As well as 500k Ukrainian deaths, Biden also made USA worse

Joe Biden brought homelessness, global war and the Taliban back. USA homelessness  puts women and girls in the worst imaginable dangers of gender-based violence, rape and human slavery.

“The Europe war could have been prevented; the Taliban could have been sent packing; and spending the money released by cancelling two nuclear bombs and their missiles could have given America’s homeless a place to live and pay all at-home-family-specialist women a salary,” said a furious Monique Deslauriers from Calais, Maine. “Donald Trump has explicitly said these things he would have accomplished and will if he is elected. I am not dreaming this up,” Ms. Deslauriers added. She is the USA Executive Director of The RINJ Foundation (USA), a global women’s rights NGO.

Many senior citizens in the United States are homeless. “It’s just a catastrophe. This is the fastest-growing group of people who are homeless,” said Prof. Margot Kushel, a professor of medicine and a vulnerable populations researcher at the University of California at San Francisco, speaking to the Washington Post.

Find help from“USA homelessness  puts women and girls in the worst imaginable dangers of gender-based violence, rape and human slavery,” says NP Monique Deslauriers of RINJ Women.

Homeless? You may qualify for assistance from They say, “If someone you know faces homelessness, or is fleeing a dangerous situation, they may qualify for emergency housing assistance. Learn how to locate and apply for emergency housing vouchers when help is needed.” Photo credit: Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Does Joe Biden really know what has been going on these past few years? Or is the country run by a group of the Biden crew’s ‘Proud Boys’?

Hypocrite Joe
Joe Biden scoffs at critics who say USA should not have pushed NATO to Russia’s borders. Satire, art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

“The average cost of rent, even in high-poverty neighborhoods, is quickly approaching the total income of welfare recipients,” Harvard University’s  Matthew Desmond, an assistant professor of sociology and of social studies has written. “The fundamental issue is this: the high cost of housing is consigning the urban poor to financial ruin.”

Professor Desmond has been accompanying Sheriffs evicting tenants across Milwaukee County,  Wisconsin.

“We are learning,” says Prof. Desmond, “that eviction is a cause, not just a condition, of poverty.”

The world is talking to Afshin Rattansi and other popular syndicated columnists and TV hosts about America’s homelessness crisis.

“Only 25 percent of Americans live in major cities, but 50 percent of people experiencing homelessness are in these areas,” according to the USA National Alliance to end Homelessness.

What does the growing inner city crisis of homelessness look like. Here is Philadelphia


The anger of displaced Americans is taken out every day with guns, knives, theft from stores and general violence like this X-Video: (but we do not know what she is about)