The Philippines has Fallen. The controversial Duterte videos.

Here is the video they are talking about. It is forbidden to persons younger than 18 years of age. Some scenes may not be suitable for persons sensitive to extreme violence.

Singing for Duterte. A requiem for precious souls lost to Duterte-style murders.

“Horrible leadership mining the wealth of a nation for their own pockets, the government of Rodrigo Duterte is corrupt and murderous,” is what the United Nations representatives are unofficially saying, and worse when asked what they will do about the Philippines, which has apparently fallen. But they do nothing.

by Katie Alsop in Toronto

The Duterte Murders continue. And the murders continue. 17 August 2020, Zara Alvarez, a Negros Island-based Filipino human rights advocate, educator, paralegal and prominent social activist who predominantly campaigned against human rights violations which were witnessed during the administration of Rodrigo Duterte. She was truly much beloved human rights advocate who was gunned down as were others that week. Previous attempts on her life had failed. Roughly one dozen of her Negros Island group have been murdered.  Photo: Twitter.  Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Subject to numerous investigations by every human rights advocate on Earth, the Philippines has now succumbed to its poverty, diseases, and the mining of its 105 million population for the benefit of a few Manila dynasties and their friends in Manila.

“Malnourishment and hunger are pervasive across the nation’s rural provinces and the slums of Manila are worse than ever. Most rural Filipinos suffer through the longest SARS-CoV-2 military-style lock-down in the world,” says a doctor in Lagawe.

Doctors in the remote regions tell that “unemployment, business failures, poor food and poor water distribution, a lack of infrastructure, and starvation as well as diseases like COVID-19, pneumonia of unspecified etiology, acute arterial thrombosis, dengue fever, HBV, HIV, measles, H7N7, and more have overwhelmed many families.”

“You don’t hear about this because all the local news stations have been shut down since April, by Duterte,” said one doctor in Ifugao province who fears being identified for the probability of reprisals.

“Meanwhile, as little girls were forced to stay at home away from school, locked in with sex offenders, they suffer rape and incest that has lead to the worst tween and teen pregnancy epidemic in the history of the country. In the months to come, the  HIV, HBV outbreaks will become more apparent,” the source adds.

Other medical sources also confirm this allegation.

Watch, short version: The Philippines is in a shameful state.

Philippines Main Local News Service Shut Down by Duterte Government. Now there is only the Duterte state media.

“Rodrigo Duterte vowed he would kill ABS-CBN which neutrally reported news that Duterte wanted kept secret,” says Philippines nurse Karinna Angeles, speaking to on Zoom.

“The network was forced off-air back in May after the Duterte-controlled Congress refused to renew its license. On 28 August the remainder of its broadcasts online and on cable ceased as the organization failed without a license,” nurse Angeles added.

“Rodrigo Duterte and his government are accused of muzzling independent media such as ABS-CBN and Rappler that have reported honestly but critically on issues such as Duterte’s anti-drug extrajudicial killings that left thousands of mostly poor Filipinos dead, including hundreds of children,” says the nurse who is forced to remain in the Philippines even though she has a job in Canada.

The sad sad story of Global Shero Senator Leila De Lima

“Sen. Leila de Lima celebrated her 61st birthday two days ago, [in prison] with a night of songs and encomiums from stars of the political (those who dared) and entertainment worlds, as well as people from all walks of life. In “LeiLaya,” they were one in saluting her for her integrity, her principles, and her fight to speak truth to power. I, too, salute you, Senator Leila.

“Pity, she was not there to enjoy the evening with her friends and admirers. She is not allowed any kind of computer, cell phone, iPad, anything which can connect her to the internet, even though she is “merely” under detention. This is her fourth birthday in detention—treated like a criminal rather than a senator who dared to cross the President of the Philippines when he was mayor of Davao,” writes :  in the Philippines Inquirer (Proof of deterioration of our justice system), last night.

Vice President *Leni Robredo, Senators Francis Pangilinan, and Risa Hontiveros, artists Angel Aquino and Ebe Dancel, Archbishop Soc Villegas, Bishop Ambo David, lawyers Chel Diokno, Erin Tañada, and Neri Colmenares, joined in an online birthday celebration wishing Senator De Lima good health as she remains in detention as a political prisoner of the Duterte government.

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has responded to media reports related to Philippines Vice President Leni Robredo’s most recent challenges to the extra judicial killings (EJK) admittedly done by the Duterte administration. A taxi driver told FPMag on Monday that people … Continue reading 

Another sad story in the Philippines is that of an American former soldier whose children in America were notified on Facebook that “Your father is dead”.

Since then they have spent thousands of dollars and several US Senators’ lobby efforts to get some action. Watch:

The RINJ Foundation and several of its Civil Society partners are seeking action from the Human Rights council which will convene its 45th session on 14 September 2020,” says humanitarian.

“Studies and investigations are becoming boring and inconsequential attempts to indicate that human rights authorities are ‘doing something’ like the so-called International Criminal Court preliminary examination which has been running for years and producing nothing,” says Sonya Yoshiki who is a security specialist overseeing the protection of countless hidden women’s shelters.

Action is needed, not studies. Hundreds of kids and thousands of parents are murdered. The murders continue daily.

According to Katie Alsop, a director of The RINJ Foundation, the global women’s group has completed its ‘studies’ and “asserts that there are no human rights in the Philippines which has a population that is so badly infected with the Stockholm Syndrome, the populations is unable to help itself.”

Here are the awful numbers on Extra Judicial Killings in the Philippines, published by the civil society women’s group, RINJ. Read if you wish.

Watch the full version of the video: The Philippines has Fallen…


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