Forever war. Putin leader of Russians in all former Soviet regions

“For as long as NATO surrounds Russia and Russia’s allies, there will forever be war,” says top Ukrainian human rights defender.

“America’s plan for regime change in Russia includes maintaining a stalemate war in Ukraine which is already displacing some 20 millions of people, most leaving Ukraine, and killing hundreds of thousands in a total stalemate,” complains Alona Adamovich, a hard-working Ukrainian human rights defender and a director of The RINJ Foundation a global civil society women’s rights group that historically operates women’s shelters, birthing clinics and special needs services like rape clinics for women and girls in war zones.

“Currently in Ukraine we have 850 local women volunteers and a dwindling number of RINJ Women Overseas Foreign Workers. While the number of OFWs are reduced, very senior trainers have been brought into my country and into the Donbass during the summer from other countries to upgrade the training and certification of our top tier of local practitioners and workers,” explains Ms. Adamovich. “The leaders’ skills represent over 600 person-years of war zone experience,” she added.

“We have cut OFW staff out of the need to get the Canadians out of the country because of the current crisis in Canada over the country’s government support for Neo-Nazis and WWII Nazi war criminals,” she added. “These workers are in grave danger despite our efforts to assuage concerns on where we stand. We say publicly and privately, “Forgive deluded exaltation in Parliament of the Waffen SS but do not forgive Nazis. Nevertheless people on all sides are upset at Canadians here, mostly in my opinion out of complete ignorance and propaganda too,” notes Ms. Adamovich.

“This war must end within months or else Ukraine will cease to exist, win or lose—we don’t have any people left—and also the risk of global nuclear war could soon be realized if war continues and a nuclear mishap occurs,” she added.

NATO‘s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg says America’s push to enlarge its NATO group to include Ukraine was the real cause of the eastern Europe war that is now including over 55 countries versus Russia—by definition, an incipient World War.

“The background was that President Putin declared in the autumn of 2021, and actually sent a draft treaty that they wanted NATO to sign, to promise no more NATO enlargement. That was what he sent us. And was a precondition to not invade Ukraine. Of course, we didn’t sign that.

“The opposite happened. He wanted us to sign that promise, never to enlarge NATO. He wanted us to remove our military infrastructure in all Allies that have joined NATO since 1997, meaning half of NATO, all the Central and Eastern Europe, we should remove NATO from that part of our Alliance, introducing some kind of B, or second-class membership. We rejected that.

“So, he [President Putin] went to war to prevent NATO, more NATO, close to his borders. He has got the exact opposite.”

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs agrees America and NATO provoked this war.

“Economist and foreign policy expert Jeffrey Sachs, director of Columbia University’s Center for Sustainable Development, has long argued that Russia’s hostility toward Ukraine was provoked by the U.S. vis-à-vis pushes for NATO expansion, military interventions, and other forms of meddling,” citing The Jurist’s June 2023 Interview.

Ukraine tanks assault civilians in DOnetsk and Luhansk regions

Ukrainian tanks in clusters all along the the ‘contact line’ of Donetsk preparing for invasion of the Donetsk and Luhansk Republics on 24 January 2022. Russia’s military operation into Ukraine preempted a 70,000-strong allied troops invasion of Donetsk and Luhansk republics. Analysts are now saying that internal politics in America compelled Biden to try to force Russia to rescue the allied nations of Donetsk and Luhansk, which had been under NATO attack for eight years. Photo Credit: Source Supplied. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Extraordinary new October interview of U.S. Marine Intelligence Officer Scott Ritter by Cyrus Janssen.

Video: Watch below without being tracked or watch on Youtube.

0:00 – Video Intro by Cyrus Janssen.
1:55 – Welcome Scott Ritter
2:15 – Why the War Didn’t Start in 2022
3:25 – US Ambassador Warns of Russian War
4:12 – How the Conflict Began in 1942
7:26 – If Putin Withdraws Will This Conflict End?
9:00 – Putin’s Controversial Speech
13:55 – The Minsk Accords
15:00 – Did Russia Try to End the War?
18:10 – Why Russia Invaded Ukraine
21:05 – Why a Neutral Ukraine is Key to Peace
24:46 – Will there be a DMZ in Ukraine?
29:40 – Is America’s Investment in Ukraine a Goof Thing?
31:50 – Is America Only Spending 5% of Military Budget?
35:05 – Is America Ukraine’s Friend?
38:02 – When will the Ukraine War End?
40:32 – Problems with Ukrainian Refugees

Global women’s group warns members to stock emergency supplies of foodstuffs and medicine, prepare for global war and other disasters.

Two years ago, the global women’s rights and women’s safety Civil Society Organization  RINJ Women warned families to make an emergency plan for earthquakes, typhoons, fires, and war.

“Today British and American troops are seen moving into the Ukraine War zone and America has militarily occupied the Philippines in order to surround CHina and go to war with the Chinese people,” says Katie Alsop, executive director of RINJ Women.

“Today, in coming home from another round of travels, I can only say that the situation has become worse. We are on a precarious slope toward world war. Hopefully people will demand that politicians refrain from their jingoism and war moves and seek peace, allowing humans to focus on the many natural disasters—political leaders avoid from their lavish bunkers—and climate crisis.”