Gaza crisis updates, Oct 12. Israel knew in advance about the Hamas attack

The mayor of the Israeli city of Sderot has issued a statement calling for the complete evacuation of its 30,000 residents. The Mayor might not want to hear the latest intel that suggests the Netanyahu government and the Americans knew full well the Hamas attack was impending due to information collected by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency over a period of time; information collected by the Israeli intelligence services; and similar information collected by the Egyptian intelligence agency.

There has been considerable criticism of the Netanyahu government suggesting was incompetently unprepared and uninformed  about Saturday’s highly coordinated and successful Hamas attack that took a long time to prepare. Some people opposite the Israeli government are disbelieving. Nobody noticed the huge number of parasailing troops learning their new trade craft or the thousands of tons of weapons pouring into Gaza?

Conclude that Israel has been seeking a justification to exterminate Palestine or something along those lines. America is building the  public acceptance with a massive media propaganda campaign making sure the right catch phrases are used by everyone. But it’s too obvious.

The behaviour of many persons entering Israel in the early hours of 7 October was atrocious. Some Hamas members are now saying they don’t know them. Were they planted invaders instructed to generate images and videos of horrific cruelty and then disseminate their videos on social media. Why in hell would anyone want videos of their mugs in the process of committing terrible crimes? That was their mission, with impunity.

Hamas entered Israel and scores of other persons followed them in by climbing through the ready made holes in the fence. It looked like a CIA operation with many planted operatives.

Halevi knew the attack was comingMoshe Karem reports from Tel Aviv, Israel that the Chief of Staff of the Israeli Army, Herzi Halevi, and some members of the IDF General Staff, held telephone consultations several hours before the Hamas attack in the early hours of 7 October, maybe late on the 6th of October. In this handout picture, IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi speaks to officers at the Southern Command base in Beersheba, 11 October 2023. Photo credit: Israel Defense Forces

Many questions remain outstanding about Israel’s priod knowledge of the pending attack and why it ignored warnings

Numerous pieces of information breaking free
from previously sealed lips suggests at first the Netanyahu government feigned disbelief of the CIA intelligence but now, the consensus is that Netanyahu and his military commanders buried the information and prepared to conduct a massive siege of Gaza and the West Bank. The Israelis and the Americans insist the massive number of civilians deaths among women and children is because the Hamas use people as human shields but according to the people, they don’t know anyone from Hamas but they support the concept of ending occupation and apartheid.

Egypt gave Israel the same warnings. “We know that Egypt warned the Israelis three days prior that an event like this could happen,” Michael McCaul, a Republican, told reporters on Wednesday.

Meanwhile some 500,000 Israeli troops backed by America are preparing to make a naval, air, armour and infantry attack on Gaza.This will likely end Gaza say many locals, according to Behar Abbasi from Gaza.

“This massive invasion of course cannot happen without killing more Palestinian women and children, but Israel doe snot seem to care. The people have been prepped for the end of Palestine, or the end of occupation.” she said.

Peculiarly, the reception for an evacuation plan or humanitarian corridor for Gaza has been cold.

The RINJ Foundation has been urging UN members support humanitarians with a hospital ship and passenger evacuation vessels to remove some 400,000 persons from the south of Israel and Gaza.

Peculiarly, there has been little to no criticism of the siege of Gaza civilians. That is a serious war crime, but none of America, Italy, France, England or Germany are speaking out or withholding their support for the slaughter of Palestinian civilians. The slaughter continues. Not a word. They support the genocide that is planned for the Palestine Territories. Civil Society human rights defenders have been screaming for an evacuation, testing the intelligence—ignored.



Joint statementThis letter is peculiar. It ignores the plight of he Palestinian people.

The choice words are “democracy”, “terrorists” and “justification”. That relies on a belief that the public has no inkling that Israel is the pariah state oppressing the Palestinians. The horrible pictures seen on Saturday have been suppressed in the past because those past crimes were done by the Israelis.

Al Jazeera’s Shireen Abu Akleh used to tell the world about those atrocities, so the Israelis murdered her.

The behaviour of the United States has been peculiar. America knew well in advance that Hamas was planning something big very soon using weapons like those  acquired by Iranians on the black market in Ukraine operated also by Iranians..

The U.N. Secretary general sounds like his script was written by the White House. Never before has the U.N. looked past the Palestinian cause. Nine United Nations staff members have been killed by Israeli airstrikes in Gaza since Saturday, the UN’s agency for Palestinian refugees confirmed Wednesday. But the U.N is sticking to the American script. Smell a rat?

Gaza is being blown to bits.


Elena Panina, director of the Institute for International Strategic Studies commented “…we must understand that, at a minimum, without the implementation of UN resolutions on the creation of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders with its capital in East Jerusalem, no lasting peace in the region is possible. This position is shared by Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, as well as the League of Arab States,” she said.

“The situation today is such that Israel is now going to go all-in wiping out any hint of Palestinian statehood and clear out their remaining territories.

“This position of Tel Aviv and Washington puts the entire Middle East on the brink of a big war—with the risk of destruction, including the Jewish state itself,” she said.

Gaza on 12 October 2023 – Photo Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Moshe Karem reports from Israel that the Chief of Staff of the Israeli Army, Herzi Halevi, and some of the IDF generals, members of the General Staff, held telephone consultations several hours before the Hamas attack in the early hours of 7 October, maybe late on the 6th of October.

Mr. Karem’s source alleges these IDF officers knew about the imminent  attacks. They allowed Hamas to enter Israel, not expecting a significant attack, assuming that the event would later provide justification to destroy both Hamas and Palestine.

The current illegal siege of of Gaza supports this information.

General Halevi has not admitted to this information but a source previously exposing intelligence  about the source of American Javelin and other weapons in the hands of Hamas operators, at publication time, said it was possible to confirm that the CIA knew of the black market transfer of the weapons to Hamas via Iranian actors who had access to the weapons in Ukraine’s black market, or indirectly via Russian traders of the weapons, but certainly nothing to do with Kiev. It was further confirmed that the Israelis were fully informed by the USA of this transfer of weapons to Hamas by Iran in plenty of time to take preemptive action.

Why is accountability for alleged war crimes so hard to achieve in the Israel-Palestinian conflict?

“Nothing Hamas or Israel has done is strange to the Israel / Hamas conflict. The Israeli defence forces murdered Shireen abu Akleh without any cause except to silence her truth telling,” exclaimed Behar Abbasi who is a renowned human rights defender in the Middle East and also a scribe for Feminine-Perspective Magazine.

“The deprivation of food, water, medicine, power and fuel as a punishment of a population for what the non-state entity Hamas has been doing of its own independent agenda is a war crime,” says Behar.

“The bombing of residential neighborhoods and residential apartment buildings is also a war crime. This has been going on for decades. It’s nothing new.

“But this is the first time the Hamas has effectively delivered a coordinated attack with significant weapons including tank breaking missiles and anti-aircraft weapons plus good quality assault rifles all acquired from the Americans through Ukraine. The same weapons have been seen in Syria in the hands of Jihadists. That attack has Israel reeling,” Behar noted.

“We need to get the message out that the hospitals here are shutting down because of having no fuel and no supplies. Patients on dialysis are being moved to hospitals that still have fuel for their generators but this will not last.”

Israel has struck the Syrian airports of Damascus and Aleppo

Violent explosions from suspected Israeli strikes rocked airports in Damascus and Aleppo on Thursday as Iran’s foreign minister was set to visit Syria amid fear of a wider war in the region.  Airports in both cities were out of service following the attacks, Syria’s Al-Watan news outlet reported.

Israel has attacked Syrian Airports in Aleppo and Damascus

“Listening to Israel’s president talking about the empire of evil in Gaza is a little worrisome because this adds a religious dimension to a war,” suggests Behar Abbasi from Gaza. “I haven’t seen angels or demons, only psychopaths with guns, flame throwers and missiles.”

“Barbarians of Hamas, is how Benjamin Netanyahu describes his enemy as he claims that each person of Hamas will be killed,” he added.

The special envoy of the Chinese Government on the Middle East Issue, Zhai Jun, spoke on the phone with an official from the Egyptian Foreign Ministry over the situation between Palestine and Israel, saying “China rejects and condemns acts that harm civilians and called for an immediate ceasefire.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz, an opposition leader and former defence minister, announced on Wednesday the formation of “an emergency unity government” amid the fierce conflict between Israel and Gaza’s ruling faction Hamas.

At least 25 Americans have been killed in Israel as the Israel-Hamas conflict continues, according to the US State Department on Wednesday. It is unclear how many Americans are among those missing or might have been taken hostage, it added.

United States Could Be Behind Hamas Weapons

The reason why Israel is shocked at the Hamas response to Israel’s apartheid and brutal occupation of the Palestine Territories is that thus far, Israel got away with its own crimes. Hamas has never in the past been able to mount a significant offensive.

That changed with the acquisition of American anti-tank and antiaircraft missiles, confirmed by a number of sources, as coming from the inventories shipped to Ukraine and now being distributed around the world via the black market. It is improbable that the USA would not be aware of this at least within the Central Intelligence Agency which has a good foothold in the international black market for weapons, suggested Simon Baldock, a Tel Aviv based security analyst.