Canada disgraced itself in Meng Wanzhou Case [In-depth Feature]

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Feminine-Perspective: Nations like Canada must not encourage nor conduct attacks on women in order to punish or extort from male family members of that woman. Claiming “America made me do this” is no excuse. advances a counter view to the common racist approach to China from within the Anglosphere. In the matter of the 1 December 2018 detention of Sabrina Meng, a political prisoner held in Canada, nothing has come to light and not anything seen that exists in darkness changes the view shared 7 December, 2018. Canada should release Sabrina Meng.
Statement of Disclosure: has only one bias and that is the same as its Publisher, a commitment to fighting for the safety of women and children.

Sheroes becoming political prisonersCanada which claims to be shocked that women are becoming political prisoners as their careers become more influential as a result of their pursuit of gender equality, then captures and holds a political prisoner as a surrogate in the US war against China’s innovation. US President Donald Trump made clear his valuation of Trudeau and Canada when on 11 December he said he would intervene on behalf of Sabrina Meng if it would get him a good trade deal with China. That makes Meng a political prisoner and turns the whole affair into the most blatant violation of human rights in the 21st Century, outside of Saudi Arabia.

Filed, Shenzhen, China, Sunday 7 January, 9:15 PM. by Micheal John 

China has not retaliated against Canada for the 1 December kidnap of Sabrina Meng at Vancouver Airport. When it does, Canada will know it, because Xi Jinping is not a person to betray. Notwithstanding the media claims that various acts of China are retaliations, China has respectfully, as a friend of Canada, said it will await the outcome of the court process in Canada. That’s the Chinese way. The matter is on hold.

Canadian Senators Victor Oh , Joseph Day and Members of Parliament Michael Cooper, Geng Tan, Majid Jowhari and Chandra Arya are presumed to have arrived in China on Jan. 5 on a preplanned visit. Joseph Day said he was told by Global Affairs Canada that the trip should go ahead.

“At the end of the day, if there was a risk, we wouldn’t be going. That call was made by Global Affairs Canada, in conjunction with our embassy officials, and the message that they sent was that it would be beneficial for us to go,” Cooper, an Alberta MP, told CBC News.

8 January is the last day that the US has to file specifics of its extradition request.

China has taken no action against Canada.  Detentions of Canadians in China are no less and no more than normal and none are being treated in any unusual fashion.

Canada’s demanding the release of two persons accused in the context of China law, suspects of committing crimes against Chinese law, are nothing but foolish political games intended as annoyances to China and face-saving gestures at home, likely requested by the United States’ Trump Administration or Trudeau’s foolish political advisors.

The next world war will likely last from ten to twenty-five years, kill many billions of people and leave Earth a certain hellish and unsurvivable mess.

Consequently all voters should urge governments to bid for peace and not war and that anything to the contrary is an egregious breach of trust.

Enduring habit of cutting China caused failure to notice a brilliant Super Power

Hard-line right wingers in the United States are fanaticaly campaigning against Sabrina Meng’s company, Huawei Technologies supplying equipment including smartphones to wireless carriers in North America and around the world. These neocons are now in power with possibly the most extremist human rights-violating US Administration in history. They permeate every aspect of America.

For the last two years the Trump administration pushed England, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand in a racist Anglosphere group known as the Five Eyes to force businesses to reject doing partnerships with China.

The USA has claimed disingenuously that China controls Huawei Technologies for example, and that it is using smartphones to spy on all 7.6 billion people in the world.

(Is that why Donald Trump uses an unencrypted IPhone to text world leaders? He should get a Huawei phone without Google, Twitter, Facebook etceteras. It is these American companies that are doing all the spying, say repeated news reports and many experts.)

The US National Security Agency has warned telecommunications companies in the US would lose all their U.S. government contracts and research grants if they partnered with Huawei because, they say, Ren Zhengfei, Huawei founder, works for the Chinese intelligence community and started the Huawei enterprise for that reason, to spy on America.

No engineer on planet Earth has submitted any form of proof that Huawei phones are spying on users but most have said that America’s companies are doing that in a scurrilous fashion to the point of changing the outcome of democratic elections. In other words, despite the internet’s amazing delivery of facts for those that look, America’s hardliners believe the God-country can still tell whoppers and npby will be the wiser. America has no credibility left. Spending an hour reading Trump tweets  is instructive on that point.

