Assad, Russia, Iran vs. Turkey and a million frozen Syrians.

On Wednesday, Turkey and Russia will seek a political solution.

The situation in Syria continues to grow worse as the world forgets the newly displaced million women and children in Syria, some of whom are freezing to death.

Each person around the globe is focussed on the media darlings of the COVID-19 outbreak and hoping to learn how to save their own skins from the unpleasant pneumonia virus.

Nobody paid much attention to the plight of the three million civilians of Idlib, Syria until Syria bombed the daylight out of a Turkish observation post creating dozens of Turkish casualties. This action violation all previous agreements.   Turkey demanded a hearing by NATO and by the UN Security Council.

They were both a complete waste of time.

The people of Idlib continue to suffer death by violence, displacement, and death by exposure.

“The Bashar al-Assad Regime will kill more people than will COVID-19,” says Idlib doctor who works out of a cave.

by Behar Abbasi

Turkey struck back Friday against Syrian Forces.

Turkey / Russia Summit on Wednesday

In a conversation with Emmanuel Macron of France, Russian President Vladimir Putin tried to assuage concerns.

[Translated] About that conversation the Kremlin said, “The exchange of views on Syrian issues continued, primarily in view of the sharp aggravation of tension in the Idlib zone. Vladimir Putin informed the French President about measures taken to combat terrorists in northwestern Syria. Issues related to the humanitarian situation in the area were also raised.

“The President of Russia noted that all relevant aspects of the Syrian settlement are meant to be substantively discussed in Moscow during the Russian-Turkish summit planned in the coming days,” said the reply to this question.

Like it or not, this is about Turkey and the world against Russia, Iran and Syria. Like it or not, this is about Turkey and the world against Russia, Iran and Syria. Photo Credit: Turkish Presidential Press Service. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, (left), and United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres meet in Istanbul last November. Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Like it or not, this is about Turkey and the world against Russia, Iran and Syria.

Even under the worst coronavirus estimates, Bashar al-Assad will kill far more innocent lives—children.