War in Venezuela? No. It’s an Americas thing. [Editorial]

Unequivocally, Nicolás Maduro, the former leader of Venezuela is using a portion of the corrupted Venezuelan military ground forces to stage a coup against the constitutionally-appointed and duly elected leader of the Venezuelan National Assembly.

According to the Venezuelan constitution that person was made President on 23 January. This happened as the electoral term of the previous administration expired without a clearly defined electoral decision because of a morbidly controverted polling. It doesn’t matter who he is, that person is now the interim president of the country. If you don’t like the guy, suck it up and support a properly-run free election in Venezuela.

Editorial by Micheal John | Editor

Nicholas Maduro, Non compos mentis Nicholas Maduro. Non compas mentis?  In any case he must be arrested and tossed into the hoosegow. Photo Credit: Screen Capture from BBC YouTube Video, 2016

Arguably the erratic and paranoid Maduros cannot step down from his coup attempt because he has not burned enough documents that could condemn him and his cronies including some international leaders. Nor has he covered his tracks from 6 years of crime and tyranny. Indeed, the world does want to know where the bodies are buried.

Meanwhile, mothers are giving away their babies, women are selling their bodies for a few slices of bread for their kiddies and children are showing signs of development retardation due to malnutrition. The country is hungry and collapsed.

Maduro and his henchmen were running subterfuge campaigns against neighbouring Guyana and Colombia since 2014 after complaining that neighbouring nations plus the United States were conspiring against Venezuela and the cause of the country’s woes. Meanwhile 2.5 million refugees have fled to those countries for relief. This begins to put Maduro in conflict with the 14 signatory nations of the Treaty of the Americas. It gets worse on that score.

Maduro tried to tell his countrymen their woes were caused by the neighbouring states.

He was not fooling Venezuelans. They took to the streets complaining that while he lived a luxuriant life in a palace, commodities in the country were so rare one could not find a toilet roll of tissue or a bar of soap in Caracas. They said inflation was insane, the highest the world had seen.

Today the inflation numbers are so high they are impossible to comprehend — 10 million percent next year? Are the IMF economists kidding?

Feminine-Perspective Magazine Protest Against Maduro in 2016

Some say the country under Maduro completely tanked in 2015 and others like Jeremy Kryt of the Daily Beast say Maduro himself went over the kook-cliff that year.

Iran, China and Russia Need to Stand Down and Politely Offer Assistance to the Americas

This is an Americas problem and the leaders of Iran, China and Russia were dumbfound-foolish to prop up such a son-of-a-bitch as Maduro. Likely their aim was the spoils of a failing nation but of course the remote possibility their intentions were purely humanitarian is available to the spin doctors.

But it is the Americas and all of the Americas will side with the aggregated parties under the Rio Treaty.

Butt out, in other words, because too many friendships will splinter forever, otherwise.

Who was running the show? Can one man totally screw up a country on his own?

One thing that is not clear about Maduro is how much he is involved in leading the crime his corrupt government is being indicted for and for which many actors are being sanctioned.

Maduro, on the facts, presents as an imbecile. It’s hard to honestly mitigate that statement.

It sometimes happens to men who are promoted to levels far beyond their ability that their conduct thereafter becomes scurrilous as others take over their chair and prop the fool up while they whisper in his ears and demand their ventriloquism come out his gaping gob.

Maduro is an unlikely despot.

Maduro has never found the compunction necessary to earn the goals he sought to achieve. Maduro’s life in the early 1990s as a city bus driver and a blackjack dealer led him to know the right people in the right places in a corrupt nation and he was able to help Hugo Chávez get out of jail.

Years later Maduro called in that marker after Hugo Chávez won an election.

Maduro’s bad decisions since then are legendary, his mental health severely in question and his consequential bad judge of character has surrounded him with highly intelligent criminals who are bilking the population. They have been for years mining every nook and cranny of the nation for every piece of gold they can purloin.

Maduros ran Venezuela into the ground while he and his government of parasites were siphoning money and gold to sketchy banking and money-management officials all around the world.

Corruption in Venezuela from Marco Antonio Rubio is an American attorney and politician currently serving as the senior United States Senator from FloridaSource: Marco Antonio Rubio, American attorney and politician currently serving as the senior United States Senator from Florida

Anyone who raised questions was killed. Others have disappeared. The whole story may never be found but Venezuelan human rights activists have been demanding the release of political prisoners in the hope of finding out whose family members are actually still alive. The pain and suffering of the people in Venezuela is unimaginable.

Whatever comes out of Maduro’s mouth is pure ignorance and a betrayal to 30+ million people. The interim President has offered him and some of his cronies impunity if they just leave but it is hard to call that a form of justice. The world seems to want these criminals’ heads on a platter, in a figurative manner.

1. Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance — a.k.a. Rio Treaty or The Treaty of The Americas signed in September 1947

ARTICLE 3 of the Rio Treaty
1. The High Contracting Parties agree that an armed attack by any State against an American State shall be considered as an attack against all the American States and, consequently, each one of the said Contracting Parties undertakes to assist in meeting the attack in the exercise of the inherent right of individual or collective self-defense recognized by Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations.
  • Venezuela’s former president Nicolás Maduro is threatening the United States which if the parties agree, invokes the Rio Treaty if not in arms then in spirit.
  • Venezuela’s former president Nicolás Maduro has beset the neighbouring state of Colombia which if the parties agree, invokes the Rio Treaty if not in arms then in spirit.
  • Nicolás Maduro and his subordinates including the legendary alleged criminal Tareck El Aissami who is Nicolás Maduro’s vice president since appointed in January 2017 are supporting terrorists according to security staff working for The RINJ Foundation. These sources say that El Aissami has helped a large number of Hezbollah and Iranian operatives gain access to the United States using Venezuelan passports sold for a high fee.
  • El Aissami has allegedly assisted Hezbollah and Iranian operatives raise money for illicit activities and weapons procurement.
  • Tareck El Aissami who was an interior minister under the revolutionary leader Hugo Chávez who died in 2013. In that role, Tareck El Aissami allegedly corrupted and allegedly took control of internal  police and intelligence services to  the alleged benefit of his criminal enterprises he ran using the resources of Venezuela for trafficking cocaine, stealing gold, leaning on other criminal organizations, and laundering money. He has a bone to pick with the United States where the FBI and the CIA have had him under investigation for a decade and finally indicted him and issued sanctions against him.
  • According to sources of FPM.news there are a number of agendas at play that prop up the recent coup attempt by rogue former leader of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro that bring Iran, China and Russia into play.

The Worrying Situation in Venezuela is Compounded by the Helpers, Russia and China

Backing Maduro is an epic fail no matter the reason.

The governments of China and Russia have a fiduciary responsibility to their public to recover the funds loaned to Venezuela. That does not require backing Maduro. He is an incompetent and criminal dictator.

Feminine-Perspective: Who will do these things:

  • Back the Interim President of Venezuela with in the worst case an eventual 190-250,000 peacekeeping troops (security, riot-control, engineering, logistics and airborne/overland humanitarian transport)
  • disband and arrest Maduro and the General Staff of the Venezuelan military,
  • structure the humanitarian relief distribution (and make it work), and
  • help the UN and Venezuelans hold elections?

Answer in a stretch of reality: China, America and Russia, backed by the UN and the UN Security Council can do this job.

Can they cooperate? It’s a miracle the world needs. Actually, someone as unorthodox as Donald Trump could pull this off. Maybe.

They are all needed to play important roles of global leadership (for a change) to help struggling, emerging, and developing nations–and keep the peace.

In the alternative, after NSA John Bolton’s stupid leak of Trump’s intentions, to pilfer Venezuela oil, American boots in the country will bring global frowns. It’s not that American or international oil conglomerates couldn’t turn around the failing Venezuelan fossil fuel sector to the benefit of Venezuelans, they likely could and would, its just stupid fodder for naysayers unwilling to accept that there is a certain need for a quid pro quo on all good deeds. Nothing is for nothing.

Every good boy deserves favour? China, Russia and the USA each deserve to have their interests met as they have in some cases given Maduro’s absurd regime a lot of money. Stupid as that may now seem, that money belongs to the constituents of the givers and it must eventually be recovered barring any forthcoming debt forgiveness, if they can afford that. Probably not.

Getting Venezuela back on its figurative feet is in everyone’s interest. Hopefully the rescue parties over the next five or so years can do that without killing each other and the patient as well.

Anything in the way of regime-change that the USA alone attempts has ended up in a humanitarian disaster wherein millions lose their lives. Hence a team effort with global oversight is needed and the willfulness must be fully humanitarian in nature, not the greed of oil oligarchies.

If Russia, China and Iran continue their unhelpful propaganda wars and general interference in Venezuela, they will be left by the wayside indefinitely,  and the Americas will slowly sort out Venezuela, or become the new home for Venezuelan refugees.

The leaders of the three most powerful nations on Earth are worthless to the human race if they cannot cooperate and lead together in significant human development roles.

Let us all wait and see what is the new reality.

Here are the Current Members of the Rio Treaty

  • Argentina (1948 – present)
  • Bahamas (1982 – present)
  • Brazil (1948 – present)
  • Chile (1948 – present)
  • Colombia (1948 – present)
  • Costa Rica (1948 – present)
  • Dominican Republic (1948 – present)
  • El Salvador (1948 – present)
  • Guatemala (1948 – present)
  • Haiti (1948 – present)
  • Honduras (1948 – present)
  • Panama (1948 – present)
  • Paraguay (1948 – present)
  • Peru (1948 – present)
  • Trinidad and Tobago (1967 – present)
  • United States (1948 – present)
  • Uruguay (1948 – present)


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