Canada’s Surrogacy to Trump, Chapter 2020. A review essay.

Canada’s surrogacy to Trump has caused Canada to become more racist, more white supremacist, more misogynistic, and is destroying federalism.

Is Canada prioritizing effectively? Ottawa is peeing all over China and stirring up squabbles about sanctions against Iran. Canada is blaming Iran for the deaths of 63 of our brothers and sisters but it was the jackass in the White House that brought that on.

War has collateral damages. War is not something Trudeau’s federal elements should have ever supported. But it acquiesced to Trump’s need for an impeachment distraction. Why? This is disgusting Canadians and many now want to leave the Confederation.

Canada has thrown its technology niche concept out the window and seized on being a token member of the White Supremacist Five Eyes anglo nation group. It doesn’t pay its way so Canada’s membership is contingent on doing America’s bidding.

If Canada doesn’t play ball with the Trumpers it will be kicked out of the club. Maybe it should be because there are more Chinese and Iranians living in Canada than in all of the United States in fact, white Anglo-Saxons are in the minority in Canada. Meanwhile America is one-by-one dragging the Chinese out of Canada.

Feminine-Perspective Magazine In a series of tit-for-tat retaliations, Canada, guided by US intelligence, responded last year to yet another Canadian arrested in China during a drug bust, by ejecting one of Canada’s scientists, her husband and her Chinese Students from a Winnipeg University bio-lab. During attempts to contact the professor, FPMag was told “don’t even try.”  Qiu received an award from Gov. Gen. Julie Payette,  at a ceremony at Rideau Hall in 2018, for being part of the team at the National Microbiology Lab that created the Ebola drug ZMapp. She is a foremost scientist in Canada and in China. America told Canada she must be s spy. She isn’t. She is a scientist working in academia which doesn’t see borders the way the patriarch sees borders. In any case, she is gone as are many Canadian geniuses from Canadian halls of academia.  Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Reviewing the past 12 months.  by Micheal John, Melissa Hemingway, and Sharon Santiago

The Five Eyes anglo nation group is still making allegations about Asia and condemning many entities it claims might collect information from mobile phone systems and give the data to Beijing. It is slamming Trudeau over the head screaming “Drop Huawei”.

The group condemns countries having technology partnerships with China-based Huawei Technologies, a sprawling multinational that is obliged to follow the rules of the nations wherein it is incorporated or partnered.

While rich men fight for global supremacy in wireless technology, FPMag asks what does 5G mean for the safety of women and children. Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine
While rich men fight for global supremacy in wireless technology, FPMag asks what does 5G mean for the safety of women and children. 

Despite the racist group of Anglo Countries telling whopper lies against Asia, multinational companies seek the best and the brightest work force and the best and biggest markets.

IPhones are still built in China as are Tesla electric cars at Tesla’s Gigafactory near Shanghai. Both company’s seek the biggest share of the global market and they need the best and the brightest work force in the world to do that. That is why they are in China where the workforce is much better educated.

That’s the truth. Trump doesn’t get that companies will do what they must to make profits and build market share and that no matter how powerful the Office of the President of the United States may be, it doesn’t control corporate America.

Trump has manipulated many countries’ leaders to do wild and crazy things. But no country is more over a barrel than Canada. Justin Trudeau is Trump’s B-boy in Hip Hop parlance, and he is ‘dancing as fast as he can go’.

The Federal Canadian Government doing the Trump Dance

Trudeau has no choice. Twenty percent of Canada’s GDP comes from goods exported to the United States.

“Canada is the largest foreign supplier of oil, natural gas, and electricity to the United States,” says the US State Department.

Is being a US surrogate a good role for Canada’s federal government?

No. It makes the WEXIT Party and the Bloc Québécois platforms of separation seem like perfectly sensible ideas.

Trump surrogacy also drove WEXIT into existence as a federal political party and more than quadrupled the Bloc Québécois in the 2019 election.

Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Photo Credit: YouTube.  Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Few Canadians know they don’t need the Federal Government. They want out of Canada.

In Canada, very little that the federal government does has an impact on any Canadian. When the federal government screws things up, however, the government can destroy Canadian lives. The provinces, the regional governments and the municipalities have a total impact on daily lives in Canada until the federal government screws up. At least two provinces have political parties aimed at removing themselves from Canadian Federation and going it alone. They say they will save a lot of money once they stop funding Ottawa’s kleptocratic rein over the national coffers.

