Russia holds Sovereign Crimea and Israel Holds Golan Heights has learned of exciting news for some of its Israeli friends and for an Israeli family which can finally get closure on the fate of a missing loved one.

Says Simon Bladock, a security analyst and former IDF soldier, “We will not leave anyone’s son or daughter behind if there is anything that can be done to make that true.”

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Honouring an IDF Tradition The Brother of Yoni Netanyahu Would Know Only Too Well

Two years ago Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked a friend, Vladimir Putin, for help in locating the remains of three Israeli Defence Forces soldiers missing since 1982. Russian President Putin promised he would instruct his soldiers in the Middle East to research that question. Last week the remains of one soldier was returned to his family.

Benjamin Netanyahu meets Sister and Brother of Zechariah Baumel missing in battle at Sultan Yaakub Photo Credit: @IsraeliPM Twitter
Benjamin Netanyahu meets Sister and Brother of Zechariah Baumel missing in battle at Sultan Yaakub.

Sadly, IDF Staff Sargent Zachary Baumel, an American-born Israeli, was missing in action (MIA) since 1982. His family say they are eternally grateful.

That’s a heart warming story. Another is in the making for the people of Israel and Russia.

Another Evolving Story from Israel is also Good News

The recent announcement of concurrent agreements of the two countries to accept the logical conclusion of the sovereign holdings of these two nations, Russia and Israel over Crimea and Golan respectively was heart warming this weekend to the people of both countries. Finally a resolution is in the making. Read if you wish -> Time for the US to Fully Recognise Crimea as Russian, Golan As Israel

Feminine-Perspective Magazine Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel) and Vladimir Putin (Russia) – Two of the world’s foremost, experienced statesmen.
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Mr. Baldock who was not yet born when Staff Sargent Zachary Baumel went missing during a war in Lebanon, was a little choked by the news and explained that the esprit de corps of the IDF is based on strong values of family, loyalty and comradeship.

“I know Mr. Netanyahu, the brother of the great Yoni Netanyahu, would always respect these special values that go way back to the days of David Ben-Gurion,” he added.