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A Modest Technician and Survivor of Mao Zedong’s Great Famine


America’s alleged enemy, Ren Zhengfei , whom it claims is associated with the Chinese spy agency and best friends with Xi Jinping.America’s alleged enemy, Ren Zhengfei , whom it claims is associated with the Chinese spy agency and best friends with Xi Jinping. Photo Credit: Cellanr, CC BY-SA 2.0

Sabrina Meng’s father is Ren Zhengfei, the modest founder of Huawei Technologies, who started the company in 1987 as an electronic device reseller in Shenzhen with $6000 USD.

That company, born in dinky digs, has become one of the world’s largest telecommunications firms through a simple-folk philosophy of hard-workers benefiting from their own achievements in the retirement-capital of China, Shenzhen.

The US NSA story is a lie. Ren Zhengfei did not hold military rank in China but as a modest engineer/technician who could not find suitable employment elsewhere during the hard times of China’s cultural revolution  joined the Army to do mundane technology work.  During his 11-year stint in the China People’s Liberation Army he was eventually made a deputy manager of a manufacturing plant making synthetic fiber in Liao Yang, China. This only happened after the Army was compelled to create the plant needed in an area where the skilled labourers did not exist in the private sector to complete the work. He was excluded from joining the Communist Party of China for most of his career in the military, due to his social background. His grandfather was a cook and his dad was a labourer. References readers can read: Wikipedia  , Corporate Executives, and Japan Times.

Why China is Furious at Canada’s Apparent Hypocrisy

At the core of China’s anger over Canada’s kidnap of Sabrina Meng is the reality China knows the story behind the American side and it is not a clean one. The story behind the Canadian side is inexplicable.

On one hand Canada says it wants to be friends and conduct trade and on the other hand it makes a promise to the USA it will not do trade with China and is playing a misogynistic game that leads to nuclear war. That certainly is hypocrisy. It is blatantly immoral. Also it is one more area where Donald Trump defied the best logic of his best Cabinet members and went his own way.

If in order to kill the enemy you have to kill an innocent, don’t take the shot. Don’t create more enemies than you take out by some immoral act. — US Marines General James Mattis who as a military man was a devoted stranger to human rights and later became Defence Secretary until he resigned in disgust in the middle of this Meng matter, related or not is not known but there is no indication of that being the case.

Canadians are Angry Too

Obviously, Canadians who know they are being lied to are angry. Clearly, Canada has the right to decline doing a proactive intervention for the purpose of an extradition. It didn’t and it should have done so as it has done in the past where extraditions were purely for political purpose.

One of the reasons that many Canadians are angered, especially business women who rely on international relationships, is that Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland are treating Canadians like idiots with their lies. A reading of the comments on social media is instructive.

Business and Academia leaders and managers who have made decisions to proceed with Huawei’s network equipment for 5G implementation are silently furious. This whole mess is intended to kill Huawei is the thing everyone knows. Those who did their due diligence before partnering with Huawei are flabbergasted by the lies.  People generally like dealing with Huawei because it has become a multinational conglomeration of techies who really know their stuff and altruistically see public benefit as the first step to success and hence their first priority.

Angry? Once again governments have denied the right of civilians to enjoy the promise of globalization, sharing of cultures, exchange of ideas and the common goal of human development across borders. All the promises of a better future for children and their families have been denied by greedy men. Billionaires run countries today and mine whatever they can get from the population without giving anything back. Their competitors are others who do the same. Artificial intelligence has been around for three decades or more in a distributable form, but governments for wrongful purpose have denied that technology to be used for the betterment of the lives of ordinary civilians.

The United States is trying to punish a woman who it says did not obey its instructions to hate the  people of Iran that it hates. In the same year the Trump Administration stole the children from mothers who were fleeing the violence of rapist scumbags in Central America. In the year before it attacked and defunded NGOs that even mentioned “abortion“. The result has been thousands of awful deaths. Today the female population is declining for numerous reasons, nonetheleast of which  is misogyny.

The Great Lie of the 21st Century: “China is an Evil Empire”

At one time, Canadians were told about all new ails, “It’s the Russians”. Now “it’s the Chinese”. It doesn’t work with Russia any longer.

