2020 was anxiety, sweats, threats, chaos, human failures. Shame on us for the Redlines Crossed in 2020.

Two trillion dollars were spent by despots, on weapons, but there wasn’t enough money to buy respirator face masks and isolation gowns for doctors and nurses.

The kleptocratic, sociopathic patriarch (USA, China, Saudi Arabia, India, and France, accounted for 60% of global military spending.) that ran most of the human race’s communities in 2020, spent nearly two trillion US dollars on weapons while allowing 1.82 million people to die of COVID-19, and an estimated 12 million to die from hunger, mostly unnecessary deaths.

Clearly, women-run countries, for the health and prosperity of the people, with fewer weapons, and less drama, are much better run than those led by men.

Speaking of weapons instead of health care, who is the Philippines going to fight with all its new missiles and warships? China or the United States? Those are the significant military forces that enter its territory with whom Manila has been bickering at one time or another in 2020.

Say what you like about Pres. Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines, he inherited a corrupt mess for which clean-up requires more than just a few swipes with a handy-wipe.

Duterte, a “murderous dictator according to inferences from what the International Criminal Court had to say in December 2020, came to power in 2016. His leadership inadequacies finally were tested in 2020 by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. As a leader or true politician, Duterte proved to be a categorical imposter.  He became another toxic problem for the Philippines and the world, manifest in 2020, brought to you by none other than Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg who actually achieved the impossible, he out-arrogant even himself in 2020.

Never in the history of the US Congress have the American people looked so stupid as when Zuckerberg was quizzed on Facebook’s steps to combat misinformation for hire and US voter suppression for hire ahead of the November 2020 U.S. presidential election, and being asked how he feels about being compared to Trump. How did America become so screwed up the people’s representatives are asking social media hacks how to run the effing country.

One should recall the Robert Mueller indictments that accuse many of the indicted of massive election interference on behalf of Russia via Facebook advertising in the runup to the 2016 election of Donald Trump. Essentially Mueller proved that a political candidate with enough money and the means to have it spent by a third party could become the leader of a nation. Examples are Trump (with defrauded funds (Soon to be heard in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York?) and (fraudulently?) donated funds.) and Duterte (with Imelda Marcos’ money alleged to have been previously stolen from the Filipino people during the Ferdinand Marcos era.).

Isn’t that 2020 news just swell. Here we are thinking our vote is worth something. Some very serious red lines have been crossed for the last time, one hopes.

by Micheal John

Trash out 2020 2020 Trash out.  Trump, Bolsonaro, Duterte, Maduro, Lukashenko, Kim Jong Un, Erdogan, Ali Khamenei, Vladimir Putin, Bashar al Assad,  lived up to their earned reputations and brought horrible grief to the human race in 2020. Why are they kept in power? Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Who elected Mark Zuckerberg a world leader?

America’s money madness has destroyed the nation. Worshiping a billionaire has not panned out and despite the American focus on God, I cannot find anywhere in the scriptures that toting guns against women governors or worshiping bullies is indicated. In fact, a careful reading of Christian religious philosophers suggest the Ten Commandments  indicate otherwise.

The millions of Americans unable to find food except at the food banks might not agree, but the families already suffering from the losses of half a million excess deaths among their loved next of kin might give it a thought.

Mark Zuckerberg: now there is another arrogant, narcissistic, sociopath who thinks only in terms of money and power.

Zuckerberg sure was reluctant to remove the child trafficking and rape promotion off his sick alternative media platform, Facebook.

“In 2019 there were nearly 17 million reported cases of online child sexual abuse material (CSAM), 94% of which stemmed from Facebook. The growth of CSAM is directly tied to the growth of the internet. Facebook and its platforms, including Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp account for over six billion monthly internet users. Facebook’s plan to apply end-to-end encryption to all its platforms, without first stopping CSAM, could effectively make invisible 70% of CSAM cases–an estimated 12 million instances–that are currently being detected and reported. Governments, law enforcement agencies and child protection organizations have harshly criticized Facebook’s planned encryption claiming that it will cloak the actions of child predators and make children more vulnerable to sexual abuse.” Citing:  “United States Securities and Exchange Commission Washington, DC 20549 NOTICE OF EXEMPT SOLICITATION”

I had to fight my way to a faith-based private grade school and back every day in the 50s and often was beat up or got away; but I never saw so much violence as was the case when I led a team of women to oppose Facebook’s rape pages in the 2000s. This is a company that really stinks for people who really stink. —Author

The RINJ Campaign group tracked hundreds of child sex trade cases advertised on Facebook and transactionally closed on BackPage dot com. But the openly misogynistic organizations of Toronto Police Services, the RCMP and Facebook were not willing to do a thing to help.

