Runaway Genocidal Vengeance, collective punishment of Palestinians for Hamas crimes led by lunatics

“Hamas or Israel it matters not, both are mass murderers of women and children.  Mass killing and forced expulsion of mostly women and children is what we know of Israel’s behaviour. Hamas came up with a resounding attack on Israel doing all the things to Israelis that Israelis have been doing to Palestinians for decades.

Let’s be honest. We were there that day.  We know,” says Moshe Karam a long-time contributor to Feminine-Perspective Magazine.

The Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Galant, promises that Israel’s invasion of the Gaza Strip will be massive, a “deadly attack from land, sea and air.”
But how could it be more deadly than the 2,000 children and 1,200 moms according to 24 hospital statisticians they have already murdered?

The horror on the faces of medical workers

The horror on the faces of medical workers tells the story of how hard it is seeing the most vulnerable of Palestinians bombed by Genocidal lunatics like Yoav Galant and Netanyahu’s other allies. Gaza Doctors must struggle by the light of their smartphones to try and save the life of this child. Photo credit: Behar Abbasi/  Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

“Hamas are religious ‘freaks’ with a hate on for the Jews that has no basis in reality. They cannot even explain their theological disagreements in the religious context. It is pure hatred,” notes Mr. Karam.

Today, the Israelis behave in exactly the same way. It is pure unfettered hatred for Hamas.

Both sides are irrational, and it is hopeless trying to deal with either. Biden and America look like the world’s genocidal clown from a horror film as they pretend to have the situation in control. Netanyahu plays them like a puppeteer.

People like the low tier Austin, Blinken and company who manipulate Biden sound like lunatics in their chatter about how well they are controlling their ‘Ironclad support’ situation, to people on the Netanyahu team.

“The Israelis are laughing,” say women members of The RINJ Foundation close to the information. “I am sure that is not the only impression. That’s the one we hear most often,” suggests Dale Carter of RINJ Women.

Benjamin Netanyahu is an accused criminal with a plea bargain on the table that no judge would ever sign off on and Netanyahu just figured that out last week.

Nevertheless, Netanyahu is becoming a mastermind at building impunity for any level of criminality, and he is on a roll, escalating by the minute. It is doubtful his brother Yoni would have recognized him; he has become so vile.

Dodging prison for serious crimes of exploiting the trappings of power for his own personal gain, Netanyahu must think he is invincible and Godlike.

That makes Benjamin Netanyahu the wrong person to lead a war invasion into a densely populated civilian region of Gaza Strip with consequences for the entire human race.

Biden’s son is better at this than the father but still, Netanyahu has a rope around Joe Biden’s neck and walks him around like a pet penguin that keeps tipping over. Netanyahu flaunts this but ridicules Biden behind his back say the women around Netanyahu.

Netanyahu has gone over to the dark side. He had to in order to stay out of prison. He put the Israeli Supreme Court out of business and claimed sole authority over Israel. Netanyahu has turned his position—whatever name it now has—into a fascist dictatorship, and he could qualify as a leader of Hamas, ISIS or Israel—same tactics, same motivation same bloodthirst.

Netanyahu plays the Biden Administration like a fiddle. All Netanyahu must do is line up the Israeli corporations and other entities to bankroll election campaigns or to deny the support of the past. That’s how democracies work these days.

Votes today are bought en masse and the Democrat Party seems to be more immoral and more corrupt than the Sicilian Mafia. It is so bad that some people within the Party are saying that Joe will run again, “and should he die in office, we are still running the show with the help of a taxidermist and artificial intelligence to replace Joe Biden who has become a nuisance anyway. Every time he comes before a camera and starts shooting his mouth off with lies and tales of beheaded infants that are none of them true and easily challenged, we risk losing the entire gambit.”

Democrats in the White House are spun in their own power juice.

They are struggling to make sure that Biden alive or not is unchallenged in the 2024 election and that the competition is imprisoned and the “team:” stays in power.

More mistakes like these below will likely happen.

Outrageous lie intended to justify Genocide by another name, “retribution”.