Vladimir Putin has not only projected being a fearless fighter for his fellow Russian citizens, he is in fact a fearless fighter for the well-being of Russians.  That earns him a lot of respect around the world.

Xi Jinping is an unknown to the West and to the Anglosphere he looks Chinese. That is the extent of the knowledge in the West’s general population. But he is a small “c” conservative who looks to Chinese tradition for his guidance. He for example wants a one-China, two-system approach for Taiwan which he wants to be part of China. America opposes this idea and has sent many warships to the Formosa Strait, a 180-kilometre-wide waterway separating the island of Taiwan from mainland China.

Xi Jinping in his time since 2013 has militarily taken over the South China Sea. To any locals who have protested too loudly he has said STFU or get ready for war.

President  Xi has seen this as a do or die thing for the future well-being of the Chinese people. Since doing so, piracy has ended in the regions China controls and in fact, that could spread.

Whatever obstacles President XI meets, he slams. 

Huawei Executive Ken (Houkun) Hu Addresses Security Issue

During an address to global journalists (14 nations) in Dongguan, South China’s Guangdong province on last 18 December Ken Hu (Huawei’s rotating chairman) said it’s best to let the facts speak for themselves.

Huawei’s record on security is clean, and it believes that cybersecurity is a global issue. It’s an industrywide issue and we need to address it together,” Mr. Hu stated.

Why the USA is Attacking Huawei

Direct quotes from Ken Hu’s 18 December remarks.

… in our carrier business, which accounts for the largest part in our total portfolio, we secured more than 25 commercial contracts for 5G. Now we rank number one in terms of commercial 5G contracts. This is the result of our far-leading technological innovation across the whole industry. And we have started to ship 5G equipment to the whole world. Actually, we have already shipped more than 10,000 base stations to different markets around the world.Our enterprise business has seen very good progress as well. We secured more and more contracts with leading global companies. This year more than 200 companies in the Fortune 500 selected Huawei as the vendor for their digital transformation. So this is a big step forward as well.

And our consumer business. We all know that our smartphones sales are very good. This year, we had a big increase in our sales revenue and shipments with the successful launch of our flagship smartphones, the P20 and Mate 20. These new smartphones bring some amazing functionality to the market, including high quality cameras and particularly artificial intelligence.

So in all three business groups we’ve had very satisfying growth this year. Particularly in October, for the first time we announced our full-stack, all-scenario artificial intelligence solution.

We have been working with artificial intelligence for around ten years, and this year we announced our solution – full-stack, all-scenario. We believe that, with this solution, we will be able to make artificial intelligence eventually become a real GPT – a general purpose technology.

We’re trying to make it more accessible and more affordable for the whole society. And we hope that, in the coming years, we will launch more exciting chipsets, hardware and software solutions for artificial intelligence to help our customers maximize the benefits of this emerging technology.

So this is the exciting growth we have achieved this year. Of course, at the same time, we’re facing some challenges. You are all aware of the allegations that have been made against Huawei this year. Despite the efforts in some markets to create fear about Huawei, and to use politics to interfere with industry growth, we are proud to say that our customers continue to trust us and recognize our contribution to the industry.

They continue to work with us, innovate with us, and build their networks with our innovative technology. We’re so grateful for their support.

When it comes to security issues, as an industry, we believe that we need to talk more about the technology and how to improve. When it comes to security allegations, it’s best to let the facts speak for themselves. And the fact is: Huawei’s record on security is clean. We believe that cyber security is a global issue. It’s an industrywide issue and we need to address it together.

Moving forward, we will continue investing in technological innovation, in broadband, cloud, artificial intelligence, and smart devices. And we believe that this continuous investment in technological innovation will help us secure solid growth in the telco sector in the coming year with faster deployment of 5G technology. It will help us to be in a stronger position in the enterprise market with digital transformation across different vertical industries. And particularly, it will help us bring more exciting and innovative devices to consumers. We are going to launch our first 5G smartphone, and we can expect a lot from that.

… given certain specific concerns, we have been communicating with the governments around the world around the independence of Huawei’s operations. The fact that we have never taken any requests from any governments to damage the business or networks of our customers or other countries. As I mentioned earlier, for any concern, the best way is to let the fact speak for itself. The fact is that over the last thirty years, there’s been no major cyber security incident; there’s been no cyber security threat; and there’s been no evidence showing that Huawei is damaging cyber security. And we’ll continue to take proactive communication engagement and also open collaboration so more and more people will be able to realize this.

