Palestine D-Day to end Occupation was inspired by Gaza girl Israel killed in May 2021

“When men try to kill a little girl they try to kill the soul of all women, a part of humanity all women must protect. I feel it in my heart.”

As Israel uses American weapons to slaughter Palestinians once again in Gaza, there is a consensus among the people. “This is different,” says Dr. Nassima al Amouri who speaks of a dreamed of D-Day that would end apartheid and end the occupation of the Palestinian territories—“a dream of freedom for the Palestinian people,” she said.

By Melissa Hemingway in Ukraine and Micheal John in Toronto

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Interview with a doctor
who saved lives in Gaza, May 2021

FPMag: “For how long has this ‘D-Day’ been in the planning?”

“I am told, the plan was born on 17 May 2021 when Israel killed 263 Gaza civilians incl. 58 Kids, 38 moms to allegedly protect itself and that included the precious little daughter of a nurse whose husband was a surgeon I worked with somtimes,” explained Dr. Nassima al Amouri who is a medical director for The RINJ Foundation.

This visiting surgeon I know who was working in a hospital I worked in got the message that his 4-year old child was killed during the Israeli bombing of Gaza. He was then gone for a few days. When he came back he was not wearing scrubs but carried a rifle. He sat in a chair at the urgent care entrance and carefully protected the patients coming into the hospital. He was weeping quietly some of the time in the days that followed.

“Months later I learned he joined a medical response unit that also supported a passive resistance cell that is opposed to Hamas but in favour of ending apartheid and occupation of the Palestinian territories in concert with the Palestinian Authority. They are about demonstrations not physical violence. Many doctors joined that.”

FPMag: “Are you part of this.”

“No, of course not. I will not have anything to do with making trouble, even just protests, and certainly not violence, but in my heart I support my two colleagues who lost their little girl, their only child. I lost her too. I met the little darling several times and fell in love with the little child and she with me.

“It broke my heart that we had no opportunity to provide care for her and save her life. That’s what we do and when we can’t save the life of a child, everything goes wrong from there. That’s what happened. Heartbreak turned into passion for two or more years. This horror of  oppression lives in my memory. I agree with freedom but I don’t know how to find the freedom people need.

“When Israel assassinated my friend Shireen Abu Akleh I heard her name mentioned by the family as being in heaven with their daughter. It was a sort of consoling thought, that the baby was not alone. They talked about freedom in the honour of their beloved innocent martyrs. I knew that people wanted a big freedom day to happen and also I knew that the people of Gaza were anticipating the sort of ‘D-Day’ that would start the end of occupation and apartheid. But nobody knew when that dream would be. It was just a dream, maybe sent to our hearts and mind from heaven by the little girl.”

FPMag: “Is this why you said you might leave your post in Syria with The RINJ Foundation?”

“Yes but I was not certain. Just itchy feet I guess. Others are leaving here too. They asked me to stay with RINJ Women anywhere I want and said if I wanted the organization would fund me to set up a women’s health care facility in Gaza, so I will gratefully stay on as a Medical Director and set up my office in Gaza some day, hopefully when it is a free state. For now I stay here in Syria.”

FPMag: “You are happy?”

“For myself yes because I will do what Allah has planned for my life, caring for people in Gaza, where in the times I worked there I learned I was most needed, maybe equal to Syria, but events drew my heart to Gaza.”

FPMag: “The little girl?”

Yes. All women are little girls who grew bigger. When demons try to kill a little girl they try to kill part of us—the soul of all women—a part of humanity all women must protect. That’s how I feel but I can’t find words to express the feeling very well. I will go to where I last saw her if I can and fulfill what I could not do for her by caring for all the remaining children.”

The child girl within the woman

‘The child girl within all woman.’ Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

In memory of the children lost to armed conflict all over the world.

A Letter From Heaven
(the artistic work of CJ Heck)

Mommy, Daddy, how I miss you
and I know you’re missing me.
There are windows here in heaven
and every day I look and see

my toys all in the toybox
and my dolls up on the shelf,
but I can’t pull them in my wagon now
nor hold them to myself.

My little rocker’s empty
and your arms feel empty too.
I can see the sadness in your face.
Mommy, Daddy, I love you.

My music box is quiet
but I don’t need to hear it play.
Mommy, Daddy, it’s not needed now,
angels here sing every day!

Please don’t worry that I’m lonely,
there are children everywhere.
We are all His little angels
and there’s so much love up here.

Mommy, Daddy, please don’t cry for me,
heaven’s such a lovely place.
God says you did your very best
and your love shows in my face.

Mommy, Daddy, when you need me
just look up and say a prayer.
I will see you through the windows
and I’ll hear your voice up here.

by CJ Heck Newest Books: “Anatomy of a Poet” and “Bits and Pieces”.