicial killings of listed persons (in a letter shown below) by US President Donald Trump at  33°15’29?N 44°15’22?E (Baghdad, Iraq) on or about 3 January 2020 1 a.m. (local UTC+3) to be a serious crime of wanton mass murder.

2020 RINJ Foundation Warning to the world. Red Lines crossed against humanity.
2020 RINJ Foundation Warning to the world. Red Lines crossed against humanity”  are done by men who have commit serious crimes against humanity and will predictably continue even worse conduct. Photo Courtesy The RINJ Foundation

“A person who sees humans as being either useable or disposable will not behave any differently, suggests an Iraqi official who has been digging into the crimes of 3 January 2020 in his country.

It is also no surprise that such an offender as Donald Trump surrounds themselves with persons who think and even declare publicly, “when you meet anyone new, your first thought should be, ‘how do I kill them.'”


This was a school bus. 45 Children killed plus dozens injured from American-directed Saudi Air Strike in Yemen Market – Photo Credit: 9 August 2018 Screen Capture from local Sa’ana TV

America's de facto endorsement of this murder indicates how vile America has become under Donald Trump. Another nation must take the global lead. Photo Credit: Original, Twitter Art: Rosa Yamamoto, Feminine Perspective Magazine Trump’s endorsement of this murder indicates how vile America has become under Donald Trump.  Photo Credit: Original, Twitter Art: Rosa Yamamoto, Feminine Perspective Magazine

Trump also assisted his friend Mohammad Bin Salman in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi and caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of persons in Yemen, a crime to which he admits as the necessary collateral damage of selling hundreds of billions of US dollars worth of armaments to Saudi Arabia. FPMag sources have learned that on 9 August 2018, it was a Trump order that caused the bombing and killing of dozens of children when an American 500 lb bomb was dropped on a clearly identified school bus. The proof from men with guilty conscience and one suicide is colossal but also lies even in guidance digital camera visuals.

“Trump is a cold-blooded murderer,” the family of Shahroud Mozaffari Nia says,  “and he did not deserve to be murdered in Baghdad during his family’s New Years celebrations.”

9 August 2018 murder of dozens of children. Courtesy of Grace Edwards, The RINJ Foundation 9 August 2018 murder of dozens of children. A bombing ordered by DOnald Trump according to new information inside Washington DC.  Photo Courtesy of Grace Edwards, The RINJ Foundation

With three years of serious bloodletting, Duterte stays on the Red Lines list.

Rodrigo Duterte has admitted crimes of murder by his own hand and has also brazenly in public ordered Filipino kill teams (including freelance criminals as well as police officers and military personnel) to murder three dozens of thousands of Filipinos, (and to rape women) mostly the alleged substance abusers (often persons with a physical or mental challenge) identified by their Barangay enemies as substance abusers, and  low tier drug pushers.

Duterte attacks on VP Robredo have incited some to contemplate murder. Duterte attacks on VP Robredo have incited some to contemplate murder.
Photo Credit: ABSCBN YouTube Video

Recently Duterte has threatened several US lawmakers and also threatened to kill American philanthropist, George Soros.

Duterte is holding Senator Leila de Lima, a law professor and elected Philippines Senator in prison for political reasons says U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy.

The US Senate approved Resolution 142, sponsored by Senator Edward J. Markey, on 9 January urging the Philippines to release Senator Leila de Lima and drop the bogus charges against Maria A. Ressa, founder of news website Rappler. Ressa is a Filipino journalist formerly with CNN Philippines who has doggedly stayed on Duterte’s case and called him out for various crimes and serious missteps.

“Extrajudicial killings perpetrated by the government of the Philippines as part of a government-directed antidrug campaign present the foremost human rights challenge in the Philippines,” says Resolution 142.

The voice of reason is a political prisoner. The voice of reason is a political prisoner.
” #ReleaseHostageDeLima I am sure of one thing, #Duterte It was a woman who brought you into this world and it will be a woman doctor and/or nurse at your bedside who with comforting tenderness sends you out. You owe women a lot.” Says a RINJ Women statement.

What more needs to be said about the world’s number one pariah.

Syria’s Bashar al Assad is is a renowned mass murderer of women and children.

“His favourite game is bombing schools full of children and hitting with bombs various hospitals and emergency responders in their ambulances and mobile medical response units,” says an outspoken woman doctor in Syria who is on several scumbag’s wanted list for exposing crimes including the Douma chemical attack by Syria’s Bashar al-Assad.