China’s Political System Differs to that of the Anglosphere but is no better or worse.

Through a series of gradual ladder-climbing advances, Xi Jinping has been “democratically” elected in China in 2013.

China is enormous. To hold an election is no small feat of achievement. People’s Congresses in regional districts, some as big as entire countries, are elected by individual voters. Voters choose candidates to their local People’s Congress who show the ability to comprehend and make wise decisions about local issues as well as being competent to elect the next People’s Congress above them to in turn make wise decisions for the province and for the country. The top level which is called the National People’s Congress chooses and fires as desired the President and other subordinate leaders like the Vice President.

If the regional People’s Congresses in China or a significant number of voters represent to their local People’s Congress they have a problem with leadership, a reevaluation and new vote can be forced. That is not likely in Xi Jinping’s case because he, notwithstanding some bumps in his political path, is very popular.

Canada’s “Democracy”

Canadians have no method of impeachment or of recalling a Prime Minister. and must wait for the next election, then they must vote across the country against the governing parties’ representatives to oust a Prime Minister.  In effect, Canada’s political system, is not a democracy by modern definitions. Once a political party member is elected in an electoral district (riding), the member then must follow the orders of the party leader whether they fulfil the wishes of constituents or not. Canada has a population of 38 million amazing people in 2019 (est. :o) .

America’s broken democracy.

The United States is undertaking an investigation of its President for alleged treasonous activities related to the fiddling of a 2016 election with the help of military Cold War rival Russia. The United States has a 2019 population of 325 million (est.).

Governing China is not easy.

Xi Jinping is the most popular leader in the world in the context of his own country, despite facing some internal disgruntlement over the crushing America-driven sanctions against China. China’s population in 2019 is 1.4 billion people.

Chinese Innovation is drawing to itself the best and the brightest people in the world. And they are not Americans.

China’s innovative nature goes back thousands of years to even long before the Tang Dynasty (AD 618–906) when much of its best known milestone discoveries occurred. Today many globally popular Chinese companies are forging ahead in the same tradition. Huawei for example, under the incredible leadership of Sun Yafong and her team, focuses new technology development on opening doors of opportunity for children who are in school today. From a recent talk she gave to Australian students, Ms. Sun seems to want the pupils to realize opportunities heretofore restricted by male leadership machismo typically unable to see children’s needs as an imperative.

Slamming this way of thinking in America is not going to gain support among women. Of grave concern, it denies opportunities for American engineers and technicians and discourages students from pursuing this branch of education. The ironic result is that America must lure Chinese geniuses to accomplish its own technology solutions. Collaborative projects with shared learning would have been a better option. It’s done now and America is left out. To compensate, the American government is trying to kill emerging Chinese technological giants.

To say that China abuses Huawei by hiding spy devices inside telecommunications equipment is a frivolous propaganda lie that assumes like Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and foreign minister Chrystia Freeland that the public is credulous to an extreme–stupid in short.

But in this case it is fair to say the public is vulnerable to leadership lies about China’s technology, excluding millenials for the most part who are much better tuned to technology.

The North American public  is indeed credulous owing to the sophistication of modern technologies, and certainly brainwashed about two things: China and the evils of Chinese technology.

Robbing the public of the benefits of new medical technology is the ultimate crime. Huawei has shown The RINJ Foundation‘s nurses innovative peer-to-peer and  5G methods to monitor patients and to administer needed care using  AI – IoT technology thus multiplying the effectiveness of each medical practitioner and decreasing the time-to-response to urgent or critical patient events.

Sabrina’a Meng’s employer, Huawei Technologies has partnered with clusters of technology companies in many countries around the world. It promotes a caring and sharing environment for risk-sharing joint venture partnerships that is fulfilling the goals of all stakeholders.

America’s Hollywood has done a horrific job on China and the vast majority of Americans says Google, cannot type a URL into a browser ‘s URL text box. Yes, credulous people will believe bizarre allegations.

But the companies buying Huawei’s gear do so out of technological brilliance directed at performing rigorous evaluations . Their engineers evaluate the equipment of all providers and because of many reasons including security, Huawei is the number one choice in most countries’ where Telecom industrials are permitted by their governments to deal with China.

