China has no choice but to rip the Philippines apart. USA maybe.

Civil Society women have warned Filipinos to evacuate at least Luzon ASAP. Scurrilously shadow-banned by American digital corps., the important message is a valid warning: the American military occupies the Philippines for the purpose of making war on China. China has no choice but to destroy the regions the Americans occupy in the event of a conflict. If that requires nuclear weapons, all of the Philippines’ population is at risk. If it requires only conventional weapons, millions of Filipinos in the affected areas are at risk.

China, a neighbour of the Philippines, considers the American occupation of the Philippines with newest President Ferdinand Marcos’ invitation, to be Philippines’ treachery against China of the highest order and will not spare the Philippines.

“President Xi Jinping seems obsessive in his pursuit at all cost of reuniting China,” says Simon Baldock from Tel Aviv, a security analyst many governments consult. “My suggestion is a warning, not a condemnation. ‘One China’ has global acceptance. Only the Americans interfere,” he added.

Correspondent Sara Qin, in China, says that there is growing hatred for the Philippines and a massive level of support for President Xi Jinping’s threat to unify Taiwan by force if necessary.

American occupation of the Philippines.American occupation of the Philippines. FT Research. New art, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

“This is a matter of principal and a matter of national pride. Most Chinese with family on the Republic of China island of Taiwan say that the majority of people in the island want to be part of China as they always have been, and the rest seek what they describe as a status quo, but none want the war that the Americans are promoting and arming the island in preparation for,” said Ms. Qin shortly before publication time.

“To this day, massive numbers of Chinese are traveling back and forth for personal and business reasons and have family in both locations,” Ms. Qin continued. “There is no reason for Canada and the United Staes to be interfering in our lives. If there must be war to stop the interference, then we will all fight the invaders.” And that is how the people of China are being briefed, all 1.4+ bilion plus their allies and neighbours in Russia, Korea, and around the world.

Americans have no reticence to mass murdering Filipinos or any Asian population according to recorded history of its military activities, especially in Asia. America has done this before so many times, it appears to be habitual.

Late in August as war approaches, the Marcos government made it more difficult for first-time travelers to leave the Philippines. The new rules were announced on 28 August and went into effect on 3 September.

China is about to act and we must all prepare for the reality that women and children suffer most in men’s wars.

What the Americans have done fast and massively in the Philippines is worse than USSR nuclear missiles were in Cuba that caused the Cuban Missile Crisis.

China is also taking military preparations to a new level as thousands of tanks and other large military equipment is shipped to coastal cities ready for transport to Taiwan and the Philippines. See video below.

This September, has seen People’s Liberation Army (PLA) armour units, including tanks and Multiple Launch Rocket System artillery units being transferred to the Fuzhou port area, the closest port on the mainland to China’s Taiwan island.


Canada is not a good destination for evacuating Filipinos because of racism which will become worse as war accelerates.

The Canadian Navy has spent a lot of time and money harassing the Chinese while serving thousands of kilometers from home. The Canadian military is eager to participate with American and Australian forces in starting a war in Asia. Unfortunately for Filipinos, the alliance against China is occupying the Philippines and weaponized Luzon Island with missiles including nuclear weapons capable of reaching any of the China bases in the Spratly islands and the Paracels. There is no reason for threatening the lives of hundreds of millions of Asians except the urging for more money for the American military industrial complex. Nevertheless, war with China is imminent. China clearly intends to defend itself and its interests.

It is now more difficult for civilians to leave the Philippines by Air. You must have a return ticket.

“The Marcos government realizes it created a serious threat to Filipinos, especially those on Luzon Island,” explains Dale Carter, security director for The RINJ Foundation.

“As the American preparations for war with China reach a crescendo, there is concern that those families with the means to leave Luzon will be doing so. And they should. The danger the American occupation brings to the civilian population is very real, even to an extreme, according to military sources in China who certainly don’t want to be identified,” Ms. Carter explained.

“Stymying an exodus.”

“In a press briefing three weeks ago,” explains Karina Angeles, a FIlipino nurse and RINJ Women humanitarian, “Philippines officials clarified that the updated protocols restricting departures from the Philippines would be in force almost immediately as a tool to prevent human trafficking which of course would be a worthwhile goal but human trafficking is an issue that occurs inside the Philippines and the export of humans is largely done by so-called fishing boats, not by extremely expensive air travel of masses of people. It’s not that the Philippines government doesn’t know this, but it is telling lies to suit its purpose of stymying an exodus.”

“Given the nation’s history of migration as well as the vulnerabilities of many of our countrymen, it becomes essential to have well-defined and easily-understandable departure protocols that deter potential traffickers from exploiting vulnerable individuals,” Department of Justice spokesperson Mico Clavano claimed on 28 August.

Why did RINJ Women tell Filipinos to evacuate? War is certain

That message has more urgency now than ever.

Repeatedly horrible Philippines’ government ignore the needs of the population including millions of malnourished children. One after another dynasty enriches itself with population-generated wealth. The recent total sell-out of the Philippines population to American war interests and Manila politicians personal interests are only part of the story.

America now occupies the Philippines exclusively for its own purpose. Theretofore, China had no quarrel with the Philippines and no significant interest in the Philippines islands archipelago.

“If there’s an attack on Taiwan by the Chinese forces, our main goal is to really first look for the welfare of OFWs in Taiwan,” Philippines Defence Secretary Carlito Galvez Jr. said, referring to 150,000 OFWs in Taiwan in mid-April during a Senate inquiry regarding the issues surrounding the Americans promises of defending the Philippines.

Civil Society seeks to prevent war and finds itself at odds with Washington

Every effort is being made among leaders in the organized Civil Society Infrastructure (CCI) to encourage a solution to the issues that lie between China and America plus America’s heavily armed proxy of the apparently weak-minded Taiwan puppet government (Republic of China, an island run by America).

“The Philippines is advised to unequivocally oppose ‘Taiwan independence’ rather than stoking the fire by offering the US access to the military bases near the Taiwan Strait if you care genuinely about the 150,000 OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers in Taiwan),” Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Huang Xilian said in mid-April.

Since then, America has moved massively into some twelve locations in the Philippines and has conducted extensive construction projects to prepare for war with China from the Philippines.

Filipinos did not want America to militarize, control Philippines to prevent USA war on China from reaching USA shores.

For those Filipinos who wish to take the risk that most of the Philippines will not be destroyed with weapons of mass destruction, survival will not be a simple matter. The Islands are extremely vulnerable.

While travel from place to place on Luzon Island can be so rugged that a 100 kilometer distance as the crow flies can take all the daylight hours or more of travel in the mountainous regions, the movement of toxic gas or nuclear radioactive debris can span that distance in less than a quarter of the time, devastating everything in its path.

“Xi Jinping is a ruthless leader who will protect the people of China using all extreme measures at his disposal. Nobody actually knows all that entails except President Xi and a small few of his select leaders. For security reasons, China’s ‘need-to-know’ policies help keep the door shut to American and British spying,” suggested Sara Qin.

The risk of war killing FilipinosImage courtesy of The RINJ Foundation.

Women urged to take their children, leave the Philippines ASAP

New NGOs join evacuation warning for Philippines women, girls

Philippines in bigger risk of war than we first thought


Video: Red Tagging used to get rid of Marcos’ Critics.

“Human rights in the Philippines are so bad the government sold out the Philippines people as cannon fodder for an American war with China, possibly in exchange for personal gain of the Marcos dynasty which is under a 353-million-dollar contempt of court charge for not paying wrongful death claims dating back to the last Marcos dictatorship. That is what many people are saying to me,” nurse Angeles told

“It’s bad enough being an underpaid nurse in the Philippines where all we do is work and die from COVID with no perks, but now we have to watch our little sisters be raped again by Yankee soldiers and care for thousands of fatherless babies? Nurses are leaving the country or leaving the profession.”

A bevy of women’s safety NGOs including now urge women and girls to get their families out of the Philippines to live with family abroad or to get employment far from the Philippines pending-war zone.

America is now occupying nearly a dozen military bases in the Philippines to complete its military arc around China and now Biden’s power-drunk administration intends to go to war with China.

The USA is spending hundreds of billions of dollars today on new nuclear weapons, making war against Russia in Ukraine—a proxy war—Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, the DPRK (North Korea) and China. Those nations are all allied. Now the Pentagon is taking over bases in the Philippines and threatens the peace in the Philippines by setting the country up as a target for North Korean nuclear weapons and China’s military defence.

The North Koreans have already said they will, “attack the American occupiers of the Philippines, in the Philippines.”

The only safe place for women and children in the Philippines is anywhere else far away.

Those families who must stay in the Philippines are being offered advice by civil society on how to shelter in place as The RINJ Foundation women have helped in the past during Typhoons and other disasters.

“Philippines now dragged into a new war,” says human rights defender.

Protesters in the Philippines have been speaking out against the belligerent U.S. military presence in the country. Renato Reyes Jr., the secretary general of Bayan, an alliance of groups in the Philippines is opposed to U.S. militarism. He says that “poor countries like the Philippines” will be “the biggest losers if the conflict escalates between the U.S. and China.”