Comment: Trump’s Idiocracy Cult is Killing Americans. Wear a mask to be safe.

Americans refuse to wear a respiratory protection mask and an estimated 62 million of them have been infected one way or another by the ferocious SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes the COVID-19 disease.

The logic doesn’t require an epidemiology doctoral degree. The pandemic virus is a respiratory illness and just like we protect our lungs from pollution or sawdust, this disease indicates we all need a mask. It also, like car exhaust, is in the air as people-exhaust.

Comment by Micheal John

Why write articles just insulting Trump when half of America is just like him, white supremacist males who are macho-talking but teetering-walking due to pervasive obesity. Is ‘nature thinning the herd’ as Mike Judge implied in his movie, Idiocracy? (Which movie readers can stay home, stay safe, and view in its entirety at the bottom of this article.)

The COVID-19 beast devours people with underlying chronic illness like obesity, hypertensive heart disease and diabetes.

For this mask stupidity, America is easily seen today as not a democracy but an Idiocracy, Mike Judge style.

White Supremacy Rising

Tomorrow, the white male half of America will be doing verbal monkey-backflips over the “commie-loving Joe-Biden” choice of a running mate. Kamala Harris.

Joe, a boy ‘who kicked the hornet’s nest’.

Kamala Harris is a Black, part-Asian, Democrat woman. As such she is everything Trump despises.

Trump’s male white supremacist cult followers are so loyal to Trump they would drink his Kool-Aid even if he peed in it. The Klan members are already mimicking Trump’s apoplexy symptoms at this brilliant woman but now she is headed toward the Vice Presidency of America, the cultists are going crazy.  This for the Trumpsters is a worse face-slap than was Obama’s 2008 commencement of a two-term US Presidency; a Black man in the White House for eight years.

The Trumpster-cult never imagined a Black woman at the top hence they don’t know how to react besides sitting and twitching on the porch with their assault rifles across their knees while their quivering hands caress their shotgun barrels.

Barrack Obama was the first Black American to become President. That angst must have shaved years off Donald Trump’s life. The overweight misogynist/racist has not stopped deriding President Obama and First Lady Michele Obama with racist slurs since 2008.

Donald Trump is a particular individual who has occupied the White House. He is a stout man who takes malaria medicine in an air conditioned mansion in a polluted city that has no mosquitoes.

Trump might not be drinking disinfectant as he suggests you should, but for sure he gets tested for COVID-19 as many as three times a day. There are some rumours he is eating his own feces and screaming at the moon, but that could just be a mistaken identity say some of the ‘shine-runner MAGA boys’ in Kentucky who describe a rival over-70 Ku Klux Klan MAGA2020 chapter in the same way. (Too much stress cussing a Black man in the White House for eight years and too short-winded to wear any kind of mask.) The MAGA story-tellers are a little confusing since they among hundreds were left sick and delirious with COVID-19 fever since the little Tulsa, Oklahoma rally on 20 June. It’s all muddled. Everyone is told to tell the same story but nobody wrote it out so as a default they chant “TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP” and “MAGA MAGA MAGA”.

USA Average Intelligence dropping in the Mike Judge Movie "Idiocracy" USA Average Intelligence dropping in the Mike Judge Movie “Idiocracy”
Courtesy 20th Century
Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Trump Spends Billions on Vaccines and may have volunteered as a tester for Vladimir Putin’s untested KickaCovid -Joy-Juice inoculation toxin.

Trump has government scientists working hard to develop vaccines that increase longevity of erections and eliminate hair loss. As a sole test patient he has notably stopped turning orange lately, but there are other bizarre side effects, as noted earlier.

Trump’s cult members (political followers) are mostly male white supremacists with IQs lower than 85 and who never attained an education higher than grade 7, but with their guns earn a good living hitting banks.

Protesters are gathered in the rain on the Capitol lawn to protest Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s stay-at-home order during a spike in the COVID-19 Pandemic. Protesters are gathered in the rain on the Capitol lawn to protest Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s stay-at-home order during a spike in the COVID-19 Pandemic. Youtube Video Capture

Let’s look at this idiocratic cult led by Donald Trump. Trump leads the world’s stupidest country with a raging respiratory disease epidemic; a hot-air virus fog that tops Los Angeles and New York pollution indices; yet he doesn’t want to wear a mask to protect  his respiratory system.Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Feminine-Perspective Magazine File Photo: Trump’s fascist army out to beat on governors who order stay at home safety against COVID-19.  Trump codes phrases on Twitter to order armed protests against governors’ Stay-Home policy. Photo Credit: Paul Sancya / AP Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine


There was a time when America was smart. USA led the way in technology.

  • The 1918 Thompson submachine gun was an invention of America. It could really kill.
  • The Manhattan Project, with German scientists, built the atomic bomb that killed so many people in Nagasaki and Hiroshima seventy-five years ago.
  • When Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon in 1969, the Lunar Module they rode was built in America by Canadians, thousands of whom were hired after the Avro Arrow project was scuttled in 1959 leaving 13,500 of the best and the brightest British and German scientists without jobs. It’s complicated.
  • The Ford Model T. Wow. The American automobile. America pioneered setting fire to fuel and turning a wheel. If you spend too much time listening to Donald Trump, he might have you believing (if your intelligence quotient is below 80) that it was his family who actually discovered this fire and wheel process. A Trump connected the concept of setting fire to oil and blowing up small amounts in cylinders to move a piston and turn wheels, the ones  parked out in front of the Trump cave, in the old days.
  • America built the first 7 transistor radio with the breakthrough 455 kilohertz intermediate frequency stage instead of using its beat frequency oscillator invention which was giving many in the world tinnitus, a deafening ringing in the ears.
  • America produced the first chainsaw sculpture and pioneered trailer park and bridge underpass living.

But then came China

In China, the people do not drink disinfectant nor do they carry semi-automatic weapons through the streets to the Governor’s office to raise hell about wearing masks. Nobody is perfect—some Chinese eat bats ‘n rats. Whole. Some even eat raw fish. But a quick check in the encyclopedia suggests these are great brain foods. You’d never catch a Trumpster doing something like that.

In China, the 1.4 billion population has the biggest middle class in the world. Many of them TikTok. Some just watch Americans TikTok. That’s a problem for Trump. Having a couple billion Asians laughing at Trump, all at once, is quite noisy. Trump is planning to ban or destroy TikTok.

That would be a shame for talented video artists like Sarah Cooper so we share her work herein.


Read books, stay in school even if it is online virtual class, and wear a proper mask. Just do it. Don’t question it. Just do it, before the whole country is wiped out.

Down with TikTok

There is a startling reality few people have picked up on.

An Ecuadorian-American film director predicted Trump’s Idiocracy.

Yes and it would come as no surprise, this is the creator of Beavis and Butthead. Mike Judge is an animator, actor, voice artist, filmmaker, screenwriter and musician. Judge is the creator of the television series Beavis and Butt-Head. He is also the creator of the film starring Luke Wilson and Maya Rudolph 

Watch the movie, Idiocracy. Mike Judge predicted these times back in 2006.

Donald Trump has government scientists working on a vaccine that fights COVID-19, extends erections and ends hair loss.

Wearing a medical mask does not take one away from a frontliner it keeps you off their dying patient list. One of many types of medical masks. COVID-19 is a respiratory illness hence you must protect your respiratory system. Wear a NIOSH N95 mask outside your home & near anyone in your home who has symptoms or who is quarantined. This is true for all humans without exception. Learn to fit check & wear these masks. It’s your future. Wearing a medical mask does not take one away from a frontliner it keeps you off their dying patient list. Photo Credit: Melissa Hemingway.