Genomic surveillance, N95 respirators yes. Travel bans, no. And no to starving out another nation. Editorial

Closing France’s border with the United Kingdom is outrageously stupid and brutally inhumane.

Announced on Sunday, the ban means no truck loads of food cross the English Channel.

France blames a new variant of coronavirus in the UK but in fact there are thousands of new genomic variants of the SARS2 coronavirus and none amount to much. It is a very stable virus thousands of years old. Ask any bat.

This editorial seeks to wake a few people up. Malnutrition and starvation have been already a more dangerous and pervasive threat to humans than the virus changing its genome slightly.

by Micheal John

Hong Kong, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Irish Republic, Turkey and Canada are suspending air traffic to and from the United Kingdom.

So what’s the plan? Kill the Brits?

European Union member states will meet in Brussels to discuss a co-ordinated response.

The UK Prime Minister has called an emergency meeting of his Cabinet.

The horrific approach to Great Britain’s recent skirmishes with the SARS-CoV-2 is immoral and dangerous. Hunger may be a bigger problem than the virus if travel bans and shipping restrictions continue.

A consultation with several civil society partners resulted in a strong condemnation of nations slamming down in Britian with starvation tactics against this island. A consultation with several civil society groups resulted in hearing a strong condemnation of nations slamming down in Britian with starvation tactics against this island. Flag of Great Britain. Courtesy, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

It’s time to stop screwing around with the PPE.

For at least a decade, medical workers have been walking into infectious environments wearing a respirator mask and other personal protection equipment items because that’s what one does to mitigate an infectious risk. It’s time to explain that to the public and give them respirator masks. Why are Anglos so stupid about this? Asia is not. Asia has been wearing respirators for two decades. Maybe Mr. Macron cannot smell the smog in Paris? It might be unhealthier than the SARS2?

Fundamental rule to learn: When the environment is hazardous for breathing, protect the respiratory system. Wear a respirator.

It’s time to give truck drivers and police a course in wearing a respirator mask and making sure the quantities are available.

It is not time to starve out any country.

People at risk need to wear respirator masks and government leaders need to get off their duffs and start manufacturing them.

Right now criminals and government officials are hoarding N95 and KN-95 respirator masks as well as N-99 units; buying up delivery positions from the few manufacturers. Arrest them.

If a nation needs a good mask, ask China. The KN-95 mask is actually easier to use than the NIOSH N95 standard mask because while it has the same valuable properties, it has a different standard for breathability. For the public, it’s a better mask. Because there is a huge number of fake KN-95s on the market, it is important to obtain the item from a reliable source. Good buyers know how to buy this item.

The K/N-95 respirator masks use an electrostatic capture process which works to grab virus particles between the layers. Thus, it is important to never touch the mask itself, only the strings. Moreover, they cannot be cleaned with alcohol, which destroys the function.  Sunlight for 3 days, heat or a very fine mist of hydrogen peroxide cleans them. Direct sunlight is the best.

Nations Most troubled by COVID-19 illness. Nations Most troubled by COVID-19 illness. Source: Civil society Partners for SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic Solidarity

Today the RINJ Foundation and The Nurses Without Borders are buying  KN-95 masks, Famotidine (Xinfading Sine Pharmaceutical) and a few other supplies from China. These are items not available anywhere in the world at their normal prices.

The Chinese items are excellently packaged, properly shipped, and they are in some cases much better than the alternatives.

In the meantime, 95% efficacy blocking the coronavirus is a good thing and should enable travellers to carry on with their business, especially if that is shipping the normal essential goods required by Great Britain and any other country that finds itself in a swelter.

Stop hurting each other and help each other.

Instead of banning trucks and planes to England, spend a thousand dollars and give the next thousand pilots and truck drivers a free respirator mask. will teach them how to use the thing.