Increasingly apparent, Russia is weak, NATO is a pack of liars

“Humans and Earth itself have no time for more long NATO wars. The environment is deteriorating as temperatures rise and life dies on Earth.”

NATO is the bully.

It is true that if the American secret plan that hopefully only exists within some warped minds, to depopulate the world by 6 billion, the production of greenhouse gasses would be far less of a problem, maybe vanish almost. It’s likely true based on historical data. But the environmental cost of killing six billion people would outweigh any gain is what scientists have calculated.

In summary, the Kissinger plan (National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests (NSSM200) Declassified in 1989.) under U.S. Presidents Nixon and Ford governments proffers four main observations:

“Population growth of foreign nations provides more geopolitical power to them and possible opposition to US interests

“The United States relies on countries being underdeveloped in order to easily obtain their natural resources

“High birth rates result in more younger individuals who oppose established governments like that of the USA.

“American businesses are vulnerable to competition by foreign governments that are compelled to care and provide for their growing populations.”  See: NSSM200

Washington DC allegedly has tried to engineer population reduction within the black communities of America.

But the most extensive estimates suggest the United States has only managed to kill around thirty million in its wars and their aftermath (aftermaths of Agent Orange etc.) and the other military conflicts like Ukraine that America has been involved in (aftermath like mines and cluster munitions) since WWII.

So, that old U.S. depopulation plan didn’t work—America has only killed about 30 million of its fellow humans not counting murders inside America.

NATO Is the Enemy

Worsening earthquakes, horribly massive typhoons and hurricanes, starvation, disease and wars are what will depopulate the world through this process called environment pollution and climate change.

NATO says its wars are going to last a long time. Stay distracted from greenhouse gases to which NATO is the largest contributor.

But climate action is more important for those people who wish to stay alive and have their families prosper and human development prevail.

The global population allegedly nudged 8 billion this year but that is disputed.

The next notable expectation is that Earth’s human population will decline slowly at first then significantly. Developed nations are not producing a replacement value in new births.

Russia $66 billion in 2021 defence spending vs NATO $trillon.

Russia entered Ukraine on 24 February 2022 with the oldest, clopped-out, over-flogged war junk from the 1960s Soviet era having spent $66 billion on defence the year before. NATO spent a $trillion USD.

Russia’s “invasion” looked like a joke. But America and NATO have sworn that Russia is omnipotent and that countries of NATO must spend their money on American and European-made weapons to be ready for this.

The truth is that NATO has welcomed the breakaway from Ukraine of the oppressed ethnic Russians in Luhansk, Donetsk and Crimea and has been working hard to kill off those isolated populations since 2014.

NATO which spent over 1 trillion dollars in 2021 compared to Russia’s $66 billion has repeatedly told the world that  Russia is an imperialistic monster and gave the impression Russia had something like super modern Y3k weapons, and total invincibility.

2021 Russia military spending/defence budget was $65.91B, a 6.8% increase
2020 Russia military spending/defence budget was $61.71B, a 5.35% decline
2019 Russia military spending/defence budget  was $65.20B, a 5.83% increase
2018 Russia military spending/defence budget was $61.61B, a 7.93% decline

*Source: Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)
SIPRI is an independent international institute dedicated to research into conflict, armaments, arms control and disarmament. Established in 1966, SIPRI provides data, analysis and recommendations, based on open sources.

NATO Expenditures

NATO Defence Expenditures in billions of dollars in 2015 prices. Source: American controlled North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), a facade of American hegemony

Above: NATO Equipment Expenditure as a share of defence expenditures, Source: American controlled North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), a facade of American hegemony

Defence spending as a share of GDP. Source: American controlled North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), a facade of American hegemony

Russia turns out to be a weak wet tea bag.

America says Ukraine is winning the war. NATO says Ukraine is making good headway but it needs many more years of war and only then when the war is over, Ukraine can join NATO, says NATO’s outgoing secretary Jens Stoltenberg assuming some people are still alive in Ukraine when the war is over.

Most of these weapons Western populations are forced to buy to give to Ukraine’s corrupt politicians are exploding in Ukraine killing people in Ukraine and destroying Ukraine. An estimated 600,000 Ukrainians, Russians, Brits, Americans, Poles and others have been killed in the war thus far. And America says, “we are winning”.

Obviously “we are winning’. It’s fifty-five countries against one, the nation we all bullied into this war by surrounding it with NATO troops, nuclear missiles and bombers.

