Filipinos doubt everything Manila says. In-depth report.

Hungry Filipinos are headed for more trouble as a vaccine against COVID-19 will not be present there until March. The nation is in anguish as it becomes clear, somebody dropped the ball.

Carlito Galvez, the Philippines’ alleged vaccine guru, said “We have already conveyed to them [China] our needs, 25 million for 2021,” Galvez told a news conference, adding that vaccine distribution was targeted for March. Rich countries have already started inoculations.

From COVID-19 sickness, to economic disaster, to starvation, the Philippines is failing under the Duterte militaristic approach to everything.

Feature 2020 Summary: Toronto, 16 December 2020 by   Micheal John and Melissa Hemingway
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A militaristic approach to health care in the Philippines, as a response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, is failing as it was predicted to do by Filipino experts in July.

‘The backbone of my administration is the uniformed personnel of government,’ President Rodrigo Duterte said in a public address on 31 July 2020.

Official Government Photograph of Rodrigo Duterte. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Philippines officials are bickering like children on Twitter over who dropped the ball but vaccines are not going to that country any time soon.

The London-based “Economist” is warning that the Philippines is in a bad spot for recovering from the economic tragedies of COVID-19.

And on Monday, the ICC said Crimes against Humanity are committed in the Philippines

What do you Believe?

The international criminal court is an unloaded blunderbuss with a blocked breach, but it is the only international criminal court the world owns.

It behooves the UN to make it better by giving it teeth and a powerful jaw. But the UN is hamstrung on most things of late. It has relied on the United States’ direction for a long time. America vacated.

Its UN Secretary Generals are essentially picked by the United States.

When the USA vacates the UN, the upper echelons haven’t a clue what to do next. It shows.  America ditched the United Nations in January 2017.

Backgrounder to why Filipinos doubt everything Manila says.

The world has no wheel house. Earth since the end of World War—when America slaughtered hundreds of thousands with atomic bombs in Nagasaki and Hiroshima—counted on the United States.

That time is over and, over forever. Atomic bombs are prolific. Even Kim Jong-un has nuclear weapons.

People like Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping know well the demise of America’s influence and try to fill the void.

China succeeded in may respects. A country of 1.4 billion people that has picked itself up by the bootstraps and swears it will vanquish all poverty, has earned considerable respect. It was foolishness for the West to make such a giant an enemy as the West has done.

Whatever drove Duterte toward Beijing doesn’t really matter, future historians may have cynicism for the reasons but likely only respect for the wisdom and the outcome.

China’s human rights record is far better than that of the United States and the Philippines.

America is a country that imprisons babies and rapes them.

Of the Philippines, the International Criminal Court says that, “The Office [of the ICC Prosecutor] is satisfied that information available provides a reasonable basis to believe that the crimes against humanity of murder (article 7(1)(a)), torture (article 7(1)(f)) and the infliction of serious physical injury and mental harm as other inhumane Acts (article 7(1)(k)) were committed on the territory of the Philippines 48 between at least 1 July 2016 and 16 March 2019, in connection to the WoD campaign launched throughout the country.” (Citing  ICC-2020-pe-report-eng.)

Criticisms of China are feeble compared to the records of the accusers.

Anyone who spent a day in Mosul Iraq under ISIS rule would understand what China’s leadership is fearing from its Islamic population. The methodology is arcane. Probably Beijing should not have listened to Tehran which for Islam is the other side of the house of Mohammed. Whatever. has talked randomly to a number of native Uyghurs in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in Northwest China and they seemed happy. “We go to school and listen to the propaganda.” They seem like everyone else. Some are picking cotton in what looks like, says an American think tank with close connections to the CIA,  a state-run coercive labour transfer scheme.

Beijing said that all detainees have “graduated” from the vocational teaching centres, but some reportage suggests that many former inmates have been transferred to low-skilled manufacturing factory jobs, often linked to the teaching camps. There is a question of equity in the value of the training time versus the quality of the job reward. But today, a job is a job and a way to feed a family.

“It is clear that labour transfers for cotton-picking involve a very high risk of forced labour,” Adrian Zenz, wrote in the report.

“Some minorities may exhibit a degree of consent in relation to this process, and they may benefit financially. However… it is impossible to define where coercion ends and where local consent may begin.”

Those subject to Chinese propaganda say they believe what they choose to believe. Compelled to  go to school and learn a trade, they are fed and supported. The problem is that they were not given a choice. In the meantime there have been no Jihadist slaughters like the Twin Towers 9/11 attack,  in China, that we know about.

One thing the West does not comprehend is the high value placed on human life in China, and the low value attended on deviancy. It’s a fundamental that must be understood. China does not accept screwballs with AK-47s attacking places like Charlie Hebdo.

Readers might remember when on  7 January 2015, Saïd and Chérif Kouachi, forced their way into the offices of the French satire newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris, France. With rifles and other weapons, these scumbags killed 12 people and injured 11 others.

