Canadians want Meng Wanzhou freed, War with China ended. In-depth update and analysis from a feminist perspective.

“Trudeau has turned to Biden on the arrest of Meng Wanzhou after he described China’s diplomacy as “coercive” and “ineffective.” However, some Chinese experts see Trudeau as an “immature and unwise” politician who lacks political courage to admit his faults on the case, while continuing to ignore the fundamental interests of Canada,” wrote Shen Weiduo on 30 November in Global Times.

“That isn’t much different than the American approach to Canada, saying the Prime Minister needs to bear in mind the interests of Canada as the White House sees those interests in concert with its hatred of Iran and China,” says Katie Alsop of the RINJ Women when asked to comment on Shen Weiduo’s statement.

“That puts Canada smack dab in the middle between China and the USA and that is not a good place to be.”

by Micheal John and Sharon Santiago


“On 1 December 2018, Meng Wanzhou was detained upon arrival at Vancouver International Airport by Canada Border Services Agency officers for questioning, which lasted three hours. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police subsequently arrested Meng on a provisional U.S. extradition request for fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud in order to circumvent U.S. sanctions against Iran. On January 28, 2019, the U.S. Department of Justice formally announced financial fraud charges against Meng. The first stage of the extradition hearing for Meng began Monday January 20, 2020 and concluded on May 27, 2020 when a BC Court ordered the extradition to proceed.  On February 13, 2020 Meng was personally indicted by the DOJ on charges of trade secrets theft which carries a maximum penalty of 10 years’ imprisonment per 18 U.S.C. § 1832.” (Citing  Wikipedia, a neutral source.)

While China sees the Meng Wanzhou case as “purely political”, and informed Canadians see it as Canada’s lack of its own foreign policy, hence an abdication to Trump White House control of Ottawa, Katie alsop says she sees it as all about Trump’s patriarchal misogyny.

Free Meng Wanzhou Cross-Canada Day of Action to Free MENG Wanzhou. Screen capture from Facebook Video posted by Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War. Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine


Attacking an Asian Woman in North America, over a commercial technology rivalry is something other countries would not tolerate, hence Trump used leverage over Canada’s Justin Trudeau.

“A USA President with a loathing for successful women is a detestable violation of global values and decency. That has been the case with Donald Trump. Joining that is Trudeau’s unforgivable error in judgment.


Gender parity is necessary in order to recover from the economic collapses of the pandemic.  What is contraindicated is Trump and Trudeau attacking an icon of the most successful women in the world, resentful of her prowess in the high technology communications sector, and her ability to drive her company to levels that dwarf the 5G efforts of North American industry such that she became the world leader,”  says Katie Alsop of the global women’s rights NGO.

The United Nations estimates that women could increase their income globally by up to 76 percent if the employment participation gap and the wage gap between women and men were closed. This is calculated to have a global value of $17 trillion, and both Trump and Trudeau, partners in Meng Wanzhou’s political kidnap, are trashing the concept of women in the boardroom with this unprecedented attack.”

“The new USA Administration of Biden and Harris is showing that this opportunity for better government is being realized with the appointment of more women and more racial diversity than ever. Hopefully President Biden will end America’s embattling women leaders in government and industry as Trump has done. That would include protecting and saving harmless governors like Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan whom Trump encouraged violence against. I am encouraged to believe America may rise from the ashes of this disgrace but the stink will not go away anytime soon,” said Alsop.


Watch: In support of the argument that the Meng Wanzhou matter is just one more Misogynistic act of North American Leadership.

Fighting for the safety of women and children in Canada and America is a nightmare.

“We are not stupid people, we are women who have full time jobs in some of the highest places of government and industry and that includes AI, 5G, IoT technologies leadership. As such we see the wrongfulness of a greedy patriarch that only makes trouble and war out of everything. In this matter, Trump Administration officials assert that a Chinese woman has been working with America’s accomplice, HSBC, to block America’s efforts to starve the Iranian people with sanctions and blockades, even trying to help families own used Hewlett Packard desktop computers,” adds Alsop. “None of that had the colour of right in the first place.”

“Joining this atrocity of beating up on a Chinese female leader is nothing more than an immature Justin Trudeau swayed in his views by nice vacations, caviar and bottles of good scotch, that Donald Trump’s misogynistic and racist view of the world, is the only one for Canada.”

“This type of racist personal attack on a corporate leader has never happened before and is being done by a Racist Continent that marginalizes women,” says the co-founder of the women’s rights group called RINJ.

