Trump Just Became Credible US President. Great SOTU Speech.

That heading almost says it all. There is only one word that applies to the US Governor of the State of Virginia who has been promoting infanticide. Understandably this SOTU Presidential Donald Trump did not mention that word. Creating legislation to oppose infanticide or late-term abortion seems redundant when murder is already listed in the US Criminal Code as a capital offence. Infanticide is murder like any other murder.

by Melissa Hemingway and Micheal John | Editor

Donald Trump. An excellent State of the Union Speech - 2019
Donald Trump. An excellent State of the Union Speech – 2019, Photo Credit: Video Capture from CSPAN Video. Watch entire video below.

Is it Necessary for America to Pass a bill Banning Late-Term Abortion?

Are there more Ralph Northam-like people who advocate infanticide like Ralph Northam who make public speeches advocating infanticide? Perhaps President Trump is correct in that assumption but should he not rely on existing law and enforce that law?

Any doctor who commits this crime should receive the maximum penalty for murder, on conviction says a release of The RINJ Foundation. Certainly common sense and the rule of law says a person guilty of such an offence may not hold public office anywhere.

“No person who advocates for the public committing infanticide should be allowed to act as any sort of public official”, says RINJ‘s Sharon Santiago.

“Why has this despicable man not resigned?”

In protest to the Governor who promotes infanticide. In protest against the Virginia Governor Ralph Northam who promotes infanticide. Photo Credit: Melissa Hemingway,

“Whatever American legislators must do to prevent killing babies, they should do”, says Santiago.

The RINJ Foundation sets out that induced abortion is a procedure that doctors may at times need to use in order to save the lives they are able to save. It is a procedure that has no other purpose. In the minds and hearts of real medical practitioners induced abortion for the purpose of birth control is a form of murder also called infanticide in many countries.