Help needed. Get the boats to Gaza and get all civilians out.

“We need an American or EU hospital ship à toute vitesse.”

The RINJ Women in Gaza are pleading with the world to get their boats to Gaza and get the noncombatants out.

“The message,” says Katie Alsop, executive Director of The RINJ Foundation,  “is that occupation and apartheid must end in Palestine. Emphatically, Hamas must end too. These psychopaths have overstepped the line of freedom fighters and their psychopathy is showing,” she said emotionlessly after security analysts showed Simon Baldock’s video footage from a tour of failed humanity rampaging with new weapons in its fallen and depraved state in southern parts of Israel on Saturday morning.

Brutality continues

Photo credit: Moshe Karam. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Hamas says its brutality will continue.

The RINJ Foundation‘s security team urges all Hamas fighters to lay down their arms. At this point, those who don’t will likely be put to death one way or the other according to Israeli politicians screaming for Hamas deaths. The crime level many perpetrators have reached carry life imprisonment penalties at the least. Israel will be guilty of the same crimes if it does not assist and does not request from UN Partners significant evacuation resources suitable for getting the civilians out of Palestine. That will be a sizeable task.

“Hamas has no support anywhere, not even from Palestinians, even those most terrified by Hamas. Here is an Israeli family in captivity. But that is not what worries us the most. We cannot possibly show anyone the horror that we have filmed,” says Dale Carter, RINJ Women’s security director.

RINJ Foundation staff in Tel Aviv have conducted an analysis of the Hamas attacks in the south including parasail attackers at an outdoor festival and then traveled again to the north and exit into Syria and made their way to a humanitarian home base in Deir Ezzor governorate where decision making colleagues awaited.

Video and other evidence of crimes against humanity including American military shell casings from 7.62 rounds used to kill civilians which a cursory analysis suggests came from Ukraine via corrupt operators in that country but were in the hands of Hamas militants inside Israel, some of whom became deceased and their weapons confiscated as evidence while they were spotted in the act of killing civilians, during the investigation, slightly before midday on 7 October 2023.

Members in the real Palestine resistance say the struggle will not end; and slaughtering the civilians and destroying their meagre homes in the occupied territories is not a solution, but that is what is happening. They must be advised to leave the Palestine Territories and provided with the means to accomplish that evacuation.

The team that left Tel Aviv included security operators who were given information about coming events that asure humanitarians evacuation of patients to safe places around the Mediterranean is indicated.

Evacuation of non-combatants in Gaza and from all the occupied territories is currently indicated. Palestinians can no longer make their bed alongside Hamas.

Women in Gaza including three nurses who have remained in Gaza since May 2021 and before that time working in Jerusalem, are saying that the Palestinians have no future alongside Hamas.

Dr. Nassima al Amour who has spent a lot of time providing care in Gaza and the West Bank over the past ten years, confirms that “we are not  sending people in, we are getting people out.”

“Under no circumstances this time can we do anything that would be interpreted in our own minds as backing those animals from Hamas or being anywhere near them. They have crossed the line of being animal beasts. There is nothing admirable about slaughtering civilians. They will go to hell, but not soon enough for me.

“We are sending busses into Gaza’s hospitals to take out patients from Gaza and into Egypt. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. A few hundred thousand mostly women, children, the elderly and the infirmed must be evacuated, I will explain how we do it, after this is done. We have done this before. Our theory is that we must not go into Gaza to help but we can assist the evacuation of patients, especially children. That is what we have decided and that is firmed up with our patrons who are adamantly supportive.”

“Neither side, the Hamas and the Israelis are behaving like humans. The former are barbaric bloodthirsty animals and the Israelis, the people who murdered Shireen Abu Akleh, are not much different. The Palestine Resistance needs to wash its hands of Hamas psychopaths.

“Humanitarians must struggle to get the civilians out of Palestine. It has come to that. We think that the Palestine Authority is corrupt and hopelessly inept. For as long as Hamas is part of the deal, there is no Palestine,” Nassima said.

“We need an American or EU hospital ship à toute vitesse,” explains Ms. Alsop.

US Navy heads to Israel
Aircraft Carrier Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78), cruiser Normandy (CG-60), as well as several destroyers including McFaul (DDG-74) and Thomas Hudner (DDG-116) are headed to Israel. “A hospital ship is needed to evacuate civilians too,” say CSO humanitarian women.