Israel is like Iran, slaughtering women and our babies. Women take to the streets.

“Gone but not forgotten are the women and girls Iran has slaughtered for over a year. Now Israel does the same, killing moms and kids in the thousands.

“The Jabilayha (Jabalia)  Refugee camp in Gaza has been leveled to the ground by Israeli bombing with American bombs supplied in scores of regular U.S. military airlift flights,” reports Melissa Hemingway.

The genocide-complicity accused Biden wants more money for wars but met very strong opposition from women protesters who with others dressed in pink and their hands covered in red blood-like coloration reminding the Biden Administration during a Senate hearing that Biden and the other Butchers of Gaza have the blood of thousands of women and children on their hands as their Gaza Genocide continues.

By Melissa Hemingway and Micheal John
Note on bias: FPMag is published by The RINJ Foundation which is a civil society women’s group adamantly opposed to war. RINJ claims that all war impacts women and children more than war harms soldiers fighting the wars.


Genocide-complicity accused U.S. Secretary Blinken and accused U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin are testifying about the White House’s $106 billion national overseas war funding. It includes $14.3 billion to support Israel’s military efforts against Hamas and the citizens of Gaza.

Butchers of Gaza committing Genocide

Original photo, Code Pink member Joselyn.  Photo Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine.

The genocide-complicity accused Blinken and the accused Austin were lobbying a senate acquisitions committee to support their weapons funding package.

  • $61.4 billion for Ukraine’s weapons;
  • $14.3 billion for Israeli weapons and the bombing of Gaza;
  • $2 billion for anti-China warfare; and
  • $10.9 billion for southern border weapons and migrant issues.

Women the world over are furious and called to action against the massive slaughter of women and children in Gaza.

“Israel is murdering thousands of noncombatant women and children because Benjamin Netanyahu backed by Joseph Biden and their sick male governments CAN. They believe they do so with impunity given them by America, Britain, France, Japan and the head of the European Union which like America has become a pariah to the human race,” says Dr. Nassima al Amouri, while making it clear that she is speaking her own opinions.

Photo by FAdi Alwhidi

Medical worker cares with love for a small child rescued from under an Israeli-delivered American-bomb smashing a residential building in Gaza. Smartphone photo by parent Fadi Alwhidi. Photo is cropped. With kindest regards and love for the family,  art, cropping, enhancement done by: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine. 

“Thousands of women and kids are being killed because women and kids have no value to the Western Hegemon. The West ignored the murders of women and girls in Iran and the IRGC  continues to massacre school girls. Figure it out, what we might do next, to stop the murders of women, girls, toddlers and infants in East Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank,” said an angry woman’s rights advocate partner in Tehran, Iran.

“The scum in the White House has set alight a mass murder spree of women and children by telling monstrous lies about beheaded babies; monstrous lies about Hamas putting babies in the oven; lies that Hamas did the killings which  IDF did in several Kibbutz; and cooperating with Netanyahu on a massive false flag operation on 7 October, where an incompetent IDF is responsible for most of the harm,” says Dr. Nassima al Amouri, again making it very clear that she is speaking her own opinions.

“We were there and we don’t believe the phony claims of Netanyahu about 7 October Hamas raids. Most of the deaths were caused by the IDF and IDF false flag impersonators, some of whom were caught at the drug-spree Rave festival in south Israel.”

“Netanyahu, Sunak, Macron, Trudeau, Von der Leyen, Kishida, Blinken, Austin and Biden named in extensive Genocide and Genocide Complicity conspiracy and crime.

“Netanyahu, Sunak, Macron, Trudeau, Von der Leyen, Kishida, Blinken, Austin and that empty-suit fool, Joseph Biden are using lies to claim impunity for being complicit in a massive genocide involving the mass murder of women and children in the thousands, aiming at millions of casualties in the long run and the complete eradication of their race in Palestine. Not only is this irrational and unthinkable, it is ghoulish. These psychopaths have blood on their hands and they must not remain free. Whatever it takes to stop these people killing women and children, must be done,” says Dr. Nassima al Amouri, noting that she is speaking her own opinion.

Don't be silent about murdered children

“Be quiet when children sleep, but raise hell when children are being murdered and do whatever it takes to stop their slaughter,” say RINJ Women.


Editorial note: While Dr. al Amouri says she speaks for herself, nevertheless three other RINJ Women directors including Behar Abbasi in Gaza who is replaced in Tehran by Dr. al Amouri during the Gaza medical crisis (There are 50,000 babies to be delivered one way or the other in Gaza and RINJ Women field workers are also midwives.) say that they have adopted the same views as Dr. Nassima although women around the world are instructed to avoid any form of violence and that there are trained professionals available to provide security once requested and properly planned.

These scum in the West’s patriarchal human femicide and human infanticide conspiracies need to realize that they have infuriated all the women in the world and we are very busy encouraging massive peaceful demonstrations taking to the streets in the most global and powerful groundswell of ordinary women and girls to congregate, ever, in human history. We now openly take action in a peaceful spirit as the patriarchal accused criminals running certain countries in the West send violent men in uniforms to hurt demonstrators,” she continued explaining she has just finished a meeting in Tehran with the militant women groups organized by Behar Abbasi who are part of a human rights for women and girls movement in Iran. Many of these women and girls have been killed by the Islamic Republic of Iran in the pursuit of their legitimate rights.

“The American and Israeli patriarchies that think they can slaughter women and children, are messing with the same women and girls who stood against IRGC terrorists in Iran, even to the death, and have defied to this day their most recent murders. Slaughterers of school girls kill kids over the right to wear whatever headgear we want,” she added, “but Israelis don’t utter any excuse for their murders of children in the thousands and they don’t even spell out their objectives, saying only they plan to keep killing in the same manner for many months ahead,” said Dr. al Amouri who speaks in a very calm and steady voice with clear resolve.

“So Israel wants to slaughter school girls and women too, just like Iran? Going for broke by murdering infants, toddlers and the elderly too? They must be stopped. It’s not a matter of Palestine’s existence, why do we need Israel? All it does is murder and mayhem. Palestinians are peaceful.”

Gen Z school girrls call liar on Iran leadership

Gone but not forgotten are the women and girls Iran has been slaughtering. Now Israel is doing the same. Photo Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

“We will come with more people and if needed will come armed and capable of protecting ourselves because that is our right. Peaceful demonstrations will soon be protected by hired armed guards where there is a history of state-sponsored violence toward women protestors,” Dr. al Amouri continued.

“Men who murder women and children should not be free. The Quran says they should not be alive.

“Over 1,399 children in Gaza are missing, 3,400 were killed along with thousands of their mothers. There is something very wrong with a world that cheers and funds that kind of human femicide and human infanticide.”

Israeli Rabbi says that the Women and Children and everyone must be killed as the holy books of Judaism demands.

Israeli Rabbi says that the Women and Children and everyone must be killed as the holy books of Judaism demands.

In a peculiar development. Yemen has declared war on Israel. This could well be an Iranian Proxy situation.

Yemeni Armed Forces spokesman, Brigadier General Yahya Sari, announced the declaration of war on Israel: “[Translated from In response to the demands of our Yemeni people and the demands of free peoples to assist our oppressed people in Gaza, it was necessary for the Yemeni Armed Forces to fulfill its duty by trusting in God and winning victory over the historical oppression of the dear Palestinian people. With the help of the Almighty, our armed forces launched a large batch of ballistic and cruise missiles, as well as a large number of drones, against various Israeli enemy targets in the occupied territories.