Queen Rania on The butchers of Gaza

“The people all around the Middle East, including in Jordan, we are just shocked and disappointed by the world’s reaction to this catastrophe that is unfolding,” Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan stated.

“In the last couple of weeks, we have seen a glaring double standard in the world.”

“This is the first time in modern history that there is such human suffering, and the world is not even calling for a ceasefire,” Queen Rania emphasized. “The silence is deafening and to many in our region, it makes the Western world complicit.”

 HM Queen Rania of Jordan

File Photo. HM Queen Rania of Jordan. File Photo Credit: Jordanian Royal Hashemite Court. Photo is cropped. Cropping, art: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

“Are we being told that it is wrong to kill an entire family at gunpoint, but it’s okay to shell them to death? There is a glaring double standard here, and it is shocking to the Arab world.”

“Of course I was shocked. Jordan has made its position very clear: we condemn the killing of any civilian, whether Palestinian or Israeli. That is Jordan’s ethical and moral position, and it’s also the position of Islam So this is what we believe are the rules of engagement at a time of war. But they need to apply to everybody.”

“I just want to emphasize that this conflict did not begin on October 7, although it has been portrayed as that.

“This is a 75-year-old story. A story of overwhelming death and displacement to the Palestinian people. It is a story of occupation under an apartheid regime.”

It has been very disappointing to see the double standard in the world today. To see the strong condemnation of what happened on October 7 but very little condemnation of what is happening today. Why isn’t there a call for an immediate ceasefire? We are seeing staggering human suffering happening today. Why is the narrative always skewed towards the Israeli side? The Western media and policymakers are quick to adopt the Israeli narrative.”

“I have never seen a Western official say the sentence, ‘Palestinians have the right to defend themselves.’ We are seeing this even in Western democracies freedom of speech is apparently a universal value, except when you mention Palestine,” she said.

The butchers of Gaza blocking Ceasefire

Two alled criminals are “The Butchers of Gaza” They are blocking a ceasefire and killing thousands of women, children and the elderly in Gaza.

Today American troops in Gaza took a beating from Palestinian defenders in the north as hundreds of bombs were dropped on civilians in south Gaza where Israeli forces have kettled an estimated 650,000 homeless driven from the north and 1,1, million from the south making this the highest human density anywhere on Earth as the bombs and artillery fall on them. Deaths are rising anywhere up to 1,000 per day say hospital workers.

Many hospitals have closed today for lack of fuel, electricity, water, food and medical supplies. The population of the ill civilians is dying.  9,000 Cancer patients are now dying for lack of chemotherapy and medicines. Thousands of kidney patients (dialysis) are going into incipient or full renal failure.