Gaseous chlorine is about 2.5 times heavier than air. It would fall to the basement and keep going through any downward path, accumulate where blocked and continue more slowly through drains, sewers or even wiring channels and mouse holes.

“Among the images from that day were some apparent chemical weapon canisters of the improvised commercial grade often used by the Assad Regime as air-droppable from helicopters,” says  Grace Edwards, a medical expert who went to DOuma and investigated the incident.

According to Behar Abbasi, who was also visiting the area to assist the evacuation of long-resident family members, she with others actually eyeballed the canisters, “somewhat damaged, decayed and present through holes in the concrete made by other means”.

It was her belief at the time and the belief of excited locals that the items had been dropped there after other ordnance made the holes. Many had seen this before.

What looked like an industrial gas cylinder was found atop the roof—an outdoor patio—of a Douma area apartment block. This was found next to a cratered hole in the reinforced concrete roof opening to a room below. It had missed and not passed into the hole but its contents likely had gone down that way.

Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Photo Credit: source supplied. Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Says Gracie Edwards, “We 100% categorically know and saw this crime committed. We may not have realized what we were looking at in the first place but we saw the bodies, helped a small few injured, and after all witness accounts plus human biological samples that we held back from shipping to Jordan were assembled, we know the Syrians used a mortar shell first to blow holes in roofs and then dropped canisters of Chlorine into the holes. One canister missed the hole but the chlorine spilled through the hole. The women and children hiding from the bombs in the basements of two buildings were all killed. It was horrible. It was a PSTD trauma for the two nurses who saw the dead children. Others in the vicinity were injured in varying degrees but recovered. Assad’s forces did this from Syrian military helicopters in the hover over their targets. There are additional reasons why we know this for certain because some of the Russians and some of the Syrian soldiers did not want this to happen and they told us. Anybody who has a child to love would be devastated.”

(On 14 April 2018, the UK, USA and France cooperated and launched missiles against chemical weapons facilities in Syria. The Syrian side says there were no casualties but they are angry that their chemical weapons facilities were attacked.)

A detailed account of these technical findings regarding Douma, that categorically vindicate American, French and British attacks on Syrian chemical weapon facilities (and actually destroyed chemical weapons) can be found here in this fascinating historical account: April 2018 execution of kids, moms in Douma is on Assad and Russians.



"Bashar al Asaad must be indicted, imprisoned and tried. His cohorts too. Above all, his criminal brutality must be stopped." says the RINJ statement issued today. “Bashar al Asaad must be indicted, imprisoned and tried. His cohorts too. Above all, his criminal brutality must be stopped.” says the RINJ statement issued today. Photo Courtesy Photo Courtesy The RINJ Foundation

These crimes must not stand.

Several groups within civil society have been communicating about the possibility of bringing legal actions, as difficult as that has become. But there are messy alternatives as the university students of Hong Kong have demonstrated.

Concomitantly the slaughter of persons carrying out peaceful protests in Iran and Iraq, slaughters done clearly and unequivocally by Iranian military or paramilitary units, is an example of the thresholds of unabridged violence against constituencies to which unchallenged psychopaths who make up the ruling class in autocracies and kleptocracies feel compelled to breach. Their compulsion for murder is based on their desperate need to cling to their kleptocracy, or lose everything. This is what DOnald Trump has been encouraging.

Humanity is not served by the random murders of the state.

The biggest fear around the world today is the precedent of government being free to murder anyone in any country the US government is setting.

“America has been very critical of the alleged murder by DPRK agents who set out and murdered the half brother of the Supreme Leader, Mr. Kim Jong-Nam in Kuala Lumpur’s international airport,” notes Michele Francis of RINJ.

“So what does the murderer in the White House do?” she asks rhetorically.  “He slaughters a dozen people at the Baghdad airport during the most holy week of the United States calendar. Not only is Trump a psychopath but he has surrounded himself with the same kind.”

“America is a country for which there is a higher than normal expectation to uphold the rule of law. America no longer earns that pedestal. The message is a welcome to anarchy and murder. The United States is expecting and offering  impunity for political murders and anyone who seeks that impunity for murder of persons it does not like,” she added.

“Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines, Bashar al Assad of Syria and Donald Trump of America have each jumped on the exclusive bandwagon reserved for mass murderers. They must be held to account,” says the RINJ official statement.