The Anglosphere Quartz and Quirks

There are six sides to this dangerous matter : China, USA, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada are each involved.

China is leading the world in innovation, technology and partnerships for the next level in global communications involving hyper-fast inter-device data, artificial intelligence and the internet of things.  Pass your mouse cursor across the following acronyms for more details:  5GAIIoT

Freeland and Trudeau emphatically tell Canadians the Meng grab was not a political ploy. These people assume that because they say for their parts the Meng kidnap is not political but on the US side the American President says it is political .

Freeland and Canada’s Defence Minister  visited their counterparts in Washington DC. See the video below.

For some reason the Defence Ministers of the two countries, Canada and the USA needed to meet and discuss for the press the arrest of Sabrina Meng. This was an atrocious and shameful event that makes a fool out of Justin Trudeau and had Trump laughing his ass off as a boasting insider claims. These Canadian politicians’ judgment in very serious matters is abominable. The kidnap of Sabrina Meng is not a matter of Canadian National Defence nor its military alliance with the USA. It is as one observer puts it, an admission that the kidnap of Meng was incredibly stupid and a serious SNAFU. The union implies a threat from the United States of military might. In China, the rage is immeasurable.

It is no wonder that the conduct of China in the world has slipped across boundaries of civility. The outright stupidity of the insults to China earned those violations.

Because Trudeau trusts Donald Trump backed by his supporters (50% of the American people) in every aspect of America, to not use the Canada-USA extradition treaty for political purposes like it tried to do in the Omar Khadr case and others, Trudeau lies to Canadians that this is not a political process.

Gordon Ritchie, the usually well-briefed diplomat and politician who negotiated the original Canada-US Free Trade Agreement for Canada suggested in an Op-Ed article in the Globe and Mail that Canada should have tipped off Sabrina Meng not to travel. In the context of current moral standards as set by the USA which has recently broken almost every treaty it ever entered, this might fly but is not preferred methodology. It would have been lawful for the Canadian Justice Minister to say “no” under the circumstances. It still is appropriate for the Justice Minister to put a stop to this travesty.

Trump himself told Reuters  Meng is part of a trade lever against China. Slip of the tongue? No. He sent a message to China.

The Chinese knew of threats against its citizens.

HSBC had been railroaded in 2013 into framing Sabrina Meng after it made an out-of-court settlement to pay 1.4 billion USD and help American spies frame a Huawei executive.

This took place over five years ago. Nothing was done until after a meeting of the racist group of Anglosphere nations,  Five Eyes  (FVEY) concluding in July of 2018 in Nova Scotia.

In August 2018 a Grand Jury was convened to get an indictment in a district of New York that claims publicly that it can indict a ham sandwich if it chooses.

All of this is at the direction of the United States National Security Advisor, John Bolton, who favours going to war with China and North Korea.

Bolton is the ‘last-man-standing’ from the Trump right-wing extremist group which included former Marine General James Mattis about whom even men who have served with him say is a war criminal. Certainly giving the final order to bomb school buses and weddings in Iraq and Yemen would support that allegation. Mattis supported the Bolton argument to go to war against China but preferred that the US started with Iran and some time after decimating  Iran could go to war on China and North Korea.

Trudeau had a choice between Canada’s or Trump’s agendas.

It is not too late to fix this misstep. But the judiciary is not going to rescue Trudeau. Even if a Judge were to deny the US request for extradition, Trump and his wars  are not loyalties for Trudeau that Canadians would have likely chosen. Trump may not be in the White House  for much longer in any case but the fallout from being in Trump’s corner on malfeasance may have lasting impact.

It is well understood the play on words that Trudeau is using in his “no political motivation” lie. The disingenuous nature of this logic escapes the weaker mind, but it is no less true that it is a lie and that Trump as much as said that on 11 December last year.

Trump’s administration favours the view that it can remotely fight a limited war in Asia and kill only Asians. That being America’s intent is a consensus shared by many ASEAN leaders here in Asia. That would not preclude Canada from losing a few cities to nuclear strikes because of its dirty dealings and stupidity as a surrogate warrior between USA and China. There is no way the Trump administration would back up Canada. Looking at the Kurdish people in the North of Syria is instructive on that point.

Trudeau needs to get Canada out of this surrogacy against China as quickly as possible without relying on a Court as the Chinese side assumes is likely because they know of their innocence.