The gaffs continue.

Encouraging Donald Trump in his escalation of violence in the Middle East  attack and killing of dozens of  Iraqis and Iranians ended up killing 63 Canadians.

That, for example, is one way Canada’s surrogacy is harmful to Canada. Participating in adventurism and imperialism has a high cost for surrogates.

Every surrogate partner of the United States has been kicked to the curb and under a bus.

Canadian led NATO operation in Iraq has been shutdown by NATO Command. Canadian led NATO operation in Iraq has been shutdown by NATO Command. Photo Credit: NATO  Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Trump is co-accused in the PS752  fiasco and Ottawa is part of it.

Canada must get its military out of Iraq. If that means leaving NATO, do it.

Via NATO and also independently on its own, Canada has been training militants and giving them guns.

Canada says it has been helping the Kurds fight ISIS but that is an outright lie.

America claims it trained the Iraqi Army from 2004 through 2011 but what it did was create more corruption than the country has ever seen and an Army that dropped its guns and ran like hell when ISIS came along.

That’s the process Canada joined. Despicable. Arming any of the three rivaling factions  in Iraq, the Kurds, the Shiites or the Sunnis is pure madness. It forced Iran to enter the fray and arm the Shiites who since 1922 when Iraq was born have been suffering as the poor cousins in Iraq despite their being 68% of the population. Canada is a collective idiot and its policy of training and arming elements of the warring factions in Iraq is murder.

Red Lines Crossed 

2020 RINJ Foundation Warning to the world. Red Lines crossed against humanity 2020 RINJ Foundation Warning to the world. Red Lines crossed against humanity.  Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

To the civilians of Iraq the Peshmerga have been an equal threat, as bad as ISIS.

The Peshmerga (The Kurdish Forces Canada has been training.) raped as many Yezidi girls as did ISIS in August 2014. After ISIS kidnapped the female population of Sinjar, that swung the other way.

The Kurdish Iraqi’s are not and have not been fighting ISIS. The Shia militias and the Gold DIvision of the Iraqi Army did all the heavy lifting from the ground. The Americans, Jordanians, French and British bombed cities to absolute rubble and destroyed Iraq’s infrastructure from top to bottom.  ISIS was useful in selling a lot of ordnance and making rich Americans richer.

Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Photo Credit: Micheal John


Ottawa wastes too much time warring with China as the Polar Ice Melts and the Polar Bears Die. We need green but where the ice  once was, is now muddy water. We have a problem.

To the rest of the world Canada’s slave relationship to Trump looks awful. There are real problems that jackass denies.

Dragging Canada into the familiar territory of racism, the Five Eyes anglo nation group is irrational in its hatred of Asia.

By the time China gets its 5G  systems distributed, many people will be wading through waist high water in their bedrooms as is happening now in Jakarta ‘s massive climate-change-floods. Too much ice is melting and low-lying cities are flooding. Isn’t that more important than helping America win world dominance in technology that it lost to Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and China?

Feminine-Perspective Magazine Earth is facing extreme climate change that has begun killing our species. Photo Credit: Micheal John

This is a time when planet Earth is facing extreme climate change sufficient to threaten the extinction of a million species in the time it takes a kid born now to graduate grade eight.

But Cabinet Ministers seem to want to be part of the Five Eyes anglo nation club, which, led by Trump, denies climate change. 

The Five Eyes anglo nation  team just created a skirmish of assassinations and threats of obliteration that murdered  three dozen people across Syria, Iraq and in Sana’a, Yemen.

They caused a violent skirmish that led to Iranians shooting down an airliner  Iranians feared was a big missile homing in on their heads, as they had been threatened.

Feminine-Perspective Magazine

 Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

It is sad that the West has become a malign actor. Hurting the Chinese people, starving North Koreans; invading Iraq, again, preventing Iranians from receiving medicines… The West are the bad guys.

The West’s distracted patriarchs now embroiled in a dozen wars do nothing about how badly nature is declining globally at rates unprecedented in human history — and the rate of species extinctions acceleration, with grave impacts on people around the world now likely. That’s the warning of a report from the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES).

Where is the water going? Skies are not blue when the air we breathe is black. Where is the water going? Skies are not blue when the air we breathe is black.  Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine Photo Credit: by Katie Alsop

Feminine-Perspective Magazine

The January 20 Trial of Meng will showcase Canada’s sick relationship with America and deliver more headline distractions from real problems: helping people survive the patriarch’s mess and a global transformation to a new paradigm wherein, because of pollution, Earth is less inhabitable by humans.