“Concomitantly, each of those persons is among the most despised people in all of human recorded history and from inside today’s darkest underworld has a price on their heads,” adds Michele Francis from Venezuela who had vehemently bid to have Nicolás Maduro added to the list.

“Nicolás Maduro is a mere toad compared to the psycho rattlesnakes already on the list,” retorted Katie Alsop, a director of The RINJ Foundation.

Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Courtesy of The RINJ Foundation

The Photo and its story: Bashar al-Assad according to the global civil society women’s group, RINJ, “Assad has earned the greatest disdain of any leader in the world.” He has likely caused the deaths of over half a million of his countrymen.

“Mr. Rouhani, the President of Iran is a representative of one of the most peaceful groups of people in the world, but his oppression of his own people has earned considerable disdainm” notes



“While listening to news reports of what a monstrous threat Iran is, I’ve been wracking my brain to think of a single terrorist attack in this country committed by an Iranian. If there is one, now would be a good time to mention it! But I can’t find any…”

“…Americans are sitting at home being scared out of their wits by news reports of the “threat” Iran poses to their children, their homes, their commute to work, their very lives. They can rest easy.”

“It’s more likely that Mars will attack [America], and we didn’t just kill a Martian general.”

—American author, Ann Coulter


Summary: Criminal Leaders who have crossed the lines. Lawbreakers who are kleptocrats, misogynists, racists who rape, kill and disrupt millions of lives.

Donald Trump

The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump is a 2017 book edited by Bandy Lee, a forensic psychiatrist, contains essays from 27 psychiatrists, psychologists, and other mental health professionals.  They all declare a “clear and present danger” that US President Donald Trump’s mental health poses to the “nation and individual well being”.

Those mental health professional persons may or may not be correct about Trump’s impact on America which has become a White Supremacist quasi-fascist kleptocracy on its own, some think.  The likes of this America have probably been seen at many times in history. Caesar’s Rome was once that. It fell badly.

Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Download the document: The-RINJ-Foundation-Peace-Plan-Proposal-Republic-of-Iran-and-the-United-States-of-America

Bashar al Assad

The crimes of this man a jury of his peers must hear. The slaughter of peaceful demonstrators and chemical weapons used to kill children in Syria should have been your red line nine years ago. Bashar al Assad must be indicted, imprisoned and tried. His cohorts too. Above all, his criminal brutality must be stopped.

Rodrigo Duterte

Clinically diagnosed as a psychopath in 1998 this despot has likened himself to Adolf Hitler.

Rodrigo Duterte, Murderer of thousands. “Rodrigo Duterte, Murderer of thousands.”  Courtesy of The RINJ Foundation

“Duterte ruthlessly eliminates criticism from politicians and journalists,” notes a Canadian doctor who recently left the Philippines.

“The murder of little children across the Philippines has been his way of punishing those persons who hide from his Death Squads,” says Greg, a Filipino who works in Toronto, Canada.

Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Courtesy of The RINJ Foundation

Feminine-Perspective Magazine Gone but not forgotten, too many children killed to punish targets who hid from Duterte Death Squads. Courtesy of The RINJ Foundation

The murder of a Filipino journalist was an unspeakable scream to action the people of the Philippines missed.  Duterte says the people he orders murdered are family members of drug users.

Duterte is systematically removing the women from government, muzzling or killing his opponents and encouraging his supporters to do the same, promising them impunity,” says BElinda, a Barrista at a Manila coffee shop.

Duterte is stirring up fear within the population of the Philippines over “drug-induced-terrorism” and an imagined plague of what really amounts to a lower than international norms for substance abuse suggests a courageous United Nations special rapporteur.

Feminine-Perspective Magazine Courageous United Nations special rapporteur. Official UN Photograph, 2019.

“The people in the provinces of the Philippines are so impoverished they are not a market for any form of drug cartel. The only substance abuse problem is among the politicians and police in Manila selling drugs here and in some other large cities,” notes one doctor at Manila Doctor’s Hospital who does not want to be identified for fear of being murdered like many of her patients were murdered.

According to he Vice President of the Philippines who opposes Duterte’s murders, [paraphrased] the Philippines President has given the major importers a pass and allowed “ninja cops” to murder the drug users and local street pushers who don’t pay their drug buy debts.

Still, the United Nations experts say that the Philippines is among the lower than average problem areas for the illegal drug trade.

In any case, leaders murdering people they not like for the sake of putting fear into their detractors must soon be treated as a crime and that crime’s impunity must be erased.

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