Proof: Beware Five-Eyes Anglo SmartPhone spies. Not China.

Telegram, Signal, WhatsApp are just three names of encrypted communication smartphone apps that governments can’t monitor when users seek privacy and choose to create end-to-end encrypted conversations. This act is unequivocal proof the user does not want to be eavesdropped. But five governments, not the ones people might suspect, are going to invade that privacy regardless of the users’ rights.

In the latter half of 2018, certain governments publicly demanded that wireless carriers crack the codes and store the communication content in searchable databases for all communications, including those done through end-to-end encrypted sessions. In the event the government wants to read your messages, it will. Users will be profiled, categorized and their communications searched for keywords that relate to behaviour, contacts, travel and more. Even if that was not made clear to you, your government, if you live in the countries listed, has informed you of the intent to spy on you. Govern yourself accordingly.

Special Feature by Melissa Hemingway Senior Staff Writer and  Micheal John, [email protected] Writer | Editor

Note: Micheal is also a certified expert in Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) and served as a Canadian Chapter President of AFCEA (Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association) for 8 years.

The culprits are Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. Each of these nations are making a big fuss about China in order to distract from their own scurrilous conduct which constitutes a privacy violation in every instance. Should governments have impunity for human rights and privacy infractions?

Privacy violations of the Five Eyes (FVEY) nations threaten the safety of women and children.

Why do anglo governments need to track the whereabouts and activities of every woman and girl?

  1. Who is allowed to have this information?
  2. Who decides?
  3. Government?

That’s creepy. Governments continually demonstrate ineptitud for controlling the conduct of people in government jobs. Psychiatrists even go as far as saying that most real psychopaths are drawn to careers in government and politics purely for reasons of abusing power and control.

Women who report crimes like rape, sexual assault, forced slavery and other crimes against the person, done by suspects in government jobs (20% of the population or more), cannot live in safety after filing their report.

Will that be true in reality, or just perception? This is a very dangerous violation of human rights.

The hypocrisy of the Five Eyes Anglosphere group spying in more than 150,000 full networks around the world.The hypocrisy of the Five Eyes Anglosphere group spying in more than 150,000 full networks around the world. Photo Credit: Melissa Hemingway / Rosa Yamamoto – Feminine Perspective Magazine


Civil Society in 2016 Raised its Collective Voice

In the Fall of 2016 a class of Human Rights Civil Society groups took the Five Eyes group of nations to court. The 115-page complaint is revealing. Read: Applicants-Reply-To-Govt-Observations-Pdf

Led by America, global misconduct by the governments of five anglophone nations is a threat to human development and violates all truly global values. The disingenuous allegations against and the persecution of Asian civilians; plus attacks on their business ventures, is potentially the greatest threat to human innovation and the most serious immorality of the 21st Century.

Feminine-Perspective MagazineThe Five Eyes ‘Security’ Ministers who don’t have a clue to understanding the technology being discussed. If this group was 50% female, it likely would not exist because the testosterone-raging old warriors would have a calming balance. Photo Credit: ITWorld Canada.

In 2018 USA/UK/Canada/Australia and New Zealand announced their worst spying human rights violations. 

The brazen arrogance of the Five Eyes (FVEY) nations in plotting against Asia for commercial gain must be blocked by the world’s population. The world needs to benefit from the extraordinary innovation-sharing collaborative efforts of Europe and Asia.

“It is now 100% true, since the announcement in September that carriers must crack the encryption of user apps and store the deciphered content for government,  that any person in these countries who owns a smartphone and subscribes it to a domestic wireless carrier has completely given up their personal sovereignty and privacy to their home country and many others.” – Simon Baldock, Comms. Security Analyst

The lawless paradigm of these glib politicians against globalization and human rights must end because these James Bond 007 (the ultimate psychopath)-fans have taken a tone that only grows on the dark side of morality. After each malign slide downwards familiarity-built false-comfort and perceived impunity for wrongdoing exponentially grows. The group has inbred contempt for the rights of ordinary civilians. Civilians have no right to privacy in the eyes of the five. for this article set up interviews with 9 technology specialists from Huawei (China), Samsung (South Korea/China) and Asus (Japan). Each person was asked about the current controversy over the Huawei/Meng kidnap; the controversial new carrier entering into the Philippines; and the state of 5G technology around the globe in 2019. We shall refer to this  source as the technology panel.