China with a huge population of Islamics is fearful and overtly careful to an extreme. Any extremist religion with huge conflicts with science and fact and additionally has a bent toward the destruction of human life is contraindicated by global human values.

What’s the hard part: Thou shall not kill. Just because a person is not from one’s religious cult, doesn’t deserve a death sentence. Protecting the lives of Chinese citizens is taken seriously in some context. Killing girl babies as has been the recent past history of China is a whole other matter that can make a feminist’s blood boil. A more learned thinking seems to be moving the country forward in a different way ahead. China’s public policies of the past have, like many nations, no lack of the occasional blind stupidity.

Three things spring from this backgrounder

  • Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte’s contempt and withdrawal from the International Criminal Court (ICC) is valid, if not ironic protest;
  • Duterte’s contempt for the United Nations and the United States is valid;
  • and his measured support for neighbour-nation China is also valid.

Extraordinarily, these three elements are each politically incorrect in the context of the Western mood, no matter their obvious validity.

Much can be said about the bizzaro Trump but he is well-known ugly history.

Canada’s politically immature Prime Minister, no doubt a good person at heart but way out on a limb past his own level of competence, has kowtowed to Donald Trump and kidnapped a China Princess and this burned a hole in China’s soul. China went from important friend to now being a hard-core enemy. This is a tragic and dangerous error of Canada and its rabid American sycophants populating the incompetent Canadian Security Intelligence Service and the typically unlawful (as the Meng Wanzhou case clearly reveals)  Canada Border Services.

This kidnapping crime will never be forgotten. For China, the door to the West is slammed closed for now, so what next?

When I was a kid in University, I  [Micheal] borrowed 25 cents at lunch time from a Chinese friend named Mary and forgot to pay her back immediately I could. She yelled at me across a common room while I was heading late for a lecture the next day, but had no time to speak. I paid her back later but the sin was in. She has hated me ever since. I failed her. I insulted her. I betrayed her. It was a quarter but that wasn’t the point. I learned the hard way like Canada is learning today—insults are a breach of trust, seldom forgiven.

The West is on the ice with China over a Chinese Princess

Concomitantly the nation of China seeks to build better relationships among its neighbours but the South China Sea issue has too many neighbours in a constant state of aggravation.

China’s nine-dash-line is likely the stupidest mistake any country has ever made. It’s beyond intellectual dishonesty, it is plain stupid. Hopefully Xi Jinping catches on and sacks the ‘genius’ who came up with that foolish strategy.

The Filipinos are no exception in the criticism of China’s Nine-Dash-Line. 

People in the Philippines do not trust Duterte’s friendship with Beijing. This is largely based on a huge CIA-authored propaganda campaign against China. But as said earlier, America has a much worse record of human rights violations, mass murder being among the worst.

America’s stealing babies from migrant mother’s arms and later molesting them reaches the highest of atrocities ever committed in the history of human sin. America has become a filthy shithole that does that kind of thing. Everyone needs to speak out against human rights violations but America has no credibility.

No wonder the Philippines loves America, and shies from Duterte’s moderate policies toward China.  The Philippines was raised as a child of America and appreciates its bloodlust.

That is being said as America goes on a marathon of lethal injections, recently killing a Black man who as a kid was convicted of a murder he did not commit.

The Philippines

A recent survey suggested 68% of Filipinos do not believe the COVID-19 data.

  • Duterte sycophants have attacked the International Criminal Court for its Monday allegation that crimes against humanity have been committed by the Duterte government.
  • Both the United States and China are vying for a piece of the Philippines, or control of a country that has never been able to properly govern itself having been controlled by Spain, America, Japan and again America.
  • Philippines officials are easily bought and America has money and abuses it.
  • Many Filipinos accept the dole and across the population, stealing from the people is widely accepted as a norm. Even during a pandemic the Duterte regime robbed the health insurance and slaughtered the health care budget by 25% following years of health care cuts by Duterte.
  • An arrogant me first, me only mentality prevails in the ruling class of numerous unscrupulous dynasties. The population is under paid and mined for all it is worth.
  • Statistically murder and theft are the number one pastimes of Filipinos which race has the worst crime record in the world of allegedly-civilized nations. (One cannot reasonably include Somalia in that category.)
  • Even the President of the Philippines is a proudly self-confessed murderer and every time he makes that declarations his ratings slippery slide upwards, upwards in the 90s.

Ambiguously the International Criminal Court, despite a lengthy condemnation of crimes against humanity in the Philippines, said Monday, “the Office anticipates reaching a decision on whether to seek authorization to open an investigation into the situation in the Philippines in the first half of 2021.”

Read if you wishIn the Philippines, Buzz is for Bees. Studies are one thing but what about human lives, our friends and our families? 