Huawei Technologies annoys Trump and Trudeau because it is a successful women-run business.

The Patriarch is afraid it must fold in the 5G game. No matter where you look, around the world, you find Huawei electronics and devices. People and businesses buy what works and what is cost effective.

It must annoy misogynists like Donald Trump and fanny-whackers like Justin Trudeau that it’s not Chinese super spies but actually ultra-bright women like Meng Wanzhou and Yafong Sun who run the most advanced mega-corporation in the high-tech communications sector on planet Earth.

Huawei Technologies has been ostensibly a women-run corporation in the past decade. It certainly has some of the best and the brightest in the field.

Yafong Sun, Chair, Huawei Technologies, a Woman Run Global Business
Yafong SUnYafang Sun is pioneering 5G – AI – IoT technology innovations to open the door to a better future for children and their families. Acclaimed as one of the most powerful women executives for her role as chair of telecom giant Huawei since 1999, (dubbed Queen of Huawei ), Ms. Sun has also been one of its most reclusive leaders. Now she’s taking a more public role: Meeting with statesmen, corporate boards, trade groups, and giving speeches at schools that promote virtues such as innovation and teamwork. She avoids replying to American political accusations of spying that led Huawei to pull back on selling to the West. Source: FPMag files and Forbes.

Sabrina Meng, Political Prisoner in Canada
Sabrina MengThe CFO of Huawei Technologies, a Woman-Run Global Business, & Deputy Chair of its Board, Ms. Meng inspires & enables forward-looking engineers of Huawei 5G infrastructure. She holds a master’s degree from Huazhong University of Science & Technology. Ms. Meng has continually worked to improve treasury risk & tax compliance management systems & helped to make financial operations within Huawei more efficient, agile, & intelligent. She is held in detention on bail in Vancouver at the request of the Trump government which says she might be released if the US gets a good trade deal with China. Source: FPMag, Huawei & Forbes

Meng Wanzhou is a Political Prisoner in Canada since December 2018. These are her upcoming Court Appearances

  1. Jan 20-24, 2020 Formal extradition hearings begin. First issue to be tackled is double criminality — can the alleged crime be considered a crime in Canada?
  2. Post-Jan 24, 2020 Ruling on double criminality. If the judge finds the U.S. case doesn’t meet that threshold, she could order Meng’s release.
  3. Apr 27-30, 2020 Hearings as defense tries to introduce evidence. Under Canadian extradition law, the defense can only enter evidence that goes to the question of whether or not a crime was committed.
  4. Jun 15-26, 2020 Hearings on abuse of process. Meng’s lawyers will try to have the case thrown out arguing it’s politicized and that her constitutional rights were violated during her arrest.
  5. Sept 28-Oct 9, 2020 So-called sufficiency hearings: whether the U.S. evidence is sufficient to commit Meng for trial in Canada if the conduct had occurred here.
  6. Post-Oct 9, 2020 Supreme Court of British Columbia decision on extradition
  7. Nov 16-27, 2020 Two extra weeks have been blocked off in case more time is necessary.

The two sides America and China, fling barbs back and forth. America uses Canada as a surrogate. Canada is getting hit back in the gut.

Canada’s role in the fight against China is all about China’s leaders running The People’s Republic of China the way they want and not the way the America thinks it should be done.

China behaves badly, says the the West, particularly America. China is a rival and hence an enemy. Enemies never do anything right, do they?

America thinks that it can control corporations around the world forcing them not to do business with China in areas of advanced information technology.

Enemies always suck because they do horrible things. Right?

There are some good examples of terrible things that China has done. Its persecution of Falun Gong/Falun Dafa women (RINJ Slams China for Rape of Falun Dafa Women) and its mistreatment of the Uighurs is horrible (read: Among Human Rights Violations is the Letter to UNHCHR on China by HR Violator Nations [In Depth]).

These are Muslim men, Uighurs, in what does not look like a 'vocational school' as Beijing claims dozens of camps to be. These are Muslim men, Uighurs, in what does not look like a ‘vocational school’ as Beijing claims dozens of camps to be.
Photo Credit: YouTube Screen Capture ~ Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto


Canada’s Human Rights Record is no better in relative scales.

