Destabilizers are killing too many babies.

“The goal remains, simply, to deprive the outlaw regime of the funds that it has used to destabilize the Middle East for decades and incentivize [sic] Iran to behave like a normal country,” Donald Trump’s Mikey Pompeo told reporters at the US State Department where chubby Mikey, another adult-child without a conscience, is in charge of doing what Donald says.

[Opinion] by Micheal John | Editor

Those same exact words about Iran being a ‘destabilizer’ apply to the United States . No nation but the USA has killed a million civilians in the Middle East. The USA has done more to destabilize the Middle East than any nation on Earth by magnitudes beyond description. It’s time for restitution not acrimony.

Evil men abuse the machinery of nation states to hold power. Donald Trump, Bashar al-Assad, Omar al-Bashir and the outrageous Islamic Regime clowns running Iran are examples of this problem that civil society tries to contend with. Led by men like these it’s paradoxical that the United Nations is sending the extraordinary humanitarians of UNICEF to places where the UN is killing babies.

I don’t think there is a greater heartbreak than seeing the worry and hopelessness on the faces of mothers and children in the line-up for treatment at under-five clinics in some of these places.  Too many babies are dying for no reason. Does mankind’s leadership have any humanity left. Is the problem overpopulation or greed? Is it a failure of religion? Democracy?

Severe malnutrition in Yemen Severe malnutrition in Yemen.
Photo Credit: Save The Children Foundation

The psychopath in the White House wants more dead babies in Iran, Yemen, North Korea and lately, Venezuela.

The Russian punking of the world (not funny, Vlad), is an American thief of no conscience ranting from the White House, teaching his rabid followers to hate more than he can. Read if you wish ->How Russia Won Donald Trump The Presidency

Putting Trump in the White House has been good for Russia. One must credit Vladimir Putin as truly the most seasoned statesman of the world when considering the sheer power he exerts and his length of time in office without an ICC indictment. For what he did in America he is also a villain akin to Mike Meyers’ Dr. Evil.

Russia’s Inglorious Bastard Sock Puppet and its Aestheticization of Violence in rallies is like a Quentin Tarantino nightmare.

If they are non-white or Muslim babies the great unwashed of America are cheering for blood at Trump rallies. Forty-three million poor Americans are willing to blame anyone. Trump has their ears. They march to his rallies like the walking dead.

The latest distractions from Donald Trump’s aching psyche as the US Congress closes in on his failing presidency. Rabble-rousing and muck-raking may get a person into office but sustaining that office requires great heights of psychopathy as people like Bashar al Assad and Adolf Hitler have taught historians. Trump appeals to the embittered, angry ‘have-nots’ when he seeks enforcement of the war on the Yemeni people and starvation for the Iranian and North Korean populations.

It didn’t work. Kim Jong-un has nuclear weapons and Tehran still believes in Mohammed.

Doesn’t any world statesman have the hootspah to stand up to the soulless freak with the absurd comb-over?

Two examples of the UN’s proclivity to impose population-killing sanctions while at the same time sending humanitarian workers to try and mitigate the extreme damage are Yemen and the DPRK.

Imagine being a contributing factor to two millions of children under five to suffer severe malnutrition, killing hundreds of thousands. UNICEF is struggling with this problem in DPR Korea but as it does this, another part of the UN is helping create the problem. Sick.

Nobody discusses this, it seems. Chains need rattling. Imagine a world focused on doing good instead of feeding egos of its Psychco-Leaders.

The North Korean health department actually works hard at solving national child health issues. Massive programs attempt to measure the quantum of undernourishment and bring remedial effort. Meanwhile there is only so much food and medicine to go around and literally millions of children in the DPRK grow up with disabilities, serious disabilities owing to under-nutrition.

Yemen is a worse man-made nightmare. It likely would not have occurred if the military industrial base had been shut down after WWII as was promised. The need to enrich the rich of that sector seems to be never-ending. They have the guns, that’s for sure.

Can we without guns stop them before they kill us all?

Trump’s sanctions failed to end nuclear weapons proliferation & adherence to Islam. Now can we without guns & bombs stop his baby killings?

Feminine-Perspective Magazine Unforgiven. These men bombed a school bus in Yemen killing more than 40 children. Nobody apologized. Their killing bombs, sanctions and naval blockade have savaged tens of thousands of children. Photo Credit: All Official Photographs Art by Rosa Yamamoto