Women NGO in Gaza suggest Palestinians follow Israeli/USA instructions, leave north Gaza to south Gaza

Dehumanizing Palestinian people built normalcy of ethnic cleansing by other names. America’s and Israel’s genocidal narrative opens a door to savage disposal of Palestine. It is happening. The U.N. stopped promoting a two-state solution and its people are being killed along with the Palestinians.

There is no way out. CSO Women have been urging for Ships to evacuate the area. Instead, USA and Israel are slaughtering Palestinians in Gaza.

U.S. Defense Secretary Austin is in Israel as Israel demands that 1.1 million people leave north Gaza to the south.

There is no food, no water, no power, anywhere in Gaza. The Israeli bombardment of civilians continues.

Israel ready to attack. Demands people leave

U.N. says mass relocation of the Palestinians in north Gaza is impossible.

Isolating the Palestinians are Joe Biden’s lap dances with Arab nations incentivising their normalizing relations with Israel despite apartheid against Palestine and irrespective of Israel forcibly evicting Palestinians from their homes they owned since 1948 to make way for Jewish settlers. Money can buy anything?

Hamas calls for an international “Day of Rage” on Friday.

“Against the background of the Swords of Iron war, the Hamas leadership issued a call to all their supporters in the world to hold a ‘Day of Rage’ this coming Friday (13 October), including a call to go out and harm Israelis and Jews. From this it is likely that there will be protest events in various countries around the world, which may develop into violent events,” the Jerusalem Post suggests.

“Over half a million persons are living on the streets of south Gaza, in tunnels, in schools, in friends’ homes, in government buildings, all over Gaza—thousands have been outside this hospital,” explained Ai’sha who is an NWOB nurse in the occupied territories since 2014, now working with Behar Abbasi in three or more hospitals of Gaza doing emergency surgery.

720 Targets in Gaza last night blown to bits720 Targets hit in Gaza night of 12-13 October.

“The lights are out in two hospitals I have worked inside and we are required to carry our own lights. Mine is charged from the sun and it will last a long time but is not strong. I have two of the same kind, both charged. I wear a small bag all the time containing emergency supplies like sponges, gauze, scissors, ethyl alcohol, sterile bandages and so on. Each hospital is in a state of chaos with far too many patients and far too few practitioners. I have two volunteer helpers. Their family in each case is gone. They are my family now. They are the most amazing people but I feel sad. They are covered in blood and we must go a distance to get new scrubs. We will do that in half an hour so I must go. Here is Behar. There is a flashing light on this satellite thing so she better fix that, bye,” said Ai’sha as she rang off.

Thirteen Hostages bombed and Killed

At publication time, the Al-Qassam Brigade announced that thirteen of the Israeli prisoners in Gaza have been killed through the Israeli random bombing of the North Governorate and Gaza during the past 24 hours, where 6 of them were killed in the North Governorate in two separate places, and 7 in Gaza in 3 different locations impacted by the indiscriminate Israeli bombing.