Background on the malign conduct of this group:

  • The kidnapping of Meng Wanzhou by Canada for Donald Trump’s leverage over China is arguably an act of war against China because it is an illegitimate attack on a woman executive who leads a commercial competitive entity in a new field of advanced communications technology that beckons the extraordinary innovativeness of the Chinese.
  • If Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States really wanted Iran and North Korea to end their quest for nuclear weapons capability, they should have led the denuclearization of all nations, not try to kill those who try to join the nuclear club as they have done in North Korea by starving millions.
  • The use of economic sanctions against the population of Yemen supported by naval blockades  is owned by the Five Eyes (FVEY) nations which arrogantly claim impunity for all war crimes. That same arrogance has them spying on their own people.
  • The extensive military attacks on food production, agriculture, civilian functions, schools, school buses, weddings, religious functions and other civilian activity to kill civilians in Yemen was invented by the White House Secretary of Defense, retired General James Mattis and assumed by the Five Eyes (FVEY) nations. It was a copycat version of the strategy used to kill one third of the North Korean (DPRK) civilian population in the early 1950s. (ref.: Unknown to most Americans, the US ‘totally destroyed’ North Korea once before)
  • Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States have a long history of racism against Asians, particularly the Chinese
  • The Five Eyes nations complain about China’s human rights abuses but at a comparative time in their development history, each of these countries has arguably commit worse human rights violations.
  • Human rights defenders like The RINJ Foundation have a difficult time challenging human rights violations in China because of  Five Eyes nations’ conduct.
  • For example, the Anglosphere’s misogyny. RINJ Slams China for Rape of Falun Dafa Women but then North America kidnaps and holds for ransom a Chinese princess because she is a Chinese princess whom Donald Trump feels is a lever in getting what he wants from China in the way of a trade deal for America.

Accusations against  (Sabrina) Wanzhou Meng are disbelieved

Canada, claimed to be seeking a trade agreement with China while at the same time signing a USMCA trade agreement that allows the USA to ban Canada from dealing with China. That agreement has yet to be ratified. Perhaps it should not be ratified.

In any case the betrayal of China destroys Canada’s credibility.

Donald Trump’s truthful disclosure also destroys Canada’s credibility. After two years of Trump leadership, America has already lost every former believer.

Canada signed up with the other four members of the in-the-closet anti-Asia clowns of the Five Eyes nations to attack the innovative leading 5G – AI – IoT technology corporations of China because these innovators are highly respected around the world by the public and by their peer groups notes the technology panel .

“There is zero evidence of wrongdoing,” says the technology panel.

An agreement was reached on July 17 by the racist Five Eyes group which claims that China is spying on the world. They agreed to try and destroy China’s telecom industry.

Trudeau and Trump have gone from the sublime to the ridiculous over the same woman. Donald Trump – Justin Trudeau. From the ridiculous to the sublime in the age of reason (artificial intelligence). Art: Rosa, Feminine Perspective

Trudeau becomes a Trumpie Stooge

The absolute stupidity of Canada’s government following the more malign leads of a treasonous, dishonest, deceitful, US President who is an avowed enemy of Canada is also an epic betrayal of the people of Canada. That was a unanimous opine of the technology panel (although that is not admittedly the panel’s expertise).

Trump manipulates Canada to poke the giant in the eye without any just cause. The giant will eventually take out its anger on the Canadian people.

Proactively going after Sabrina Meng, a Chinese Princess on her way to Mexico because Trump wants that woman for a bargaining chip is an opaque crime.

Didn’t Margaret Trudeau tell Justin as he grew up that he should be wise in choosing his friends and not follow the lead into trouble of bad boys who commit crime after crime after crime?

It is not China spying on the World, it is USA & Anglo-Allies

The United states and its Five Eyes allies “want to rule the world and they don’t” agreed a couple members of the technology panel . Moreover they continue to find themselves on the wrong side of the law when it comes to privacy rights, all agree.

