No longer proxy war, USA is at War with Russia. Call back Trump

“Supporting the USA proxy war in Ukraine is not a necessity. Ending this war is a necessity,” exclaimed Alona Adamovich, humanitarian team lead providing women’s shelters in the Ukraine war zone. Her remarks came after being shown a video of Jens Stoltenberg shrieking hysterically at MEP Clare Daily in the European Parliament.

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told Tucker Carlson the way head is “peace”. The only way to achieve that, PM Orbán  said, is “call back Trump” (video at the end of this article). He was serious.  He said so,  and explained why he believes this.

All the while, some 40,000 NATO troops, are present at Russia’s borders and the Pentagon has called up 8,500 U.S. troops to prepare for ‘shipping out’ to join others in-country as a plan for 50,000 more is in the works.

Over 500,000 Ukrainians have died in the USA-prolonged proxy war that backfired on Ukraine, as America’s NATO continues to push the borders of Russia with military weapons and nuclear tipped missiles.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy says he will force the people of Donbass and Crimea to come back into the Ukraine fold even though Ukraine has banned the Russian language and all these people speak Russian, and, they don’t want to be a part of Ukraine, and have resisted massive shelling and murderous attacks for ten years.

Zelenskyy says he will win. But according to Elka, a teacher  who knew Zelensky from his days in southeast Ukraine, “he does not sound like he believes this, it’s just a talking point in a script for this career actor.”

NATO is deeply embedded in Ukraine with troops and equipment, killing Russians

U.S. Troops are in Ukraine, participating aggressively in the war effort, spotted by humanitarian medical workers. Some American military personnel have told RINJ Women that their units are expected to be expanding as 8,500 soldiers are getting orders to prepare to ‘ship out’. The Pentagon has confirmed this and additionally has said there is the possibility of sending as many as 50,000 troops to Ukraine.

Vadym Skibitsky, Ukraine’s deputy head of military intelligence, has allegedly admitted to the Telegraph newspaper that Washington directly coordinates all HIMARS missile strikes which would include cluster weapons.

“All this undeniably proves that Washington, contrary to White House and Pentagon claims, is directly involved in the conflict in Ukraine,” the RF defence ministry has repeatedly said in the past.

In Crimea, American and British forces have been spotted in the air and on the ground providing direct targeting information to American and Ukrainian forces.

USA Forces working with Georgian troops annoys Kremlin

U.S. Soldiers, Georgia Defense Forces, Türkiye and Multinational Division Southeast, along with allies and partners participate in the opening ceremony of Agile Spirit 2023 in Tbilisi, Georgia, 21 August 2023. “Exercise Agile Spirit 23 is designed to support theater security cooperation and interoperability among NATO allies and partners to improve joint and multinational readiness, scale, and capabilities by exercising rapid mobility and posture combat credible forces across the European theater to the country of Georgia to bolster their defense efforts and deter aggression in the Black Sea region while exercising the enduring U.S. State Partnership Program with the Georgia Army National Guard,” says the 343rd Mobile Public Affairs Detachment. Photo by Spc. Devin McReynolds, 21 August 2023. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine


11 April 2023 BBC story on Pentagon Leaks. The UK is among a number of countries including the United States with military special forces operating inside Ukraine, according to one of dozens of documents leaked online.

“American weapons are strewn across the country as more and more U.S. military personnel take this proxy war to a new level,” suggests Lana, an EMS ambulance driver in Ukraine who travels the country extensively.

“Proxy wars are armed conflicts in which one nation sends resources other than its own military personnel – like weapons, trainers, advisers, surveillance drones, money or even mercenaries – to support another country fighting in a war. This is often done to achieve a political objective, like regime change in another country.

“…Proxy wars allow governments to hurt an adversary without actually declaring war and sending in troops,” wrote Prof.  Monica Duffy Toft, Tufts University in USA weapons in Ukraine – classic case of a proxy war.

American HIMARS missile launch systems, Javelin anti-tank weapons, Abrams tanks, and depleted uranium ammunition, together comprise part of a new $billion worth of support for Ukrainian war fighters including conscripted senior citizens, people with disabilities, men with  mental illness, men caught paying to get out of the country and others found  hiding in their houses.

Video: Ukraine Forced To Mobilize Disabled People Into Army – MEP Clare Daly

“Half a million people have died in Ukraine in the last year,” said Irish MEP Claire Daly at a EU Parliamentary session with NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg, while Kiev resorts to conscripting disabled people into the army having lost 400,000 to 500,000 military personnel.

MEP Clare Daly had Mr. Stoltenberg shrieking at her after she accused him of falsely claiming Ukraine is gaining ground, saying that Kiev is “losing territories”.Ms. Daly insisted the NATO alliance had “let Ukraine down” by not providing a clear pathway to membership in NATO.

“I think it was absolutely obvious that war would break out in Ukraine after we announced in 2008 that Ukraine would become part of NATO . Amazingly, Angela Merkel recently said that she was against the outcome of the Bucharest summit because she understood that for Putin, the decision to make Ukraine part of NATO will be tantamount to a declaration of war,” said John Mearsheimer and American political scientist and professor at the University of Chicago.

Hungarian PM Explains Why Trump might save the world if elected in 2024. “Call back Trump!” he said.