USA political breach of infection control has bad outcome for ordinary Americans

*The US State department flew non-infected passengers from the Diamond Princess often commingled with fourteen COVID-19 patients who were behind a plastic sheet divider in a recycled-air cabin of a cargo B-747 once airborne.

The outcome has been at least 18 COVID-19 confirmed infected passengers, has learned from reliable sources inside the CDC and within other US medical institutions.

A coverup is underway.

“The Trump administration commit an egregious crime of criminal negligence in its mishandling of Diamond Princess travelers and COVID-19 patients it mixed together on a flight to the USA. It did so despite strong protest of infection control doctors in front of many witnesses who have since become increasingly alarmed, and fear other countries might use this precedent to do the same and harm more people,” warns a witness who was a worker at the scene, who also protested the events at that time.

by Sharon Santiago  and Micheal John

When asked about this conduct, Michele Francis, a senior nurse practitioner and global nursing administrator expressed alarm. Speaking from the Amazon Basin in Venezuela she condemned politicians [like Nicholas Maduro and Donald Trump] for interfering with medical authorities [like sidelining the CDC] that should be excluded from political tactics and antics. [which cynics might say would be departure from the norm].

“Donald Trump was rescuing Americans from the Diamond Princess, a floating pandemic incubator.”

“The cruise liner’s circumstances including commingling of non-infected with COVID-19 infected persons, have been also experienced in Wuhan, China; South Korea; and in Italy. Those four experiences have indicated that close confinement of the public with COVID-19 infected patients is a guaranteed outbreak of catastrophic proportions,” says nurse Francis in a WhatsApp interview from Venezuela to Hong Kong.

Of these special infectious circumstances, it is statistically possible that the outcome will be immediate infection of most persons in the same space. Eventually there will be two mortally ill patients out of every ten serious infections,” she added after consulting with peers in Shenzhen, southeastern China who then consulted with health care workers in Wuhan; and then in South Korea.

CDC did weigh in on this and explicitly recommended against it,” principal deputy director, Anne Schuchat reportedly wrote on behalf of CDC officials.

“We should not be mentioned as having been consulted as it begs the question of what was our advice.” She wrote that the infected passengers could pose “an increased risk to the other passengers.”

“…close confinement of the public commingled with COVID-19 infected patients is a guaranteed outbreak of catastrophic proportions… ” say experts.

US State department put dozens of Americans at morbid risk
Informal approach to “isolation”. Photo Credit: Source supplied.

Trump Administration, politicizes extraction of Americans from luxury liner  Diamond Princess and commingled infected persons with morbid virus.

Citizen Reporter’s account of events

You can watch the video report by extraordinary citizen reporter Cheryl Molesky who was aboard the flight.
Something happened when the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) was faced with a dilemma. Japanese authorities reported to CDC that fourteen passengers tested positive for the colloquially dubbed SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) among those persons the US had already removed from the Diamond Princess cruise liner in Yokohama, Japan and boarded onto buses or were in the process of boarding on buses. From Centers for Disease Control Sidelined…

Additional Reading:

US State Department broke numerous rules of infection control and jeopardized many lives.

CDC did weigh in on this and explicitly recommended against it,” principal deputy director, Anne Schuchat reportedly wrote on behalf of CDC officials

Admittedly the circumstances in Japan were “an outbreak waiting to happen”, but the USA made it worse for Americans.

Watch video for CNN reporter’s evidence to support all the foregoing.  Categorically unequivocal evidence indicates that “…close confinement of the public commingled with COVID-19 infected patients is a guaranteed outbreak of catastrophic proportions… ” say experts.

Editorial note: FPMag has been hearing many accounts of heroic actions taken by now infected Filipino workers aboard the Diamond Princess. There are nearly 500 such men and women serving aboard the ship. Many of these workers the Philippines government has made hesitant steps to repatriate but that has become mired in bureaucracy fumblings that have resulted in several false starts and a plethora of anxieties within families in the Philippines and among the global Philippines diaspora.

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“Some reminders from our sisters in Singapore on the care and use of N95 Respirator Masks which healthcare workers will be wearing for most minutes of their lives for the foreseeable future; and for homecare helpers of outpatients who need to be included as our team-mates in the fight against COVID-19,” say The Nurses Without Borders who helped with this article.

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Important Editorial Footnote has observed that US media will not tell Americans this truth. Repeatedly in recent news events, US media has been wary of reporting inculpatory facts that incriminate the Trump administration. Huge financial penalties for the parent media companies are often cited off-the-record as the reasoning.  Examples might be the mass murder of 12 persons by the US government on 3 January in Baghdad. US Media covers this story as being the assassination of a single person, Iranian major general Qasem Soleimani of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. By US FBI definitions it was in fact a mass murder of over 12 people and by all definitions a war crime, a crime against humanity and a serious violation of Iraqi sovereignty. This is one example of “news shaping” violations of journalistic ethics imposed by the onerous corporate billionaire world of Donald Trump. Nobody wants to be another Julian Paul Assange.