Xi Jinping is head of the CCP and the strongest leader of China

He is also a leader for the people. He could have chosen to be a dictator but that has not been his style. Women who have met President Xi Jinping, like him.

“He comes across to me as a father. He listens and when he talks he shows concern and engagement in what I have said. He has the kindest face,” is how Sara Qin describes Mr. Xi. She met him a few times in her hospital in Wuhan, and in government offices of Hubei province, PRC.

“President Xi was very worried about his re-election because of the horror of the pandemic and much controversy about the government’s methodology for protecting the people. However, when the people demonstrated their complaints, the government reacted quickly and changed policies. They actually ended the last lockdown that way in response to the people speaking out and it worked,” said Ms. Qin.

“President Xi is always fighting for the benefit of the people. He loves me and all our communities is how I feel about him. That may sound silly, but when I go to bed at night, I have a feeling President Xi is protecting all of us and will not let anything terrible happen. I said that once in the lunchroom when my coworkers were asking about a recent meeting. Many very quickly agreed that they shared the same feeling. Some expressed worry about the difficulties of our times and the threats from the imperialists and I said, that was my worry too and if we stand together and support each other we will be well,” Ms. Qin explained her personal experience.

On 10 March 2023 the elections began at 9:27 a.m., lawmakers adopted a method on election and the various appointments for the first session of the 14th National People’s Congress (NPC).

Zhao Leji, was elected head of the NPC which is a pretty big deal. Xi Jinping was unanimously elected to another five-year term as head of just about everything.

10 March 2023

10 March, 2023 – Xi Jinping is victorious and swears his oath again for the third time, making history. Xi Jinping, newly elected president of the People’s Republic of China and chairman of the Central Military Commission of the PRC, makes his public pledge of allegiance to the Constitution and the People of China at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Photo credit: Xinhua/Xie Huanchi. Photo is cropped to fit format. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

“Regardless of what lower-intellect politicians in the West have to say, very few Christians chant obscenities at Xi Jinping’s leadership style the way the no-class Biden presidency does or some failed diplomats in Europe. It’s a system of government invented by Jesus Christ and one that exists throughout the Bible and the Quran. The principals are the same: caring and sharing for and with the people as equals,” suggests historian, Eva Stronach.

“On the results of his presidency it can be said China’s leader cares about his flock very much. Xi has been a president for corruption cleanup and he is still at it. It has been claimed by reporters in China that President Xi has given the ouster or  has disciplined well over one million officials who held positions throughout the Party. Now, some people at the top are vanishing from public life. They too might need to find more menial work as hewers of wood, tillers of earth and drawers of water, as the first million did. Growth and corruption in China, (Between 1980 and 2010, China GDP per capita jumped 13X, according to the IMF) as in the rest of the world, have been tied together. President Xi Jinping has earned accolades for his campaign against corruption. but clearly this project also crushed political competition and dissent, Ms. Stronach added.

Chatter in the international community has begun over recent changes in Xi Jinping’s Cabinet. The doors have been swinging and for whatever reason, both Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin were not present at the better then excellent G21 Summit hosted by India (Bahrat).

President Xi is elected in communist tradition, for the people, and that tends to be as it was for centuries in the communist doctrine. Local leaders and representatives are elected in the same manner as always. The main thing that has changed is time-in-office for the leadership in Beijing. People are living longer than ever in China,” suggests Eva Stronach who is a devoted historian, children’s history teacher, and volunteer human resource person within The RINJ Foundation.

“XI Jinping is an absolute authority in China, a benevolent leader who serves the people and is responsive to the people, many say. In a country as big as China, there needs to be strong leadership,” said the historian.

It is a complicated system which Xi Jinping has learned thoroughly and manages to exercise with a strong measure of control. He is said to be very hands-on.

“The form of government that China has is a matter for the Chinese people,” suggests New Zealand’s prime minister, Chris Hipkins.

“Around the world there are many forms of government. The best ones are those which take pride in a happy, prosperous population. It may also be true that nobody likes their government at least one day a year and that applies to some people all days of the year, especially when it rains hard in the cities. Farmers in China like a normal rain. When it comes time to vote, the weather can make a difference,” said Dr. Kathy Poon with a chuckle.

