Savagery of 7 Oct. is desperation from an open air prison

Fighting with improvised home made weapons, the inmates of the world’s largest jail where 2 million occupants suffer hunger and deprivation are breaking free.

What we are seeing in the Hamas-Israeli War where jailors and their inmates in an island of ruins behave like savages.

by Behar Abbasi in Gaza (Behar has turned down the suggestion of the RINJ Medical Director and entered Gaza to provide health care and surgery support in a bombed hospital.)

The horror of Israel's war on Palestine by those who feel it.

The horror of Israel’s war on Palestine by those who feel it. Author provided image in Gaza. “Years of this has destroyed empathy,” says Medical Director of CSO RINJ Women.

Hamas savagery of 7 Oct. was uncontrolled and was not in fact Hamas in the doing, it was the ordinary young people breaking through the fences in many places following Hamas teams with targeted operations and pouring into Israel to do unskilled, untrained hooliganism with crude weapons. Hamas completely lost control of a raging youth population.


There have been no equal rights for the heavily marginalized rotting Palestinians in their jail held there by the exalted jailor Israelis.

The citizens of Gaza and The West Bank are controlled by the occupying military and treated worse than dirt. Communications, fuel, food, water, electricity are normally cut off from the occupants of the prison known as Gaza since 2007.

The West wants to kill more and backs the sending of an American carrier battle group to help kill the Palestinian people in Gaza.

Israel’s End Game is only Killing

Ethnic cleansing looks like this

Children orphaned by the bombing of their homes. Author provided image in Gaza. “Years of this has destroyed empathy,” says Medical Director of CSO RINJ Women.

The desperation of the people who followed Hamas into Israel showed in their crude methods. Thousands of civilians have been injured on both sides and the slaughter of hundreds of children of all ages is the continuation of Hamas and Israeli war crimes. Sick people doing the ethnic cleansing of over two million people.

Israelis behave like savages killing Palestinians randomly every single day for years because they can with the support of Italy, France, Germany, England and especially the United States. The behaviour of these blood-seeking nations without a word in favour of ceasefire and no hint of peace talks is a signal about the bloodthirsty moody state of the West which is promoting war in Asia against China, in Europe against Russia and war across the world against Muslims.

Concomitantly the less submissive Palestinians are desperately ruthless like a prison inmate with burning anger attacking with his homemade shiv. Crude weapons like those of the Palestinians make a mess. They did that on Saturday.

The probability of widespread war is high as the West’s patriarchy pushes hard for a chance to use its newest weapons.


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