The USA Alliance with the Philippines is currently about fighting wars with China far from American Shores

Proposed Memo to the Next US President
SUBJ: The U.S. Alliance with the Philippines
DATE: February 1, 2021

By Michael J. Green, senior vice president for Asia and Japan Chair at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and director of Asian Studies at the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.

“The alliance with the Philippines is an important anchor for U.S. presence in Southeast Asia. The region is central to emerging U.S.-China competition and crucial to our national interests. The alliance made important strides under the Obama administration but has come under strain since 2016 with the election of Rodrigo Duterte as president. Without putting the military and political relationship with Manila back on stable footing, it is difficult to see how we can accomplish our goals of upholding freedom of the seas and deterring Chinese aggression in the South China Sea and beyond. We must also address human rights violations and democratic backsliding by the Duterte government as part of our larger strategy to support democracy. But we must be mindful of the Philippine public’s historic sense of asymmetry in relations with the United States and aware of sensitivities to perceived interference by a former colonial power.”

The Issue

“The alliance relationship with the Philippines is our oldest, and most complicated, in Asia. Since Rodrigo Duterte ascended to the presidency in July 2016, he has launched repeated assaults on the foundations of the alliance. He has threatened to abrogate the 1998 Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) and 2014 Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA). The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), members of the Philippine Congress, and the public at large oppose those moves. But EDCA is effectively stalled, and the VFA faces abrogation in August 2021 if we do not reach a new understanding with Manila. Meanwhile, Duterte has engaged in threats against his political opponents and a popular but brutal anti-drug campaign involving extrajudicial killings. The AFP are not directly involved in these anti-democratic moves, but we will find it difficult to engage with them on an expanded security relationship without going through Duterte.”

“Without the VFA and EDCA, our plans for deterring Chinese aggression in the region will be hampered. The VFA provides legal protections for and facilitates the entry of U.S. forces to the Philippines for training, exercises, and visits in large numbers. It was vital to our counterterror cooperation, rapid deployment of disaster relief operations, and more than 300 training exercises ever year. It is also necessary for EDCA, which the Obama administration negotiated. That agreement is meant to allow U.S. forces to upgrade agreed-upon Philippine military bases in exchange for rotational access with the intent of increasing U.S. power projection over the South China Sea and deterring Chinese use of force against the Philippines. But implementation has been glacial since Duterte took office.” (Citing the US Center for Strategic and International Studies.)

EJKs in the Philippines: Watch and read comments on YouTube

Video: These are police officers rounding up and killing alleged drug users. July 1, 2016 until May 21 2018. 22,983 Extrajudicial Killings in Philippines under Rodrigo Duterte. That is 33 per day. By year’s end that number climbed to 27,832. By July 2019 the average had dropped to 30 per day as the rate in the year prior slowed slightly and as better datasets allowed fine tuning the difference between the usually high rate of murders in the Philippines and the new (since 07/2016) State-actor plus State-hired Vigilante extra judicial killings EJK). Also better tracking was available and continues to improve using insider Public Health data. A total average of 56.5 Filipinos per day die a violent death. Of these a daily average of 30 are attributed to Duterte’s Extrajudicial killings. Read if you wish:…  Crimes against humanity attributed to Rodrigo Duterte. October 11 2017. Thousands of poor people including children have been murdered in the Philippines.

Read also: Philippines Murders. Here are the awful EJK numbers.

Watch and read comments on the below video on YouTube

The Philippines COVID-19 Data

18 Jul 2024

The Philippines Department of Health says it does not lead the process of data collection, it just manipulates what it receives in order to prevent “duplication” of effort. Experts mutter ‘incompetence’. The public is screaming for the Health Minister’s head on a platter. Duterte for whatever reason continues to support his appointee despite extraordinary mistreatment of doctors and nurses who have been falling ill from lack of proper personal protection equipment.

Philippines COVID-19 Data Philippines COVID-19 Data according to the Civil Society Solidarity Partners tracking team in Singapore,  the “reported data has more than the usual questionable reliability. This may not be a temporary situation. Controversies over stolen health care funds and not paying the Red Cross for reagents for testing coupled with an excess-death rate that is on some days five times the reported COVID-19 deaths, create a dubious situation. The problem may be explained at some point but currently all data is unreliable for modeling or health care planning. The partners continue to report the official Philippines-reported numbers in good faith but readers should bear in mind that the political influence is substantial and the numbers do not compare to medical examiner and medical worker data sets.’

According to Rise Against Starvation Philippines, “Philippines has a 20.1 Global Hunger Index score which means that it suffers from a level of hunger that is serious. ( Global Hunger Index, 2019) such that 2 in every 10 (19.1 %) Filipino children, 0 -59 months old are underweight. (FNRI, 2018) 3 in every 10 (30.3 %) Filipino children, 0-59 months old are stunted.”

The RINJ Foundation and partners have asked the world to fund a food drive for the Philippines. It is being ignored.