In order to be a member of NATO, a country must spend 2% of its GDP (Gross Domestic Product) on weapons from NATO selected vendors. Turkey found that out when it was cancelled from the F-35 project because it purchased an air defence system from Russia. Why? Because it doesn’t work or because the money goes to Russia and not NATO?

Only five nations have achieved NATO’s required funding levels but the other 25 or more are required to spend their $billions with the NATO preferred supplier list. NATO is big business, not about keeping any one person or any thing safe.

The recent attacks on Russia’s Black Sea ports by Great Britain and Ukraine, both with hands-on, indicates Russia as both incompetent in defending against a missile attack against its people, and unprepared to defend against NATO’s weapons.

So why have members of NATO been spending a trillion dollars per year or more getting ready for Russia’s so-called aggression when it had none?

Why are we funding NATO? Answer: It’s suppliers like,



America proved we don't need NATO

RINJ Women, the largest global women’s rights group in the world, is campaigning to end NATO saying that NATO wars harm more mothers and children than combattants.

“NATO has not added to anyone’s safety and has not contributed in any way to a positive human condition.

“NATO is in fact a dangerous warmonger organization which the human race must terminate in this global climate emergency. War is not more important. NATO is not more important than human survival. 

“The U.S. White House has used the NATO organization for its war in Ukraine against ethnic Russians since 2014.” See:NATO must End now. We don’t have time for long NATO wars

America’s Joe Biden proved we don’t need NATO?

“The humans living on Earth now do not have the time to spare for more long NATO wars,” say RINJ Women. The environment is deteriorating as the temperatures rise.  Iraq was more than enough NATO war.  Afghanistan was more than enough NATO war. Boznia-Hersegovina was more than enough NATO war. Serbia was more than enough NATO war. There have been more than enough long NATO wars, the women have been saying for years.

So what have we learned from this Eastern Europe war against Luhansk, Donetsk, Crimea and Russia?

Governments ignore the people (nobody wants war let alone another long NATO war).

Government leaders self-serve the people’s money, making certain elements get very rich regardless if the cost is depriving the population.  (How much does a cabbage cost in Montreal? How much is a loaf of bread in Toronto? What’s the price of a tomato in New York?)

NATO is the enemy, not ethnic Russian-Ukrainians.

Russia is a weak military nation with a bunch of clunker 1950s and 1960s tanks, not this alien-inspired Y3K-technology monster NATO built up in our minds that we need to protect ourselves from. Russia was bullied into rescuing the ethnic Russians in Ukraine that NATO has been killing slowly and with determination using Azov Nazi troops and mercenaries since 2014.

“NATO has been provoking Russia into a confrontation for over thirty-two years, and Russia today is surrounded with NATO troops, missiles and bombers and faces potential obliteration because it is not what NATO claims but instead is a beautiful old country with exquisite architecture, great art and culture, and an old-guy leader (not as ‘old’ as the Biden-thing because nothing is that old and still biologically viable) who thinks he is Jedi Yoda and kills ‘shuutheads’ for being ‘shuutheads’ (Russian pronunciation) . Mr. Putin might—based on mannerisms and appearance—be the actual Jedi Yoda,” suggests Dale Carter, security director for The RINJ Foundation which provides specialized care to women and girls in war zones since 2011.

Vladimir Putin saw a NATO via Ukraine or otherwise attacks on Crimea as a “red-line”

Russia is in an open war with NATO and Russia is now planning its nuclear options. NATO says it is ready to go nuclear.

As the British military, prepares new strikes on Crimea; strikes on the Russian Navy in Sevastopol; and upon military airfields of Crimea, the first long-range missiles from the United States are coming through Poland to Ukraine, to deliver a massive blow to the Crimean bridge according to sources who cannot be named.

Add London to the list of European cities to get a “Tsar Bomba” if it comes to that. Britain missiled the Russian Black Sea fleet HQ and continues its attacks on Crimean and other russian assets in Russia and in the Black Sea.



But Russia, Iran, North Korea and China may have another plan. The chatter is deafening in certain circles.

Is this why Russia seems to be ‘waiting to strike back’?

This would be a good time to stop the war.

Looks like the ladies are right. This would be a good time to end NATO and seek a peace. NATO has neer and will never seek a peace. It’s only mission is to sell weapons for its owners.