It took the RCMP three months to convince Facebook to remove the videotaped gang-rape of a female teen person in British Columbia in mid-2010. You know what I am talking about. This was the tip of a monstrous multi-million dollar industry run by men. Bastards. We did anything and everything to protect the victims but it wasn’t enough. That is the corporate character of Facebook.

When Facebook gave the Philippines free data access to the impoverished masses it gave the nation a dictator while it got richer.

Making certain that the Facebook message was all the people got, in 2020, Duterte ended the free press, both paper and broadcast versions.

In 2020 the Philippines government officials stole billions from the health insurance fund that families paid into; cut the health care budget 25% in the midst of a raging pandemic; exploited underpaid and poorly equipped doctors and nurses; spent billions on new weapons; tried to make money on COVID-19 testing and vaccines; used force to mass manipulate the movement of the population as its COVID-19 response, while shutting down local media and killing journos to avoid observation; and got China to help vaccinate officials. That is happening in other places on the International Criminal Court‘s list of horror story nations like Bangladesh, Myanmar, Americans in Afghanistan, British in Iraq and several issues in Venezuela.

Women and their children have suffered 2020, unsung and unimaginably.

Women have been driven from the workforce such that four generations of gains have been lost in just ten months of 2020.

The Royal Bank midway through 2020, warned that “Canadian women had paid—and would continue to pay—a heavier price than men during the pandemic-induced recession.”

The key findings of the Royal Bank’s report by Dawn Desjardins and Carrie Freestone on 19 November, 2020, are:

  • “Between February and October, 20,600 Canadian women fell out of the labour force while nearly 68,000 men joined.
  • “Women in two key cohorts are exiting the labour force faster: women aged 20-24 and 35-39.
  • “Women are more exposed to hardest-hit industries and overrepresented in industries less conducive to working remotely.
  • “Women exiting the labour force face the risk of an erosion of skills which may further exacerbate the gender wage gap that existed prior to the pandemic.”


Many Women are at home dealing with the difficult challenge of raising small children in a lockdown.

Is it possible that being a single mother caring for two or more children in the midst of a pandemic is a chronic ail comorbid to COVID-19? If not, why are so many stressed young women killed  by the disease.

Many single moms have died in 2020 leaving their children true orphans.

Nation despotic state leaders should be down on their knees weeping for the babies and children sent to live on the streets as orphans in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Iran, Sudan, Ethiopia, the USA—and everywhere. But they don’t give a damn. Sociopaths yearn for attention and power but truly lack the empathy to feel the needs of the people. They can’t help that they don’t care. Why let them govern?

Orphans went home no matter that was good or bad, the orphanages closed.

It is good news, one can hope, that 19,200 orphans across Kenya went home in 2020 as orphanages closed because of the pandemic. Maybe families will learn to love again and realize that having children to love and care for is a blessing beyond compare.

In the Ukraine, 42,000 kids in institutions returned to their families in the same time line, according to the International Leadership and Development Center, a child welfare charity in Kiev.

According to Christianity Today, Uganda and India saw similar events wherein orphanages closed and children went to their families.

Why did this not happen in prior years? Approximately 5.4 million children live in orphanages around the world, although they mostly have a living parent.

I suppose the most staggering truth of the COVID-19 pandemic is that it demonstrated the gross mistreatment of senior citizens, for profit, in rich countries’ extended care homes. The slaughter of this vulnerable group of our most learned and exploitable people should condemn the perpetrators. The crimes of uncaring children of these great human assets are sickening everyone that takes a close look.

Mass burials begin on Hart Island near NYC. Many are unidentified seniors. Mass burials begin on Hart Island near NYC. Many are unidentified seniors, according to an inmate who may have been misinformed because, “All of the seniors and others who are buried on Hart Island during COVID-19 are identified. No one is buried without consent from family,” says Melinda Hunt The Hart Island Project. “That is why there are freezer trucks,” she added in an email. The city allows time for families to decide now. Photo Courtesy Hart Island Project.  Watch the video. COVID-19 burials on Hart Island from Melinda Hunt on Vimeo.


Donald Trump "loser in a rage" Donald Trump “loser in a rage” tells more lies than the walls of the White House have ever heard since the Canadians last burnt it down. Images from Twitter. Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

White House Photo White House Photo, Read: Coronavirus and conspiracies: how the far right is exploiting the pandemic

The year that tested arrogant autocrats’ abilities to tell lies. Trump told thousands and emboldened countless despots.

In Canada the government plans and deliberates on what stories to tell its people. That doctors and police, important frontliners are wearing only spit-barriers instead of respirators to meet the infected public, is reprehensible. Throwing cash at struggling families was good, but too easy.

If a nation is not looking at police as first responders and providing protective gear, it has hired and trained the wrong people as in the Philippines where cops and officials are only killers or otherwise a thieving menace to the people they swore to serve and protect.

