Canada, Lavalin. The Demands. The Lies. The Truth.

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Feminine Perspective:

  • Women Caucus Members who Breach Caucus Trust should be treated the same way male members are treated. They are not helpless victims. Reverse discrimination is suspected here. At least two months went by before Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minister, evicted one and maybe two of Canadian history’s worst Caucus back-stabbers.
  • Gender equality, among other things, means that when a woman Minister gets herself into a figurative shoving match she should be prepared to receive as good as she gives or don’t start fights in the first place. For example, stabbing one’s own Caucus members in the back will assuredly result in bad blood, failed trust, and unceremonious eviction. What took so long?
  • Canadian Ministers of the Crown expect that they will be lobbied even by their political peers. Listen, don’t push back. Accept that you are in a position that requires one to handle a lot of pressure. Make decisions based on sound judgment and complete facts. Nobody claims to have a problem accepting Jody Wilson-Raybould’s decision not to seek a deferred prosecution agreement for SNC-Lavalin. (Apparently, and according to SNC-Lavalin, there is  exculpatory information that was not revealed to  Wilson-Raybould and the firm has filed an action in a Court of Jurisdiction.)
  • In Principal Secretary Gerald Butt’s testimony and updates before the HoC Justice Committee he made it clear that he had undertaken to try and encourage an alternative solution for the SNC-Lavalin case. He made his case and seemed nonchalant about the outcome which was not to his favour.
  • Turning the case of the SNC-Lavalin matter into a circus is what the government of Canada sought to avoid. Hence the former Minister, angry that she lost the powerful portfolio,  turned the matter into a media circus.
  • Lavalin is a $10+ billion  French-Canadian engineering and construction company with some 52,435 employees at the end of last year. Most of its work is international. The current crisis for SNS-Lavalin is caused by some “reprehensible actions” taken by two senior ex-employees who sought business in Libya in the early 2000s. They allegedly paid bribes to the offspring of Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar Gaddafi, former Prime Minister of Libya. The company admits that and says it is aghast. It is willing to accept the fines of a deferred prosecution arrangement. The bribers were fired long ago and the current CEO has worked hard to overhaul the firm’s practices since accepting the role in 2o15.
  • It is not in Canada’s national interest to open the SNC-Lavalin/Libyan affair to a court of public opinion thinks Lavalin.


by Sharon Santiago  |  Feminine Perspective Magazine

No matter where one has stood in the Libyan regime-change fiasco, it is not a good place. Nobody has the colour of right. Libya is in a mess and a scapegoat is being sought by all sides while war there continues today in the capital city of Tripoli. Lavalin should not be made a scapegoat.

Reverse Discrimination

Women Caucus Members who Breach Caucus Trust should be treated the same way male members are treated.To do otherwise is reverse discrimination.

If a male politician was in Jody Wilson-Raybould shoes, he would have been dismissed from caucus in a manner more like being instantly shot out of a cannon so hard and with such G-force his balls would have been wrapped around to his ears by the time his flight path crossed the St. Lawrence River as he headed toward the Bennu Asteroid getting there long before NASA’s OSIRIS-REx.

If one wants to be a Minister of the Crown, lobbying comes with the territory. Everyone has advise for the Minister, male and female.

You do not go to the media to complain that your own Party or the Prime Minister is lobbying you to do this or that thing. The Caucus is correct. This is treasonous conduct.

Like Brian Mulroney used to say, “you dance with the one who ‘brung you'”.

Allowing Ministers to act the way J. Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott acted is reverse discrimination.

Government officials should not excuse misconduct of  females because of their gender. The aim of gender equality is indeed equality.

These two Members of Parliament stabbed in the back each and every backbencher  of their Caucus. That cannot stand for ten minutes.

Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott demonstrated that for them there is no honour nor integrity with colleagues, in politics. Liberal members were angry at the two, particularly Wilson-Raybould. She, when asked by media interviewers if she realized that her sabotage of the government could lead to a catastrophic electoral result for her Caucus associates,  dismissed the question and continued her political sabotage because her demands of the Prime Minister were not met.

These are not “whistle blowers”. How could they be. There is no evidence of wrongdoing among any of the parties until Wilson-Raybould decided to betray her Caucus by going to the media to create a political scandal against her own colleagues.

But there is no scandal. Nobody misbehaved.

Real Leaders Don’t Play Helpless Victim Girlie Girls

Go ask Mary Teresa Barra the Chair and CEO of General Motors Company how it’s going with the harassment she is getting from the male chauvinist pig in the White House? Then stand back. She is not changing plans, she is doing what is good for the company and shareholders in response held the share value high and raise the GM leader’s pedestal higher.

Go visit Sabrina Meng whom Canada kidnapped on behalf of the misogynistic pig in the White House. Don’t think she is waving a hanky or whining to the media. Actually she is kicking Canada back, suing just about every group and institution that has allegedly and from all appearances, violated her rights.

These two women are among the highest corporate ranks in the world and they are not afraid to dish out what they are getting as incoming. Nor are they looking for gender-sympathy in the monstrous battles they must wage to “get it done”.

Wilson-Raybould Demands That were not Met

To Prime Minister Trudeau’s credit, he did not succumb to blackmail.

In order to have Wilson-Raybould end her attack on the Liberal Caucus in the media, the ejected Member wanted Trudeau to compel the new Minister of Justice to deny SNC-Lavalin a chance at an alternative case disposition. In other words her allegation of interference she complained about is disingenuously her demand of the Prime Minister.

Basically she wanted Trudeau to give assurances that Attorney General David Lametti, would not do what she had refused to do which was to overrule the Director of Public Prosecutions Kathleen Roussell who wants a messy public criminal trial against a French Canadian corporation. But SNC-Lavalin has asked for a deferred prosecution agreement. The company has made such a request to a Canadian Court.

Wilson-Raybould wanted Trudeau to  fire his principal secretary, Gerald Butts who resigned on 18 Frebruary. She also wanted Trudeau to dump the Clerk of the Privy Council, Michael Wernick and give the heave-ho to senior Trudeau adviser, Mathieu Bouchard.

All of these demands, Wilson-Raybould,denies, but there is a growing number of people close to the information now speaking out.