My Feelings: A Poetry Contest for All “My Feelings” Poetry Contest

This poetry contest teaches a healthy coping technique for many of life’s traumas. It’s a coping method for even the very serious problems like PTRS and PTSD.

By the way, if you are writing a poem to someone special, and if you would like us to try and publish your poem on a special day, (like Valentines, maybe?) tell us. We’ll try for you.  –  Cathy Williams

My Feelings - Poetry Contest

Do you have writing ability? Would you like your skills to be seen? Writing a poem about “My Feelings” gives you a special opportunity and makes you feel special. This is your moment to be heard. ‎ Simply bring your creative and unique poetry talent to us by entering this international contest. Wow. All art is beautiful. May we read your poetry art?

by Cathy Williams

This Contest Teaches a Coping Mechanism for many of life’s problems. Even the very serious ones.

If you have taken one of the RSAC’s PTRS and PTSD courses or therapeutic sessions, the “My Feelings” Poetry Contest qualifies for your certificate credits.

Remember the power of expressing “My Feelings” is a relief for hyperarousal symptoms and for ‘avoidance‘  of fear, sadness and shame. Avoiding these emotions is an unhealthy way of coping. Expressing “My Feelings” through narrative, dramatic or lyrical prose is a very healthy coping method and it can be fun as well as being a release of tensions and stress. Give it a try. Enter the “My Feelings” Poetry Contest.

We are a global, civil society women’s group and we really do care about your feelings.

Since we brought this up we should invite you to read about the symptoms of PTRS and PTSD and learn some ideas for coping. Go here.

But “My Feelings” poems may be about your feelings on:

  • space exploration,
  • my ideal spaceship,
  • my favourite super hero,
  • LBGTQ2 and other cool people’s parades,
  • world travel I have done,
  • food and beverages that I love,
  • a monkey’s tricks,
  • lovers and other cool people,
  • my dancing,
  • my long walks,
  • my favourite plushy,
  • babbling brooks, and
  • anything that enters your beautiful mind.

Instructions: Write a poem about My Feelings. For example, this can include, but is not limited to, feelings about a friendship, a family member, love, life experiences, wishes, dreams, goals, inspirations, heroes, or any subject.

1. Enter as often as you like in any language. Entry must be original and unpublished.
2. If you are person under 21, tell us.
3. Non-appropriate publication content might not be published or may have a trigger warning but all original and unpublished entries in any language are welcome and eligible.
4. Include your first and last name with your entry, plus your age, and tell us your language, closest city or community and your country. You can include a picture of yourself if you like.
‎5. All poems submitted become the property of The RINJ Foundation (All Rights Reserved).
6. ‎Enter by email to: [email protected] ‎ Subject: “My Feelings”
Deadline: Wednesday March 30th, 2019 midnight UTC‎ ‎


Each winning poem will earn its author $100 Canadian Dollars and the winners’ names will be published soon after March 30th, 2019, in Feminine Perspective Magazine online.

My Feelings Poetry Contest My Feelings Poetry Contest – Art by Rosa Yamamoto, Feminine Perspective Magazine

So, here we go to answer this call,

& open “My Feelings”

with a poem called ‘All’.


This poetry contest is for one and for all,
whether you’re short you’re tall or even you’re small.
Whether you eat beans, rice, or a noodle,
or have a cat, a fish or a poodle.

This contest’s for you, so write if you dare,
you who loves the wind in your hair.
You can dance and sing and twirl around,
or be sitting still without a sound.

This poetry contest is yours to remember,
but in our hearts we’re all together.
Staying strong, standing tall,
holding each other,  ne’er we fall.

“My Feelings” poetry is certainly for you,
who serve & protect & do what you do.
You carry a strength that deserves a good cheer,
I raise my salute to your bravery each year.

This “My Feelings” Poetry Contest is certainly for you.

I have a Dream of a Beautiful Scene,
all our Spirits are Free as an Eagle.
Where ALL is One and One is ALL,
the Whole Wide World is Standing TALL.

With no more fears or worries, All.
These are my feelings. I share then with all.
Now is the time to take up our call,
Write a feelings poem and share it with all.

Good luck, be well, all.

Cathy Williams