Sneak Peak: 2019 Sheroes. The VOICE of WOMEN is a political prisoner.

For the fourth year in a row.

Philippines Shero rises up every day… Leila de Lima.

Riding across Toronto sharing a seat with a director of the RINJ Foundation has some considerable benefits besides the great company and conversation. Among the tidbits of exciting news gleaned just before Christmas and New Years is this.

by Cathy Williams

Feminine-Perspective Magazine
File Photo Source: Office of Senator Leila de Lima—Photo Art/Cropping: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

WOW! Top 2019 Shero has learned that the multi-million-member global women’s civil society group has picked Philippines Senator Leila de Lima as one of its top 2019 Sheroes.

Senator de Lima has been in the news in the past 24 hours because she is a subject in the 2020 USA Federal Budget.

“Washington’s 2020 budget contains a provision that denies entry to the USA of any person involved in the political detention of Senator Leila de Lima,” notes Katie Alsop of the RINJ women’s group.

“The Philippines,” she added, “is not unlike most countries that have an autocratic ruler who has little political credibility and significant delusions of grandeur. Filipino women and girls  suffer a horrid misogyny problem.”

“Rape and incest are like HIV and HBV inasmuch as they are all raging epidemics in the Philippines,” she added.

Championing the cause of safety for  women and children is the RINJ women’s civil society group and Philippines ‘Shero’ Senator Leila de Lima according to news coverage of her activities over the past twenty years.

Shero. Senator Leila de Lima. The voice of reason is a political prisoner. The voice of reason is a political prisoner. File Photo Source: Office of Senator Leila de Lima—Photo Art/Cropping: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Philippines Senator Leila Norma Eulalia Josefa Magistrado de Lima is a political prisoner and has been since 24 February of 2017.

Shero de Lima is a Philippines elected Senator, lawyer and human rights activist who has been critical of Philippines authoritarian leader Rodrigo Duterte for two decades for his admitted crimes of  murder, alleged crimes against humanity (now in a complaint before the ICC) and alleged genocide as Mayor of Davao and President of the Philippines.

Duterte has been accused of rape, creating a rape culture, sexual assault, murder, torture and other crimes against humanity by even his own Davao Death Squad members who lost their stomach for Duterte’s violence.

Watch: Former Duterte death squad member Vindicates de Lima and her claims of Duterte wrongdoing

Duterte imprisoned elected Senator Leila de Lima on February 24, 2017 without bail, in a flurry of public proclamations that she was guilty of being a drug lord.

According to the RINJ website, the Senator faces complaints levelled at her by “Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption“, a Duterte-support Facebook group, allegedly having connections to Duterte’s 2016 election campaign and Troll farm which was assembled by Facebook and Russian propaganda experts. That group tends to ignore state-sponsored crimes against humanity attributed to Rodrigo Duterte and makes it a crime to criticize Duterte crimes which is why de Lima is being held without bail as a political prisoner by a court system and law enforcement that is controlled by the authoritarian leader.

Watch the State-Sponsored crimes caught on CCTV that landed Shero de Lima in prison for her complaining about these crimes.

“Civil society in its entirety has been screaming at the global law enforcement community,” says Katie Alsop of the RINJ Women’s group.  “And only now has someone, of all people, President Donald Trump, taken action,” she added.

“People who have been involved in the detention of Senator de Lima for complaining about what you see in the CCTV videos [below] will not be allowed to enter the United States. Finally something, no matter that it is small, is being done,” noted the RINJ humanitarian.


This patriarch, Rodrigo Duterte (aka ‘#DirtyDuterte‘ and ‘#DespotDuterte’) has the support of nearly all males in the Philippines.

“We need to kill drug users because they are crazy,” says a Manila taxi driver, “and the President is trying to save us from them.”

“I am afraid to go out at night after six from my condominium,” says a Manila lawyer and mother of two little girls, members of the RINJ group.

Shero Leila de Lima has exposed Duterte’s Misogyny for years.

Duterte is the ultimate woman-hating murderer (Note 2) and has ordered the slaughter of children and their families all over the Philippines. (Article). When his death squads can’t find the person on their target list, they kill their children.

Feminine-Perspective Magazine

The RINJ women’s group director shared an emotional plea to stop the state-sponsored killing of children and their families. Photo credit: Source Supplied

Rallying men against women and children in the Philippines is easy for Duterte.

Senator de Lima has been outspoken even from prison against:

  • Duterte ordering police and soldiers to shoot women in their vaginas.
  • Duterte ordering soldiers in Mindanao to rape at least three women each.
  • Duterte’s descriptive and painful rape jokes.

Duterte audiences of Filipino men laugh themselves into stitches.

Men have felt threatened by women in the Philippines for the past decade because women are the primary wage earners in the country and much better educated, selling personal service home care and nursing services around the world. Millions of women from the Philippines are at this moment working as overseas foreign workers to the benefit of themselves and the Philippines government.

These women working overseas contribute more than 10% cash remittances to the Philippines’ Gross Domestic Product based on reported income of the government of the Philippines.

The Philippines for many years has successfully exported its women’s professional services to function as domestic helpers (famous as ‘Nannies’) in other countries, to work as nurses and doctors and even lab technicians. Women are better educated than men in the Philippines and are the primary ‘bread-winners’ in that country. Women like Senator de Lima and Vice President Leni Robredo have worked their way into the halls of power much to the chagrin of Filipino men who have always maintained the male-superior tradition of their ancient, misogynist tribal culture.