Biden handlers are terrified here will be more mistakes like this

Oops. These “first responders” are a couple thousand American special operations soldiers helping the Israelis kill Palestinians one way or another.

The Crime of Genocide

Even if America is only supplying just ‘moral support’, it is still a crime of complicity in a Genocide in all three international statutes that set out the crime. America is deeply implicated in the crime of Genocide. The Genocide does not need to be complete in order to obtain a conviction say lawyers asked about the prospects.

“What has happened to date, bombing civilians; cutting off their food supply, electricity, water and medicine; is the very definition of genocide.

“Scores of Palestinians, mostly innocent women and children are dying every hour as a result of these crimes.”

Let’s look a little closer at Hamas

Hamas are irrational in conversations. Comparing them to ISIS is pure nonsense. The Daesh are perfectly rational. The Iranians are perfectly rational. Both are looking for the same things the Americans, Russians, Chinese want. They want dignity, control over their own destiny, success, prosperity and happy, contented followers. Hamas as a whole is not that way. They can’t get past the hatred and the bloodletting.

It is pointless to try and deal with Hamas. It is surprising that anyone ever did try from any side.

Hamas is a religious movement based on Sunni Islamic fundamentals with an extreme hate for the Jews. They exist to kill Jews.

Hamas is not a national movement; not the leader of Palestine or Gaza; but a dark, evil movement aimed at the destruction of Israel.

Hamas consumed Gaza in 2006 and it has been hell for Palestinians in Gaza, and for Israelis as well, ever since.

Hamas has not brought any value to the Palestinians as FPMag has reported many times with the views of Palestinians backing up that assertion.

Mosab Hassan Yousef, whose father is a founding Hamas leader wrote an interesting book, “Son of Hamas. He claims Hamas has stolen the humanitarian aid funds from the Palestinian people and used those funds for digging tunnels and buying weapons. Hamas is living in the tunnels while the ordinary Palestinian is on the streets, in the courtyards of hospitals and schools getting bombed into oblivion by the pumped up, hate filled Israelis with the exception of the hundreds of thousands demonstrating in favour of Netanyahu’s removal from ‘office’. Organizers say that movement will grow immensely.

Ridding the world of Hamas from Gaza may be possible but it exists across the Middle East as a movement. Its ideology will likely live on somewhere. Their home obviously should never have been in Palestine. Hamas has destroyed Palestine. Hamas could also destroy all its so-called allies.

Killing the Palestinians is of course too easy. They are the captives of Hamas, Women and Kids kept poor by Hamas and by Israel and extremely vulnerable.

The RINJ Foundation has repeatedly asked UN Members for ships to start moving the Palestinians out of the region. The problem is that most people do not understand the crisis and simply pick a side to hate. That does not work. It’s far too complicated to just pick a side. They are all crazy to use a term most understand.

The leadership of Hamas has issued a fatwa. Members may not leave Gaza. They must stay and fight. That’s why the leadership of The RINJ Foundation feels strongly about evacuation of the real Palestinians from the area instead of killing them which is what Israel is doing. It is mind boggling that the Americans and the Israelis are slaughtering women and babies—very sick people who have enjoyed impunity for mass murder for far too long and have thus normalized their murderous propensity.

A plea to the UN Members to help evacuate families from the Palestine – Israeli War Zone


United Nations members, led by the USA, has chosen to kill off the Palestinians when faced with the two options; evacuate and house Palestinians at the risk they may want to migrate, or just leave them to die

Why?  Like King Abdullah of Jordan has said, there is a fear that this could lead to the relocation of the people of Gaza which then in turn destroys the dream of a Palestine state.

But RINJ Women have calculated from the outset that the south of Gaza cannot sustain the people from the north where Hamas is concentrated strategically.

“At least 450,000 persons needed to be evacuated, then, and that is the number we anticipated would accept an invitation to leave. Now that number is over a million and such magnitude is making the selling of that idea near impossible. Nobody wants them,” says Dale Carter, RINJ Women’s security director.

