Does anybody have the guts to stop the Gaza femicide and infanticide?

This is Genocide. U.S. and Israeli troops were beaten out of Gaza by Hamas overnight for the third time, each occasion taking serious casualties. Some U.S. and Israeli forces reentered and have been seen in a bivouac with their tanks encircling the seemingly cowering armed personnel as bombs slaughtered Palestinians elsewhere.

Israel is mass murdering women and children and killing hostages with American bombs; starvation; denial of water; bombing of hospitals, schools and shelters; denial of communications; denial of power; and forced relocation; and the families of Palestinians located outside Gaza are being killed.

Hamas bureaucratic sources associated with the health department say scores of hostages have been killed with Israeli or American penetration bombs used against the Hamas tunnels. These officials are among the few that are trusted but their sources are not trusted. None of this is verified but the damage done by overnight bombing is nearly overwhelming for civilians.

Collective punishment of women and children

“Collective punishment of women & kids for Hamas acts of resistance to the Israeli oppressive occupation, is criminal conduct. Use whatever force is needed to stop the crime. That’s the law,” say various legal experts when asked about intervention. Photo Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

“The United States and Israel are liars, murderers, and are guilty of Genocide and a number of other crimes. Isn’t the world tired of this, yet?” asks frustrated Axis diplomats along with the Palestinian Ambassador to the United Nations.

“9,000 Cancer Gaza patients are dying; 130 babies in incubators will die because the power is shut off to their incubators; Children on ventilators will die as the last of the power shuts down; the 13,800 injured women and children need immediate care but the hospitals are being shut down. Think: an 11-year old child would have been through four major bombing attacks,” say Behar and Ai’sha, two medical workers speaking at once on a single Sat-Phone from Gaza. They are part of a team of medical workers helping the injured in an open-air triage treating people who do not need a hospital and communicating with EMS where a patient needs to be escalated into one of the remaining hospitals standing. This service is needed because all communications, telephone landline, smartphone, radio communications are all suppressed by the Israeli and American military services from the Mediterranean side and from the land side.

Hundreds of thousands of women and children are at risk of death from disease, starvation and dehydration.

Clearly this is a Gaza Genocide What can the human race do?

“The presence of American and Israelis are contraindicated in the context of humankind. Because of their general attitude in terms of racism and their own intrinsic zero value of human life sets them out as unfit neighbours anywhere. Their gain of function pandemic diseases, weapons, and their killings do not belong anywhere, unless confined to their own home,” suggests Dale Carter of The RINJ Foundation.

“The world must send Americans home.”

“America is sending more military assets into the Middle East and threatening everyone. It is time for America to leave the Middle East and the rest of the world it intrudes upon and go home,” said Ms. Carter, RINJ Women security director.

We asked Ms. Carter about nonviolent affirmative action.

There are options to violent retaliation

Reject all USA military bases: All countries should immediately deport Americans including soldiers and take over or dismantle their military bases.

Reject all American and Israeli Embassies and expel all foreign nationals from your countries.

Boycott America. Remove all American-made products from the shelves or sell them at 5% of the dollar and give the people a break. Send the bill to the American supplier.

DDOS America and Israel. We know there are millions of script kiddies who know how.


Israel’s Moloch Child Sacrifice Kills 3500 children and rising.