Editorial Note: Dr. Poon is currently in Ukraine to get a better understanding of what supplies and what new medical directives and medical protocols are needed by humanitarians for this war zone. This is her first experience in a war zone and we all wish her safe travel and good success to her and Director Dr. Nassima al Amouri with their tens of thousands of patients and sheltered women and girls.

Capitalism, with its emphasis on profit and private ownership, has led to inequality among citizens seen in the massive societal inequities in North America and increasingly in Europe where one part of the population lives on the streets in desperate poverty and utter rejection while another small part lives in lavish digs and rich life of plenty.

It is not in the interest of ruling classes in capitalistic so-called democracies to hear or share the benefits of what Christ accomplished, feeding masses equally with the collective of loaves and fish.

Europe’s and North America’s politicians have been promoting the dangers of socialism and communism versus their glorification of what they call ‘democracy’.

Over time it has become less possible to acclaim the virtues of their systems as the middle class disappears into the oblivion of poverty or near poverty, hence the political trend is to attack “liberals”, “socialists”, and “commies” like grade eight dropout ignorants.

This could have functioned well in the United States but now even though the standard of education is one of the lowest in the world, the massive decline in learning has caused a bizarre reverse effect.

“The world is only learning now what decades of political BS does to a population,” noted Professor Stronach.

Pollsters say half the American folks tend to no longer believe what they read in the newspaper and share a yearly decline over a long period in their trust in what their politicians have said.

The West is tossing diplomacy in lieu of chatter becoming a Hell’s Angels Clubhouse

Forget Biden’s jabberwocky about spy balloons (which we now know were scientific experiments) and dictators, and look at the copycat who tries herself to emulate a senile near-ninety politician who has never shown to be very smart in his career. The European politician who attempted to fly a dummy-diplomat flag which never made it up the pole, is in the same kind of rancid diplomacy hell-hole as Biden whom many say must be replaced.

‘If Putin were to win this war, what sign would that be for other dictators in the world, like Xi, like the Chinese president? ‘ the German foreign minister said, proving once again that the last person a government should ever appoint as its foreign ‘diplomat’, is an a$$hole with a big, dirty mouth.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock labeled Chinese President Xi Jinping a dictator on Friday as she stressed the German leader’s alleged support for the dying Ukraine which has lost at least 500,000 of its people while Russia has lost an estimated 100,000, a total of 600,000 dead in this political folly called Reaganism war against communism which happened in style during another war America lost—Vietnam.

“War is never the answer to anything,” said Eva Stronach, the historian.


100th anniversary of CCP

A sign marking the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC is seen in Shanghai, east China, June 21, 2021. /CFP Photo is cropped. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

The Communist Party of China and its complex form of socialist government—more of a socialist doctrine than the Soviet Union’s ‘communism’—is far outside the comprehension of the West, except for most pious Christians and scholars who understand the benevolent communism system’s history has shown us in the collection of Bible books.

The system that China uses mirrors the equality collective doctrine that Jesus Christ established with his many apostles and followers, often as many as five hundred to six hundred or more, and the tens of thousands they were representatives for.

We know this from our research into hundreds of unpublished documents in the library of Dayro d-Mor Mattai which is a Syriac Orthodox Church monastery on Mount Alfaf in northern Iraq, 20 kilometers northeast of the city of Mosul, a region also known as part of Mesopotamia. It was completed in year 300 AD although Mathew camped there in his latter years, and it is said to have been Mathew’s Monastery in its beginning before the majestic facility it has become was completed in around 300AD.

National Geographic | Education describes , “Communism as a form of government most frequently associated with the ideas of Karl Marx, a German philosopher who outlined his ideas for a utopian society in The Communist Manifesto, written in 1848. Marx believed that capitalism, with its emphasis on profit and private ownership, led to inequality among citizens.”

People travel back and forth between CHina and its islands, like Tawian.

“The world is big enough for ALL peoples to thrive in goodwill, safety, and prosperity,” said Katie alsop, Executive Director of The RINJ Foundation, the world’s largest women’s private care and safety NGO.

United States Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told a media briefing following a recent four-day trip to China, “We believe that the world is big enough for both of our countries to thrive.”

The picture and its story: People traveling to the Chinese mainland, either directly from China’s Taiwan region or transiting through Taiwan, are no longer required to take a pre-entry nucleic acid or antigen test for COVID-19 starting the end of August. Photo courtesy People’s Daily China. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine