Israel orders evacuation of North Gaza then attacks and kills evacuees, journos too

“America’s support for Israel is ironclad,” said Defence Secretary Austin endorsing with military support heinous war crimes, the worst in modern history, as Israel orders displacement of 1.1 million Palestinians from the north part of Gaza Strip to the south, then sending in troops and also attacking and killing 70 forced migrants and attacking journalists from several outlets.

“Hours ago the Civil Society women’s safety organization RINJ Women  suggested Palestinians follow Israeli/USA instructions to leave north Gaza to south Gaza. Within hours the flood of people from north to south began—the people for whom the challenge was the most daunting because they had children to care for,” explained Dr. Nassima al Amouri, a medical director for The RINJ Foundation.

“Not only did Israel commence a bombardment of the convoys of family vehicles, from the Mediterranean Sea Israel’s Netanyahu also ordered air strikes against the convoys and killed many men, women and children and with the latest deaths, 85 persons lost their lives, according to my nurse Ai’sha working with Behar Abbasi in a Rafah, Gaza hospital with a surgical team of nine that spans five hospitals,” said Dr. Nassima al Amouri in a quivering voice as she explained the latest developments.

When asked if RINJ Women were still recommending the people leave North Gaza, she said, “Yes. Our intelligence inside Tel Aviv is that it will get even worse in the north of Gaza and sheltering in place there does not seem to be an option. We are told that Israel will launch chemical attacks into the tunnels and do other heinous war crimes. We were not told that Israel intended to bomb the convoys they are demanding. Even though the situation in the south is untenable, people would still be alive, we thought. We hold out hope the efforts for a humanitarian corridor and a sea side evacuation will succeed,” Dr. al Amouri said.

“We still pray we could get a hundred thousand families out this way from south Gaza. Many people are saying they will refuse to leave no matter waht and will stay in the hope occupation will end. Our concern is that Israel will kill everyone who stays. We are hoping the Turks will help our sea-side evacuation, at least by escorting some civilian vessels we are lining up,” she said.

War crimes by Britain, America and Israel

War crimes by Britain, America and Israel. Photo submitted by Gaza hospital practitioner  Behar Abbasi . Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

“The United States is the most powerful country in the world.
We can meet our obligations and deliver to many theaters of operations at the same time. We will continue to support Israel the same way we support Ukraine. (He forgot he is also standing ‘Ironclad’ with Philippines against China.) The United States can walk and chew gum at the same time,” says a very strange secretary of defence from the United States overseeing Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Gaza and the West Bank from Tel Aviv.

Israeli Army knocks out of commission a collaborating team of journalists close to the Lebanon/Israel border, Killing one, Reuters videographer Issam Abdallah.

“The Israeli army targeted a group of journalists including Al Jazeera’s crew, a colleague from another agency was killed, and two of our colleagues at Al Jazeera were injured, along with several others,” reported TV journo Ali Hashem late on Friday night.

“Reuters journalists, Thaer Al-Sudani and Maher Nazeh, have sustained injuries, but I cannot get an update from Israel because my friend is not answering her cell, nurse Ai’sha explained when FPMag was finally able to reach one of its publisher’s staff on the ground in the conflict.

Sadly, Al Jazeera faces more attacks on its people since Israel deliberately targeted and killed Shireen Abu Akleh, a thirty year veteran of Al Jazeera.

Al-Jazeera TV, has released information naming the two of its employees, Elie Brakhya and reporter Carmen Joukhadar who were wounded in the Israeli attack.

France’s Agence France-Presse, said two of its journalists also were among the wounded, but the agency has not released names.