This is what proper ppe looks like. This is what proper PPE looks like for nurses, doctors, grocery store clerks, police officers, ambulance drivers, etceteras. Photo Courtesy The Nurses Without Borders

The Dangerous Follies of 2020 caused by governments that ensure there is no guidance for the wearing of PPE and no supply of PPE to the medical professionals or the public. What an epic incompetence: spending two trillions on killing and not being able to spend a few million on PPE.

“I feel naked without a respirator,” one American surgeon told FPM.news.

Note: Do NOT WEAR these two-ends-open face shields shown below. An aerodynamicist explains that these flimsy pieces of plastic hooked to plastic arms that fit over the ears, channel all the air the wearer passes in a store, hospital or laboratory, past their nose and eyes somewhat like using eyebrows and eyeballs as a droplet harvester. The eyes are connected to the upper respiratory system via the nasal cavities and will indeed harvest COVID-19 particles on their wet surfaces, is the theory.

Another ‘don’t-wear-these’ is the masks with breathing holes in them. They allow the wearer to even spit through the breathing hole. A group of persons wearing these breathing-hole masks in an unnamed Starbucks spread their COVID-19 sickness to all the other people in the lineup to buy coffee drinks as they stood together for up to 15-minutes. Masks with breathing holes certainly do not protect others from the wearer’s virus-laden fluids. That should be apparent to anyone. These masks are banned in many parts of the world and can bring one a serious fine or even imprisonment or extra judicial death as had been the case. So-called breathing valves are dangerous.

Anecdotal evidence suggests the good face masks are easier to clean and last longer under a proper face shield which is closed at one end. But generally, face shields are only used to combat direct mouth-to-face spray by medical practitioners where there is a threat of splashes or spray from bed pans, or spray from a sneezing, vomiting or coughing patient say for example during intubation or while changing an O2 cannula with the practitioner’s face close (arm’s length or less) to that of the patient. Generally speaking, protective gear including shields is applicable at all times when the practitioner is in the patient’s room to perform a function for the patient.

DO not wear this type of shield These shields with open top and bottom as seen on this politician are dangerous for the public to wear in bio-hostile environments. They scoop the ambient air, virus particles and all, and flow those particles, top-to-bottom or bottom-to-top depending on head angle to the relative wind, past the nose and eyes. They turn eyeballs, moist eye lids and eyebrows into virus particle collectors.  The wearer’s virus load, according to laboratory tests, are spread in a focussed stream, further than without the flimsy device. Proper medical face shields are closed at one end to prevent the wind-tunnel effect.
Photo credit: Twitter.

The US Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization have not stipulated any benefit for the public wearing the proper face shields over their masks.

Anecdotal evidence suggests reusable masks are easier to clean and last longer under a proper face shield which is closed at one end.

Author says, Wear A Mask Author wearing heavy-fluid resistant, respirator mask, goggles, covered with a face shield in partial PPE preparation for cleaning an endoscope says, Wear A Mask.  Face shields are useful to prevent splashes from reaching the wearer’s tissue from the upper or lower endoscopes which have been inside infected patients. Photo Credit: Sharon Santiago. If you must wear a face shield in public because of local (ill-advised) laws, wear a proper shield that does not allow air flow to be scooped and passed across the eyes and nose. Such shields have a foam seal against the forehead as shown below.

If you must wear a face shield because of local laws, wear a proper shield that does not allow air flow to be scooped and passed across the eyes and nose. Do not touch the face shield with hands. Wash hands before and after either donning or doffing. Clasp the strap with one hand to remove and then wash hands for at least 20 to 40 seconds. Proper medical face shields have a foam seal against the forehead as shown below.

Proper medical face shields are closed at one end and do not act like a wind tunnel delivering all air the wearer's head passes, to the eyes and nose. Proper medical face shields are closed at one end and do not act like a wind tunnel delivering all air the wearer’s head passes, to the eyes and nose. Photo Credit: Sharon Santiago

US FDA Specifications for All-Face-Shield-Manufacturers

The arguments coming from officials who told Canadians not to wear masks at the outset of the SARS2 pandemic are blindly foolish. How can anyone argue against protecting the respiratory system during a pandemic of homicidal virus that enters the human body through the upper respiratory system, mostly the nose.

When Ottawa finally did figure out what Toronto doctors older than Trudeau knew only too well from SARS1, it gave the nod to Canadians wearing face coverings.

But Ottawa did that wrongly.

Those pieces of string and cloth hanging under people’s noses are worthless against an aerosolized virus or particles inside globules of small 1-5 micron droplets of moisture and most other purposes if worn incorrectly meaning that they do not cover the most important part of the face, the nose.

