Voices for Peace. President Putin leads again an effort for calm.

“The Donald Trump idiocracy  seems hell bent on bringing the world to a major war so that Trump can cancel the election,” is how one reader summed up the sinking fortunes of Donald Trump’s political career in an email responding to a recent article.

That was before Donald Trump and Michael Pompeo lost their bid and got laughed out of the room when America tried to rejuvenate genocidal sanctions against Iran that the 2015 JCPOA set out to fix.

by Micheal John

Tensions between Iran and the United States have escalated to a crescendo level and stayed there since Trump ordered the mass murder of a dozen Iraqi and Iranian officials near the Baghdad airport on 3 January.

Trump according to critics, sees the anti-Iranian attacks as a good way to invigorate his electoral political base which is hateful toward Muslims and non-Whites.

Following America’s humiliating defeat at the UN Security Council at the end of the business week, when America sought to renew an expired, superseded, embarrassingly inhumane, deceitful set of sanctions full of American hegemonies, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, a Trump campaigner, threatened in what can only be described as a tantrum, to invoke clauses of the  JCPOA.

Vladimir Putin held a working meeting with permanent members of the Security Council. Voices for Peace. Vladimir Putin held a working meeting with permanent members of the Security Council 13 March 2020.
Photo Credit: Kremlin.ru.
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Pompeo and Trump Reaching for Straws

“Under [UN] Resolution 2231, the United States has every right to initiate snapback of provisions of previous Security Council resolutions. In the coming days, the United States will follow through on that promise to stop at nothing to extend the arms embargo,” Ambassador Kelly Craft said in a statement.

“The Trump administration’s vision [?] for peace in the Middle East will endure the abject failures of the UN Security Council,” Craft added.

What is more bizarre is that Trump withdrew from the JCPOA on 8 May 2018. The United States has as much clout as a wet tea bag at the bottom of an American garbage heap piled in Southeast Asia.

Concomitantly to America’s withdrawal from JCPOA on 17 May 2018 the European Commission announced its intention to implement the blocking statute of 1996 to declare U.S. sanctions against Iran, “illegal in Europe” and ban European citizens and companies from complying with them.

The European commission also instructed the European Investment Bank to facilitate European companies’ investment in Iran.

It might seem that America’s door to these disreputable maneuvers is slammed shut. Is Trump making a move toward war in the Persian Gulf? The US has been moving assets to that area and has dispatched more nuclear bombers to Diego Garcia.


Russia’s proposal to convene meeting of heads of state of UN Security Council permanent members with participation of heads of Germany and Iran Voices for Peace. Russia’s proposal to convene meeting of heads of state of UN Security Council permanent members with participation of heads of Germany and Iran. Photo Credit: Kremlin.ru Press Gallery.

Vladimir Putin Calls for Urgent Summit of the Seven Permanent Members of the UN Security Council

Among the points raised by the Russian President in asking for the summit, President Putin has adduced the following o the past 24 hours.

  • Debates around the Iranian issue within the UN Security Council are becoming increasingly strained.
  • Iran faces groundless accusations.
  • Resolutions are being drafted with a view to dismantling decisions that had been unanimously adopted by the Security Council.
  • Russia maintains its unwavering commitment to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on Iran’s nuclear program.
  • Russia’s approval in 2015 of the JCPOA was a landmark political and diplomatic achievement that helped fend off the threat of an armed conflict and reinforced nuclear non-proliferation.
  • In 2019, Russia presented an updated version of its Collective Security Concept for the Persian Gulf Region, outlining concrete and effective paths to unravelling the tangle of concerns in this region.
  • Like anywhere else in the world, there is no place for blackmail or dictate in this region, no matter the source.
  • It is essential that the positive experience gained earlier through intensive effort is maintained when building an inclusive security architecture in the Persian Gulf.

Russia’s proposal to convene a meeting of heads of state of UN Security Council permanent members with participation of heads of Germany and Iran

“Accordingly,” said President Putin in a statement to fellow UNSC members, “we propose convening an online meeting of the heads of state of the permanent members of the UN Security Council, with the participation of the heads of Germany and Iran, as soon as possible, in order to outline steps that can prevent confrontation or a spike in tensions within the UN Security Council. It is important to secure collective support for the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 2231 that sets forth an international legal framework for the execution of the JCPOA .”

“During this leaders’ meeting, we propose agreeing on parameters for joint efforts to facilitate the emergence of reliable mechanisms in the Persian Gulf region for ensuring security and confidence building. This can be achieved if our countries and the regional states combine their political will and creative energy.”

“We call on our partners to carefully consider this proposal. Otherwise, we could see the further escalation of tension and an increased risk of conflict. This must be avoided. Russia is open to working constructively with anyone interested in taking the situation back from the dangerous brink.

Urgent Matter

“This is an urgent matter,” said Mr. Putin.

“Should the leaders agree in principle to have this conversation, we propose that the foreign ministries of the seven countries agree on a meeting agenda, make the necessary arrangements and schedule a video summit.”