Finding solutions as alternatives to Genocide is not that hard but getting the hostages out and killing off Hamas will cost a lot of blood. That’s why the Palestinians must be evacuated.

While there are a score of women in Gaza delivering women’s services, security staff from the organization’s security contractor and led by a former IDF officer were smuggled into the northern area of Gaza to reconnoiter the realm of Hamas in the context of its imprisonment of kidnapers. This is a very common role for this team. Women and kids are kidnapped all over the world and it is suspected as the number one major crime against women and girls. Most often the victims are sold into slavery. Sometimes they are ransomed.

The team decided that a massive invasion will kill the hostages and thousands of innocents and probably send Netanyahu and company plus Biden and company to prison for life.

The team said the best way ahead and why is as follows.

  1. The caves are rigged to blow at the first sign of trouble. Hostages would be killed.
  2. Give the Hamas what they want in a prisoner exchange for the hostages. Most of the Israeli-held prisoners are illegitimate anyway. Those that are Hamas creeps will be helpful as they get settled into their cave or tunnel creating a visible infrared bread crumb trail for the next step.
  3. Send in American and IDF special operations people to seek and destroy Hamas operations.

The 7 October hostages are held within a maze of underground tunnels about which it is believed no single Hamas person has full knowledge of the routes, access and complexity.

Hamas does not have the full complement of hostages. It is possible about a quarter of the outstanding 222 hostages are held by other religious extremist groups who followed Hamas into Israel on 7 October and did their own thing.

Step (3) is crucially important as an alternative to Netanyahu’s manic invasion with hundreds of thousands of troops. That would be crazy, the team said before leaving Gaza.

America now needs to compel a ceasefire to avoid culpability in Israel’s crimes. With boots on the ground America risks conviction of mass murder in Gaza, over 400 deaths yesterday catching up with Washington DC which is the world’s doghouse at the moment. That’s the deal in Genocide Law. It is called complicity. A CeaseFire is essential to the parties.

Without declaring war on the people of Palestine, America entered Israel militarily and started helping the murderers while funding thousands of mass murders of civilians; shipping bombs; supporting thousands of U.S. troops on hand; and public incitement to commit genocide. The ‘Settlers’ in the West Bank and in East Jerusalem are slaughtering unsuspecting Palestinians in those locations due to this incitement.

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Define the meaning of cowards? Thousands of American military now in Israel to help the Israeli Defence Forces in their fighting against unarmed Palestinian civilians while the President talks up beheaded babies that some 4 billion people on the planet now seem to believe.

American and Israeli lies have built a crescendo for Genocidal Vengeance, collective punishment of Palestinians, and lunatics (Israelis) with nukes threatening the entire Middle East.

Most of the Middle East has shown great restraint and should continue to do that but must firmly overrule the United States and enforce a CeaseFire. By not doing so, leaders risk a dangerous course for the human race.

It is Israel with America’s backing that is killing the babies. Biden is a twisted liar. America will not keep these images away from Americans forever. The courts have them already.

Trigger warning. Badly injured children carried into a declining hospital.


Moments ago, an Israeli Air Force attack on a residential building. See the child playing against the wall to the left.


“While it is no less true the 7 October invasion by Hamas was brutal, the lies told about that day are propaganda aimed at justifying Israel’s continued horrific conduct. Anyone involved in the crimes to date is sure to be compelled to pay. At some point the world population has had enough of your shit, Washington, and Tel Aviv and is about to overrun your impunity for crimes against humanity,” said nurse Ai’sha standing over the bodies of two of her colleagues, talking into a satellite phone.

Even the stories of Kibbutz massacres are not true. The people on the Kibbutz were killed by the IDF, not deliberately but in panic shooting civilians wearing camo pants and firing at terrain masked Hamas fighters and killing civilians in the crossfire. The Hamas would have preferred to have those people as hostages to trade for their people held in prison.

Hamas has offered all the hostages in exchange for all the Palestinians now held hostage by the Israelis.

Do you the reader think you can sort this out?

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