Israel Declares war on Palestine Occupied Territories

A united Palestine Resistance attack to end Israel’s Occupation of Palestine has earned the wrath of the right-wing extremist government of Israel and the response is war on the Palestinians in Gaza.

Extremely well planned and coordinated Resistance Action

The Palestine Resistance Movement has said it will continue its attack in an effort to end the Israeli Occupation of Palestine Territories.

After months of Israel’s forced resettlement of Palestinian homes and random killings of Palestinians, Hamas and the resistance struck back Saturday morning killing some 100 Israelis and wounding hundreds more.

Truth: Israel suffers extreme humiliation as coordinated attack succeeds in installing 24 Resistance commando groups inside Israel and a demand to end Apartheid and end Occupation of Palestine. Resistance against Occupiers Continues despite Israel and USA extreme retaliation.

Video: Palestine resistance soldiers have launched attacks in 24 areas of Israel.

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In an unprecedented move, the ‘Palestinian Resistance in Gaza‘ launched a major attack on Israel. Sources in the resistance say that the attack is a response to the Israeli army and settlers’ violence in the West Bank.

Retaliating against Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s massive aggression against the occupied territories of Palestine the Palestine Resistance led by Hamas has struck back.

Starting Saturday morning local time Palestine Commandos launched a brutal attack on Israel using homemade rockets and flimsy parasail vehicles as pickup trucks full of uniformed soldiers breached IDF security and entered Israel launching attacks on Israeli Defence Forces checkpoints.

Attack to end apartheid

Saturday night, a fascist Israeli government is smashing Occupied Territories with warplane attacks on Gaza infrastructure, apt. bldgs and more. Palestine’s Gaza Resistance commandos supported by Hamas have infiltrated Israel in 24 locations with 300 uniformed troops and are still inside Israel. The Palestine Resistance Movement has said it will continue its attacks. Israel has declared war and is attacking civilians in Occupied Gaza. Iran has protested Israel’s Occupation and vows to take action.

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