“Canada began a war with China. Trudeau whines about China’s poignant retaliation for what in the culture of the two countries is unequivocally an act of war. This is going to get worse at Beijing’s whim. Beijing for the past two years has been passive,” she added.

“Foolishly, Trudeau started a cold war between Canada and China, the latter showing great restraint.”

“It is such a gaff,” says the global NGO director, “that perhaps this was a blackmail of Trudeau by Trump over the re-signed NAFTA trade agreement that changed only its signatures, but whatever the excuse, it must end. Canada must release Meng Wanzhou and apologise to China, while asking for a reciprocal exchange of prisoners,” she added, referring to the two Michaels, charged with espionage against China.

Watch: Huawei’s Global Success is built on the genius of women.

Many Canadians agree with what the Women’s Rights group RINJ seeks and are standing in the Cold to Stop a Cold War.

Numerous small protests and informational pickets in subzero weather were held in at least seven cities across Canada on  Tuesday, the anniversary of the allegedly illegal (according to her lawyers) arrest of Meng Wanzhou in 2018.

Nearly a dozen grass root organizations were involved, in a national protest demanding the release of Meng Wanzhou on Tuesday in Canada.

The protests are comprised of ordinary Canadians who say they have strong feelings about the complicated situation involving what lawyers have called an illegal arrest of the Chief Financial Officer of Huawei Technologies. This was done by the misogynistic RCMP after a three hour shakedown by the Canada Border Services looking for evidence including access to Meng’s computing devices, all with a premeditated ruse of normality aimed at avoiding Meng feeling threatened enough to seek legal counsel.

A Canadian border agent’s account of his questioning of Huawei Technologies executive Meng Wanzhou, in the hours before her arrest, was falsified and “cannot be true”, Meng’s lawyer said on 21 November, highlighting discrepancies between the agent’s notes and those of his supervisor.

Informational protest pickets were held by the public on Tuesday at federal Members of Parliament constituent offices such as that of Liberal MP Joyce Murray’s Office at 2112 W Broadway, Vancouver, and Bob Bratina MP for Hamilton. Bratina is a Canadian broadcaster and politician who served as the 56th Mayor of Hamilton, Ontario from 2010 to 2014. He previously served on the Hamilton City Council from 2004 until 2010.

Watch: Ordinary Canadians seek the release of Meng Wanzhou and an end to the Cold War with China

National day of action to free Meng Wanzhou

Meng Wanzhou on her way to Court Meng Wanzhou on her way to Court.
According to Chen Qingqing and Shen Weiduo of GlobalTimes, “the 48-year-old senior executive of the Chinese high-tech firm, who is also the daughter of Huawei’s founder Ren Zhengfei, was arrested at Vancouver International Airport on December 1, 2018 at the request of the US, and faces fraud charges. After the US Department of Justice formally announced it would pursue the case on January 22, 2019, the legal battle began, as two months later Huawei sued Canada over the arrest for violating her constitutional rights, and just two days after Canada had approved the extradition order of Meng to the US. While the extradition lawsuits usually take years, Meng’s defense team has been challenging Canada’s order for its political nature, double criminality and abuse of process. After Meng lost her double-criminality challenge when Canadian prosecutors ruled in May that the fraud charges against her in the US would also constitute a crime in Canada, the claims of the abuse of process have become major arguments for Meng’s lawyers to challenge authorities in a bid to end the case and get her released.”

As part of a national day of action to free Meng Wanzhou the Red Braid Alliance and Vancouver Peace Council staged small picket protests in Vancouver and across Canada. They were joined by Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War, Canadian Peace Congress, World Beyond War, Just Peace Advocates/Mouvement Pour Une Paix Juste, Canadian Foreign Policy Institute.

“Stop the extradition of Meng Wanzhou! Fight anti-Chinese racism!” is the mantra, for this matter, of the Red Braid Alliance for Decolonial Socialism.

“Mainstream news coverage tends to focus on Meng through the racist and individualizing lens of a “crazy rich Asian” stereotype, rather than about the imperialist anxieties and contests bound up in and propelling her extradition,” writes rally organizer Red Braid Alliance in a news release.


China’s position is clear

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said Tuesday that China once again urges Canada to free Meng Wanzhou and rectify its mistakes immediately. Spokesperson Hua Chunying made the remarks at a daily press briefing.

“We once again express our indignation and strong denunciation of the detention,” Hua said.

Claiming that the U.S. government fabricated the incident without any legal justification, Hua said the real intent is to suppress Chinese high-tech enterprises and undermine China’s scientific and technological development.

