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How better to build desalination plants in Libya?

The Canadian conflict of interest and ethics commissioner has come down hard on Justin Trudeau for his involvement in the Canada “LavScam” controversy. Mr. Mario Dion’s report reads as if he has been eating too much Cannabis Candy that the Quebec government is seeking to ban.

by Micheal John

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, PMO staffer  Gerald Butts and former AG Jody Wilson-Raybould. Three Canadians who passionately favour doing the best for their country. Photo Credit: Both elected officials images are official photographs, Government of Canada. Gerald Butts, courtesy Twitter. Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag

Here is the recipe for repairing Canada’s #LavScam, the boring election-year tempest in a Shimmer ‘n Shine teapot.

At some point Canadians need to figure out that the world within which companies like SNC-Lavalin fight for contracts is very far from what Canada is all about. What Lavalin did was build infrastructure for Libya and many other countries that benefited ordinary people. They were not building gambling casinos they were building clean desalination plants so that people who did not have a supply of water could thereafter survive a lot easier and healthier.

Lavalin itself has said that it had people who behaved reprehensibly and that matter is before the courts.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, PMO staffer  Gerald Butts and former AG Jody Wilson-Raybould are each new in their jobs and such people make mistakes. It is no less true that each of these people vigorously pursued what they thought was best for Canada.

1. The conflict of interest and ethics commissioner’s report.
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Photo Credit: SNC-Lavalin

Photo Credit: BC Government Project Office – Art: Feminine Perspective Magazine Rosa Yamamoto