Canada has also done some horrible things like kettling hundreds of Toronto’s ordinary citizens in 2010 in Toronto at Spadina and Queen street and throwing them into a makeshift prison. The author of that fiasco, Bill Blair, is sitting today in the Trudeau Cabinet as the Public Safety Minister. Violations of human rights by Canadian government officials seem to have impunity.

Canada has a global reputation for committing genocide against its indigenous peoples. Recently its disgusting national police force which already has some 20,000 unresolved cases of sexual misconduct and misogynistic mistreatment of women against it was accused of plotting the murders of Wet’suwet’en indigenous people.

It has already been accused of a participation in the murder, rape and forced disappearance of thousands of indigenous Canadians.

Canada has the government that signed off on the Rehtaeh Parsons case.

Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Attack on the Wet’suwet’en indigenous people seen in the context of Inquiry that reports of “Genocide in Canada” Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

China and Canada are in a quid pro quo Fight which Canada is losing badly. Neither has the colour of right. Both are being manipulated by a psychopath in the White House.

If Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor (now oft referred to as the two Michaels China kidnapped) expected any kind of help from the Canadian government to ease their alleged espionage cases, they will be disappointed to hear the latest news.

Katie Alsop and a few of her friends in the RINJ Foundation have been chasing down genocidal rapists formerly of the Islamic State. A significant number have been hiding out in northern China, and that is where they originally came from.

“The China investigation experience,” says Katie Alsop, “has given us an understanding of how things work in China. Fortunately we have been pursuing a goal that is common to the goals of the Chinese mainland government. But if not, we would have been accused of espionage, we are told. That’s a death sentence without much in the way of procedures—bang goes the firing squad. That’s where the two Michaels are heading unless China decides it wants to discourage others who spy inside the country using the same ruse they are using—an unregistered NGO gathering security data or sensitive/classified information surreptitiously. The courts rule in such matters exactly how Beijing wishes.”

Is that what is happening when Canada’s Attorney General says that Meng Wanzhou will be or can be extradited to the United States?

But Canada is in the US pocket with a pending Senate Approval of the United States Mexico and Canada trade agreement hanging in the balance.

Donald Trump controls the US Senate hence there may or may not be a trade deal at hand, depending on Canada’s behaviour. It’s not looking good following a highly publicized and oft-referred snicker fest.

Canada’s government prejudges that regardless of what Meng’s defence attorney might say, the Attorney General has ruled that her banking interactions with HSBC amounted to fraud. Such a crime is common to both countries and therefore she can be extradited.

The Attorney General seems to be providing some nudging guidance to Supreme Court Associate Chief Justice Heather Holmes.

But that’s OK because China is “the enemy”?


Feminine Perspective: (on the theory of Five Eyes misconduct.)

The infectious wrong-mindedness of greedy American men trying to block Huawei’s brilliant competitive entry into the 5G Artificial Intelligence infrastructure regime has led the USA to coerce four other countries including Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom (The self-proclaimed “Five Eyes ” watching Huawei’s consumer products  in order to save the world, they say.), to spread terrible “spy lies” about China’s Huawei Technologies, the world’s leading consumer 5G and AI developer.Combined 5G  / AI in the context of 5G consumer infrastructure building is very lucrative to the point of the US appearing to be willing to start a war over achieving dominance.

This 5G phase will benefit human development to the point of societal revolution in medicine, health and mobility. It is worth a fortune to early adopters.

The USA wants to have that wealth. It is conceivable it represents a new technology for controlling the thinking of large electoral voter populations the way Rodrigo Duterte and Donald Trump spent millions to manipulate Facebook and win their respective elections. Trump wants that control before 2020’s election.

By last July, Huawei Technologies’ 5G and AI breakthroughs were so epic the USA , after failing to even invent a legitimate case, and after building a substantial slander against Huawei, decided to toss the rule of law and kidnap Sabrina Meng (Meng Wanzhou) the female face of Huawei Technologies.

Knowing whichever country attacked the woman would be sorely punished by China, Trump’s minions duped the misogynistic RCMP, condemned by Canada’s Parliament as a sexist Canadian institution, to grab the woman and threaten to scream ‘political interference’ if anyone said “boo”.

Canada’s surrogacy to Trump caused Canada to become less prosperous, more white supremacist, more misogynistic & is destroying federalism.


Canada’s Surrogacy to Trump, Chapter 2020. A review essay on the past 12 months was written by Micheal John, Melissa Hemingway, and Sharon Santiago