Five Eyes allies recently agreed, as it says in a September release, “to the urgent need for law enforcement to gain targeted access to data, subject to strict safeguards, legal limitations, and respective domestic consultations.”

The public security ministers of the five nations threatened wireless carriers that they would need to develop repositories of de-encrypted communications between users; and between users and other carriers then to make that data available to law enforcement on demand.

That may be legally difficult for wireless carriers because clearly this is not done with the permission of the user who obviously selects end-to-end encrypted communication for a privacy reasons.

The Ministers “encourage information and communications technology service providers to voluntarily establish lawful access solutions to their products and services that they create or operate in our countries. Governments should not favor a particular technology; instead, providers may create customized solutions, tailored to their individual system architectures that are capable of meeting lawful access requirements. Such solutions can be a constructive approach to current challenges.”

In other words, wireless carriers like Rogers in Canada and Sprint in the USA will be compelled to spy on users unless the carriers do so voluntarily.

Isn’t that what they accuse Huawei of doing? Being like Rogers and Sprint? The hypocrisy cannot go unchallenged. These are governments that do not serve constituent populations.

“Should governments continue to encounter impediments to lawful access to information necessary to aid the protection of the citizens of our countries, we may pursue technological, enforcement, legislative or other measures to achieve lawful access solutions.”

Feminine Perspective:

It is not China that is spying on wireless users. Already the anglosphere is spying on the world for improper purpose.

It is Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the USA whose governments have been accused in the past of exploiting these data sets purely for re-election purposes. They have no ability to restrain malign actors in government jobs. Even the USA President is alleged to be guilty of election rigging and is under investigation on reasonable grounds for being an agent of a rival nation.

All efforts by the Anglosphere to lead in the wireless 5G communications field have failed. South Korea and China lead the world and have done for some years according to sales and financial reports says the technology panel.

The financial cost to the five nations is in the trillions of dollars over time.  That is its motivation for trying to kill the Chinese industry by fabricating allegations of spying. (Or maybe someday spying in the future.)

Instead of allowing the global market to make its own choice the anglosphere is attacking and trying to kill China’s telecommunications industry.

Meanwhile at least One Asian Nation has joined China’s Innovation Team. More will follow as the benefits are noted.

In the Philippines, perhaps the greatest achievement of the current government has been to provisionally license a Chinese Carrier (China Telecom) to compete against the two existing wireless carriers, Globe and Smart which are renowned as being corrupt, inept and unscrupulous robbers of the Philippines’ population.

These two extraction-mentality companies mine as much money as they can get from the poor people of the Philippines and deliver as little service as they can get away with.

Data bandwidth and speed is the lowest in the world on average across the country. These companies only purchase an estimated 10% of the trunk bandwidth they have sold to users. Service to users who pay the same amount of money over unit time regardless if they are served or not in that time. Most often service is unavailable and their usage allotment of data bandwidth over time expires before they can use the data.

The President of the Philippines has complained loudly about wireless carriers and demanded better performance in order to enhance the business prospects of small businesses across the country. The steps he has taken may make him a national hero.

Huawei 5G Infrastructure Innovation

Trust for Huawei Circled the Earth, bypassing the USA

Universities and corporations are making technology-sharing collaborations with Huawei around the globe. Huawei has partnered with many dozens of top carriers and technology firms in Europe.

The attempt to kill China’s flagship innovators by the USA and the lies the USA has told to its alleged friends are despicable. It is no wonder that China does things like militarize the South China sea. China is so vigorously besieged by the anglosphere it must be fearing for its survival.

The other six billion people in the world outside China should be able to share their ideas and also benefit from the extraordinary innovativeness of the Chinese. It is sad that any one nation would try to prevent that.

America with its four foolish Anglo-Stooges should not be allowed to deprive human development across the globe in any manner but especially not for reasons of malignant racism or for the power and control aspirations of specific members of government or its institutions.

Governments must stop existing for their own small membership and start serving the interests of constituents while respecting their individual rights. Constituents should consider more the idea of seeking public office as citizen public policy makers, then make good public policy. What we are discussing is not good public policy but a further disintegration of human rights.


Four out of 7 top Sheroes going into 2019 are political prisoners in Philippines, Canada and Saudi Arabia.