“The Canadian government has acted as an accomplice of the United States and thus cannot shirk its responsibility,” she said.


“Facts have fully proven that the detention of Meng is a serious political incident,” Hua said, adding that “Meng has been unreasonably detained till now without violating any Canadian law”.

“The Chinese government remains steadfast in safeguarding the lawful rights and interests of its citizens, and will continue to take all necessary measures. We once again urge Canada to immediately correct its mistakes and free Meng Wanzhou so that she could safely return to China,” Hua said.

Informational Picket at a Member of Parliament's constituency office Informational Picket at a Member of Parliament’s constituency office explains to visitors the aim of the groups across Canada and why they want Meng Wanzhou freed, and why they say the entire process is a political kidnapping. Photo Credit: Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War

Informational Picket at a Member of Parliament's constituency office In the cold of winter, Hamiltonians demonstrate outside MP office demanding that Meng Wanzhou be freed and that the American request for extradition be denied. Photo Credit: Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War

According to an official statement from a Chinese press service, “Chinese Ambassador to Canada, Cong Peiwu held a telephone conversation with Huawei’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Meng Wanzhou on Monday, reiterating that China will earnestly urge Canada to respect China’s solemn position and concerns, release her as soon as possible and ensure her safe return to China.”

Lawyers for Meng have adduced arguments and evidence to suggest the law enforcement in Canada has been telling the Court lies.

“You are trying to cover up for Constable Dhaliwal and Staff Sergeant Chang in relation to this issue,” Meng’s defense lawyer Scott Fenton said to one witness in the Supreme Court of British Columbia, who had changed her testimony.

“I suggest you tailored your evidence to suit what you think protects the RCMP in this issue,” said the defence attorney.

This followed allegations this week that Vander Graaf “deceived” Meng  by telling border officers to keep secret her warrant and U.S. fraud charges — all so she wouldn’t ask for a lawyer.

Lawyers for Meng Wanzhou, subject to extradition proceedings at the request of the outgoing Donald Trump Administration, infamous for its pathological lying,  are now allowed to argue that the U.S. had deceived Canada to obtain her arrest. More of that is expected in coming hearings.

“I have concluded that there is an air of reality in Ms. Meng’s allegations of abuse of process regarding the conduct of the requesting state,” said B.C. Supreme Court Justice Heather Holmes.

“Free Meng Wanzhou” Zoom Conference



Watch the video above.

“Free Meng Wanzhou”, a panel featuring MP Niki Ashton, MP Paul Manly, lawyer John Philpot, Professor Emeritus Atif Kubursi, retired CAW rep Cathy Walker and journalist K J Noh. These Canadian experts are discussing Meng Wanzhou’s legal case, deteriorating relations with China, why Canada should pursue a foreign policy independent from the US, and the rise of Sinophobia – plus what you can do about it.

This panel was hosted by the Canadian Foreign Policy Institute, the Canadian Peace Congress, Just Peace Advocates, the Photo Credit: Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War, and World Beyond War.

The RINJ Foundation says that as a Canadian entity it disowns the actions of Canada’s government in cooperating with the ill-intentioned  accuser of Ms. Meng in this matter of 5G – AI – IoT technology advantages, no matter if Canada’s normally wise leadership acts wrongly out of:  willfulness, out of being deceived or bullied by the accuser,  or out of naivete.

Four out of seven top 2018 Sheroes going into 2019 were political prisoners in Philippines, Canada and Saudi Arabia as was true in 2020. And now in 2021?

To the women sheroes of 2018 who smooth the path of humanity for a future of innovation, opportunity & safety of children and their families. Thank you, sisters.Art: Feminine Perspective Magazine Editorial Staff

“To the women sheroes of 2018, four of whom are still imprisoned (Loujain al-Hathloul, Leila Norma de Lima, Isra al-Ghomgham, and Sabrina [Wanzhou] Meng),  some suffering terrible abuse,  who smooth the path of humanity for a future of innovation, opportunity & safety of children and their families, we thank you, sisters,” says Katie Alsop on behalf of her colleagues.


Four out of seven top Sheroes going into 2019 were political prisoners in Philippines, Canada and Saudi Arabia as was true in 2020. And now in 2021?

Four out of 7 top Sheroes going into 2019 are political prisoners in Philippines, Canada and Saudi Arabia.Four out of 7 top Sheroes going into 2019 were political prisoners in Philippines, Canada and Saudi Arabia. Photo-Art: Rosa Yamamoto-Feminine Perspective Magazine

“It would seem that the same four women will go into 2021 as political prisoners as well. Tears are not enough—action is needed.”