The nose and eyes are unequivocally the human body entry channels of SARS-CoV-2.

All vulnerable persons who leave their homes should be wearing 0.3 micron-filtering respirator masks. It’s your respiratory system, not Mr, Trudeau’s. Protect your respiratory system while protecting others from your own bacteria and viruses.

Who are the vulnerable persons? Anyone who is apt to contract the virus. It will kill anyone. Some cases just seem to be the bad luck of the draw.

Government Priorities got screwed up.

Between officials hoarding PPE and other supplies for profit; the ruling class pushing for vaccination priority;

Justin Trudeau could have caused the manufacture of enough N-95s for everyone in Canada for the cost of sending warships through the Formosa Strait to piss off XI Jinping and sell more weapons to Taiwan. Foxtrot Oscar.

And Xi Jinping and his cronies need to get out of their high chairs and remember that they did not win Taiwan in 1949. Yes the China Communist Party gets to rule China until the Chinese people say otherwise, but that doesn’t include Taiwan.

China’s military equipment up close in war games does not compare to those of NATO countries. President. Xi, does not stand a snowball’s chance on the equator of invading Taiwan and accomplishing anything but millions of deaths. The Chinese government has its head so far up its collective bowel, it cannot see the light.

Here is the light. Keep doing a great job at ending poverty in China and expanding the joy and prosperity of a massively expanding middle class, thanks to the Xi Jinping government. As China continues to be a beacon for the future of humankind, the allied nation states, territories, autonomous regions and all will flock to the endeavor.

The only things that guns do is kill people which shatters the value of human life intrinsic in every Chinese family and puts core values of government diversely opposed to the populations’ values.

Dare to think differently in 2021 and remember that power can sinisterly sneak up and corrupt one’s mind. Find the humility that the ancestors learned and get back on the straight and narrow road to national prosperity. Stooping to the racist level of the Five Eyes nations is a losing proposition. Find those who are willing to cooperate and move in those circles. Closing the door on fools is, OK.

Taiwan’s Tsai Ing-wen also needs to remind herself of the humility of the great ancestors and not let success be an ego adrenalin but instead, a reinforcement of the concepts of a functioning democracy. Diplomacy, humility, and the best interests of the people, not snide and hurtful words, are the way ahead.

2020 Exposed the sinister elements of populism and despotism

As the COVID-19 Pandemic rolled in, the sickest parts of the gl0bal ruling class mimicked each other telling the human population not to wear masks because they needed them for their nurses and doctors. Today those officials are first in line for vaccinations too.

The human population of Earth needed to start wearing respirators to protect their respiratory systems from a homicidal pathogen that mostly enters the nose or eyes. But sycophants of authoritarians, all around the world, like Trump’s kids, were buying up manufacturing delivery positions for N95 respirators using hedge funds, according to a licensed agent selling 3M products in Manila who says he “lost a delivery position for Canada to a Trump kid”.

Meanwhile, the taxes paid to fund a patriarch with two $trillion weapons-dollars came from the pockets of ordinary credulous people, many of whom will in 2021, join the starving masses and are like those thousands waiting in line in Texas for a food basket.

Americans began increasing their gun purchases in a surge in firearm sales, reaching 150,000 per day on 2 June and 3 June following the killing of George Floyd, 25 May, and the torching of a Minneapolis police station on 28 May.  That isn’t the answer to racism, that is racism at work.

What lies ahead in 2021

Every person in the world needs to get themselves a meager supply of respirators and learn how to use and reuse them safely. This virus is not going away any time soon, say the experts quietly to each other, and maybe never.

Get vaccinated. There’s little point fighting the me-first-me-only crowd as they will just kill you, but wear a mask and stand in line even if for days. Get vaccinated. Get vaccinated and continue to follow all public health guidelines. Wear a respirator mask if you can get one. Additional goggles are a good idea. Face shields over top of goggles and masks make sense when standing in line.

Every person in the world needs to strengthen (reconstitute if needed) their safe, close family, if they have one, and protect each other by isolating as much as possible.

Populations have not been told how bad the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus really can be. Get vaccinated.

People who recover, are not really recovered in thousands of cases that we know about. Get vaccinated.

People who are reinfected have a small chance of survival. Get vaccinated.

The virus is adopting new traits when it jumps from humans to animals. like the mink, then back to humans. Get vaccinated.

The virus learns much more when it rattles around inside the body of an immunodeficient human for months without much challenge. The last one that did that certainly knows how to more tightly grab the ACE-2 receptors on your pulmonary cells now. Get vaccinated.

A first infection of COVID-19 seems to be a comorbid underlying illness to a second course of the virus and then even worse for the third infection. Get vaccinated.

Get Vaccinated Get Vaccinated. Photo by Melissa Hemingway/FPM.news