As Washington expands its chaos and violence abroad, US citizens become more violent too. Part 1

The United states of America is second only to Nazi Germany in the numbers of civilians it has mass murdered outside its own territory. Is that why America is, internally, the most violent country on Earth?

“The USA is more violent than Somalia is today,” says Geraldine Frisque, spokesperson for The RINJ Foundation, a global civil society women’s rights group that historically operates women’s shelters, birthing clinics and special needs services like rape clinics for women and girls in war zones.

Since Biden took office, America has been drowning in utter chaos, crime and war.

U.S. health policy failure.

On 29 March 2023, a new UCLA research reveals that the U.S. has substantially higher death rates at all but the oldest age groups than five similarly high-income European countries.

“The mortality gap widened during the pandemic, but not just due to the U.S. handling of the crisis, mortality from COVID-19,” UCLA sociologist Patrick Heuveline who conducted the study said.

“The chronic toll of excess deaths [in the United States] due to causes other than COVID-19 continued to increase as well, further demonstrating the U.S. health policy failure to integrate the social, psychological and economic dimensions of health, from a weak social security net and lack of health care access for all to poor health behaviors,” said Professor Heuveline.

Chronic Political and leadership Failures

Washington DC is falling apart in total chaos as it promotes massive numbers of deaths in many places around the world, particularly in Ukraine and in the ASEAN nations where America has occupied the unwitting Philippines where the least intelligent kid of the brutal Dictator Ferdinand Marcos has used social media trolls and lies and the Duterte regime to gain control despite having zero experience.

The fall of the United States seems to be directly proportional to its level of mayhem caused around the world.

America now occupies the Philippines militarily in order to wage war on China in the hope of curtailing China and other developing nations which are becoming more powerful economically than the United States.

In Ukraine, humanitarians in the country estimate a total number of deaths at more than 600,000 persons and the United Nations suggests that 90% of war time casualties are civilians.

The violence that has opened up in Afghanistan with America’s haphazard retreat from the Taliban on 30 August 2021 has caused the slaughter of a yet unknown number of persons formerly loyal to the United States but left behind to suffer the wrath of the Taliban terrorist organization which defeated America and took possession of Afghanistan on 28 august 2021 according to Grace Edwards who runs The RINJ Foundation‘s humanitarian efforts for women in that country from Kandahar province.

Many Americans believe the USA government is broken.

Few people in America believe the country is well led, as for example it was led in the days of Ronald Reagan. Today the United States Congress no longer has a speaker.

“Chaos in the form of entropy may guide the universe but the United States is completely unguided. We have nobody strong enough to lead the country,” says Monique Deslauriers the executive director for RINJ Women in America who is now in Ukraine training new medical practitioners in Donbass on the care of women and girls who have experienced gender-based violence in the war zones of Joe Biden’s dirty proxy war in Ukraine.

Number Three in the Leadership of the United States Just Fired

Fired is Kevin McCarthy

More Chaos. Democrats working with a small GOP fraction in the U.S. Congress vote to fire U.S. Congress Speaker. File Photo.

“It was the first time in US history a speaker had been voted out this way. As speaker of the House of Representatives, McCarthy was the most powerful single individual in the legislative branch, able to directly impact government policies from national security to infrastructure investments.” Citing: US Speaker Kevin McCarthy Just Ousted

Watch the video above without any visitor tracking or on YouTube.

Warning: Video above shows details of extreme violence toward an American  teacher; shows the shooting of a friendly parking enforcement officer in November 2022, who after a close call survived his injuries; and the video shows outtake footage of extreme violence towards property as well as theft of property in the USA.

Suggested to parents, age restriction of 18 with significant parental guidance if viewer is between 14 and 18. Children younger should not watch this video.

Violence in America against Persons and Propery

Violence in America against Persons and Property is radically on the rise exponentially to the violence that Washington is bringing to millions of other civilians abroad. Image is a video capture from the above video. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

A partial list of Washington’s Confessed Murders on foreign soil in the past 20 years.

Haitham al-Yemen2005-05-08
Abu Hamza Rabia2005-12-01
Abu Musab al-Zarqaw2006-06-07
Reuters journalist Namir Noor-Eldeen and his assistant and driver Saeed Chmagh2007-07-12
Abu Laith al-Lib2008-01-29
Imad Mughniya2008-02-12
Abu Khabab al-Masr2008-07-28
Abu Wafa al Saud2008-09-04
Abu Haris2008-09-08
Khalid Habib2008-10-16
Mohammad Hasan Khalil al-Hakim2008-10-31
Abu Zubair al-Masr2008-11-22
Rashid Rauf2008-11-22
Fahid Mohammed Ally Msalam2009-01-01
Sheikh Ahmed Salim Swedan2009-01-01
Baitullah Mehsud2009-08-05
Tohir Yoʻldosh2009-08-27
Najmiddin Jalolov2009-09-14
Saleh al-Somal2009-12-08
Abdullah Said al Lib2009-12-17
Sa’ad bin Laden2009
Ahmed Mohammed Hamed Al2010
Qari Mohammad Zarif2010-02-24
Saeed al-Masr2010-05-21
Hamza al-Juf2010-06-29
Sheikh al-Fatah2010-09-25
Abu Ibrahim2010-10-06
Sheik Fateh al Masr2010-12
Abu Zaid al-Iraq2011-02-20
Osama bin Laden2011-05-02
Ilyas Kashmir2011-06-03
Atiyah Abd al-Rahman2011-08-22
Abu Hafs al-Shahr2011-09-11
Anwar al-Awlak2011-09-30
Abu Miqdad al Masr2011-10-14
Aslam Awan2012-01-10
Bader Mansoor2012-02-09
Abu Yahya al-Lib2012-06-04
Usman Adil2012-04-29
Abdul Shakoor al-Turkistan2012-08-24
Yaseen al Somal2013-01-08
Abu Ubaydah Abdullah al-Adam2013-04-14
Abu Saif al Jazir2013-07-03
Over 7000 civilians in Syria between2014 and 2019
Ahmed Abdi Godane2014-09-01
Sheikh Imran Ali Sidd2014-10-11
Umar Farooq2014-12-07
Adam Yahiye Gadahn2015-01-19
Adan Garar2015-03
Ibrahim Sulayman Muhammad Arbaysh2015-04-12
Nasser bin Ali al-Ans2015-05-07
Hamza bin Laden2017-2019
Qasem Soleiman2020-01-03
Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis2020-01-03
Qasim al-Raym2020-02-07
10 civilians in Kabul Afghanistan including 7 children2021-08-29
Maher al-Agal2022-07-12
Ayman al-Zawahir2022-07-31
Usamah al-Muhajir2023-07-09