Urging world leaders to demand a ceasefire in Gaza. End Gaza Genocide.

Cease fire now. You only kill mothers and babies. Fighting the Biden model of settler colonization, imperialism, and white supremacy is so old. Americans are being asked by Biden’s handlers in a national address, to pay for more killing weapons in Gaza. That would be complicity in the Gaza genocide.

RINJ Women say “No”. It is time for a cease fire. There are limits to military power. You reached that, America, Britain, Israel: stop killing us ordinary people just because you have all the weapons.

To all world leaders:

Maintaining the status quo in the Israeli vs Palestine relationship will not work. Stop killing; stop the genocide; stop those with complicity in genocide; and start talking outside the current paradigm, please.

New ideas are needed. Israel’s idea of killing women and children in Gaza thinking that will push a capitulation, has not worked, ever.

Injustices and rage are going nowhere. Cease fire, and solve problems, if you can.

If you leaders cannot solve these problems, simply step aside and appoint those who can to get the job done. Thoughtful and sincere delegation is caring and sharing.

This is called Genocide and it must stop.

“Israel has every right to defend itself, but presently Israel is a pariah state slaughtering a race of unarmed children and their mothers using modern weapons committing war crimes against a defenseless population,” say human rights defender  Behar Abbasi from south Gaza who with others, tries to save lives. Join them. Save lives. Cease fire.

It may be true that Hamas had nothing left to do to stop Israel’s very real apartheid over the people in the Occupied Territories, but committing crimes is no less wrong. It is no justification either, Israel saying, “you did it so we can too”. Grow up, men.

Stop killing mothers and babies.

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Urging for an international united front to stop the violence.

The Honourable Celina R. Caesar-Chavannes says what is happening in Gaza is genocide against the Palestinian people.

Everyone says the same thing. “This is genocide.”

If it keeps up, Israel is doomed, and might take the whole world down. Extermination has not worked in 8 decades.  Jews should know that, because what you try was tried on you by Hitler.

Cease fire.

You are welcome to share your ideas at TalkBack.rinj.org

Celina R. Caesar-Chavannes, former member of parliament and parliamentary secretary to the prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau shared her own and her daughter’s viewpoint on the slaughtering of Palestinian civilians by the Netanyahu regime.

You are welcome to share your ideas at TalkBack.rinj.org

Feminine-Perspective from the daughter of Ms. Caesar-Chavannes, who wrote her letter suggesting a new paradigm:

“When you hear about Israel and the resistance being launched by Palestine, remember against all odds the Palestinians are fighting for life, dignity, and freedom. All the while fighting against the United States model of settler colonization, imperialism, capitalism, and white supremacy.

Let it be known that the fight for Palestine is a fight for the imagination that a decolonized and liberated world is possible, that genocide should not be accepted, and that people will always have the liberty of refusal, and the right to resist. Without justice, there will never be peace. Free the land.”

Video below: What has Gaza Genocide Accomplished?
Psychosis and a psychotic delusion of impunity for complicity in genocide.


You are welcome to share your ideas at TalkBack.rinj.org

Cease Fire