Women, Children dead and dying in the dark streets of Gaza.

“Most searches for bodies in destroyed buildings have stopped as an extreme Israeli bombing with American bombs of an unarmed population continues unabated. No effort is made to spare civilians. Injured people walking and crawling in the streets, lost, are laying down and dying. We are helping where we can,” reports Behar Abbasi from central Gaza where she leads a team of medical workers helping the injured in an open-air triage treating people who do not need a hospital and communicating with EMS where a patient needs to get into one of the remaining hospitals standing.

 Justifying genocide in the name of self defence is forbidden in law

American - Israeli Gaza Genocide Continues

The RINJ Foundation has released what amounts to an ultimatum saying that the murder of 5,000 women and children crosses a red line, urging Palestine’s allies to militarily come to the aid of the 5 million population being slaughtered in Gaza and the West Bank. “In the alternative to a peaceful solution, the allies of Palestine must arm the people and join them using whatever force is necessary to stop the carnage. If we women are to die, we may as will die fighting to live. We have the right to defend ourselves as well.”

Video: American donated White Phosphorous bombs are falling on residential areas of Gaza

As the bombs fall in the greatest volume ever, Gaza is being destroyed past 50% of all standing structures and past 5,000 women and children. Large numbers of severely injured patients flow toward broken or closed hospitals, a global meeting of the largest global women’s rights CSO on Earth addresses the slaughter of women and children in Gaza done by Israel and its allies alleged to be complicit in Gaza Genocide.

1. Three items must be enacted concurrently such that,

i.) the parties to the conflict in the Occupied Territories of Palestine must accept the two-week-old Hamas offer of complete civilian prisoner exchange but now extended to include the addition of all military prisoners of war held by Hamas, without exception and those numbers are believed to be 7,800 Palestinian prisoners held by Israel and over 229 prisoners or more held by Hamas;

ii.) a complete and immediate Ceasefire by the Zionist state of Israel and the parties claiming to act in defence of Palestine; and

iii.) all access to the Occupied Territories must be opened for unfettered flow of foreign aid materials and personnel.

2. All women and girls of the world are urged to join together with the global patriarchy under the good offices of the United Nations and enforce international law including the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide against those countries complicit in the crime of Genocide and other crimes against the Palestinians and in particular Gaza, Palestine.

3. Justifying genocide in the name of self defence is a crime of itself although the larger and inclusive charges have priority. With this in mind, this civil society organization strongly recommends:

i.) that an interim government be assembled by the Palestinian authority as a free and independent sovereign state and that elections be held as soon as possible to replace the interim government with an elected government;

ii.) that Hamas agree now and commence immediately to hand over to the Palestinian Authority all of the mechanics and resources of administration of Gaza and thereafter resign and disband and leave Gaza and that a stay of all proceedings against Hamas be in place for as long as these conditions are met; and

iii.) the UN Secretary General should as soon as possible appoint a commissioner and fund a UN Commission for the oversight and good counsel to the parties in making the immediate interim and eventual transition to a two-state Israel and Palestine solution.

Israel’s Moloch Child Sacrifice Kills 3500 children.

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev wrote on Telegram that Israel’s ground operation in the Gaza Strip will launch a “cycle of mutual violence” for years.

Mr. Medvedev stated that Israel has been delaying its ground operation in Gaza mainly due to pressure from the United States and fear of global outrage but will still go ahead. The operation, he said, will occur with severe and bloody consequences, as “the Moloch always demands new victims, and the cycle of mutual violence will now persist for years.” Note: The Bible strongly condemns practices which are associated with Moloch, practices which appear to have included child sacrifice.

Damascus claims it has been under attack by the Americans from US Aircraft Carrier groups.

The Syrian Oil Ministry has said that the US and its illegal mercenaries are stealing an average of 66,000 barrels of oil per day in Syria, about 80 percent of Syria’s oil production, it says. The prolonged crisis has cost Syria’s oil industry direct and indirect losses of 125 billion US dollars.

The US forces that invaded Syria in 2014 are in control of the main oil and gas fields in Hasakah and Deir Ezzor, assisted by the so called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) labelled as a terrorist group by Damascus, which is comprised of child soldiers dragged out of refugee camps, and the PKK terrorist group which trains the child soldiers in camps across the Middle East and Europe. America has been stealing oil from Syria for many years.

“The ReaperTeam will now take action. Parties to the Gaza Genocide will be arrested, detained and brought to a trial we will convene unless the matter is resolved to the satisfaction of the surviving victims within our deadlines.”