Trump Epic Fail: Kim Jong-un sends Donald Trump Packing

Kim Jong-un went to Hanoi to meet with Donald Trump on February 27, Beijing time. He sought to convince Trump that North Koreans need sanctions to end for the sake of the people of the country who are facing death from malnutrition and starvation. That’s what he asked from Trump who is struggling to keep his presidency intact after being accused of being a cheat, a racist and a liar by his former lawyer.

American media is babbling away about Mr. Kim being a dictator and the North Koreans being communists. What they miss is that North Koreans are people and that most governments of the world are not democracies.

by Micheal John | Editor

Only 20 countries in the world are full democracies including Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Ireland, Finland, Australia and Denmark according to the Democracy Index which is an index compiled by the UK-based company the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) that intends to measure the state of democracy in 167 countries, of which 166 are sovereign states and 164 are UN member states.

The United States since 2016 has been indexed as a flawed democracy one of a total of 55 flawed democracies including Mexico and the Philippines.

There are 39 hybrid regimes and 53 authoritarian nations.

In short, most countries of the world by a large margin are not full democracies, including the United States which is not a full democracy by any stretch since 2016.

Chairman Kim Jong-un came to Hanoi to free his people from malnutrition and starvation. Chairman Kim Jong-un came to a USA/DPRK Summit  in Hanoi, Vietnam  to free his people from malnutrition and starvation. Photo Credit: YouTbe Video Capture

Kim is right. America must remove sanctions on North Korea and end the war.

America leads a sanction regime intending to starve and kill North Koreans by limiting food and medicine shipments to the country. It’s working.

In the early 1950s America slaughtered millions of North Korean civilians by carpet bombing their homes, their hospitals, their agricultural assets, food distribution, irrigation dams and anything that would kill civilians. Americans have bragged that they killed over 30% of the population using racist names to describe their victims.

That is the popular mindset in the USA. No American can be proud of their country today until they stop killing civilians.

What the hell is wrong with the United States’ people that they they don’t understand they don’t get to starve 25 million North Koreans? The must stop slaughtering Yemenis? That they have no right to abuse their few rich people’s wealth and starve anyone? 43 Million American people are also impoverished and living in undernourished and marginally sheltered conditions.

If the United States wants other countries to abandon their nuclear weapons, it must do the same. Nuclear disarmament must be a global goal without exception. Mr. Kim has clearly said this and offered to coordinate the negotiations.

It is time to create a process to begin global nuclear disarmament, not just Iran and North Korea.

Trump staggers through and absurd press conference after an epic fail at Top-Down Diplomacy. Photo Credit: YouTube Video Capture Trump staggers through an absurd press conference after an epic fail at Top-Down Diplomacy – Photo Credit: YouTube Video Capture

UNICEF’s July 2018 report on its Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey – drawn from survey data in DPRK – indicates that roughly 19 percent of North Korean children were stunted from severe malnutrition, while about 9.3 percent were underweight. Read the report: 2017 DPRK MICS Survey Findings Report_July 2018

Nearly one in three women of reproductive age are undernourished, says the report, and nearly one in four are underweight. UNICEF also notes that it has not been able to distribute food and medical aid because of funding shortfalls. Nobody wants to donate money to save the women and children in North Korea.

Mr. Kim is correct. Killing and starving children in North Korea is arguably on every American who walks this Earth. Sanctions must come off the DPRK and all nations must begin the process of negotiating global nuclear disarmament.

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