Healthy Women: Dealing with New Year Stress

Feminine-Perspective Magazine
By Cathy WilliamsFeminine Perspective Magazine Contributor

Out with the old and in with the new.

Exercise to prepare you for a busy day; a heavy event or to recover from same.

  • Clear your mind of all thought, think of nothing.
  • Breathe slowly in through your nose.
  • Release the air slowly through your mouth.
  • Do this four times.

When we  all negativity is cleared from our minds we can invite positiveness to replace it. Our thoughts can inhabit better views in our own personal outlooks from within ourselves which in turn will lead us to live a healthier productive life. Doing this gives you permission to realize you are worth it. You mean something. You have a place in life. Your a valuable contribution to Earth, and everything thereon. You are in the flow. You are a rising star that shines with the most beautiful light. You are love.

So now that you have invited freshness, have hope. Things cannot always be seen, but when you have hope for a positive future you can dream. Dream big. The possibilities are endless. Think positive and reach for the stars. Keep your dreams alive in your heart. One day you can share it. You are love.‎ You are in the flow.

Say to yourself.

  • I believe in the flow
  • I trust in the flow
  • I have faith in the flow
  • I follow the flow
  • I am in the flow

Happy New Year
May peace be with you.