Add Japan, France to the list of Gaza Genocide abetters

Israel misses the point, Palestinians and Israelis have equal rights. Hamas can go to hell.

America voted down a UN Security Council resolution advanced by the Russia Federation for an immediate Ceasefire in Israel which is a disaster according to most humanitarian organizations which also say that time is running out for the civilians in Gaza.

The White House confirms it killed this humanitarian ceasefire for semantic political reasons. The USA claims Russia failed to use the right words in the draft to condemn Hamas. This is seen by the world as a political bid to inflame even more the peculiar attacks by the U.K. government of the accused Rihsi Sunak and a rabble rousing political party demonstration attacking BBC journalists.

“One of our BBC News Arabic teams deployed in Tel Aviv, in a vehicle clearly marked as media, was stopped and assaulted last night by Israeli police. Journalists must be able to report on the conflict in Israel-Gaza freely,” a BBC spokesperson said.

BBC journalists covering the attack on Israel were assaulted and held at gunpoint after they were stopped by police in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv. Muhannad Tutunji, Haitham Abudiab and their BBC Arabic team were driving to a hotel on Thursday when their car was intercepted. They were dragged from the vehicle – marked “TV” in red tape – searched and pushed against a wall.

‘Selfish interest’ of western countries caused the cease fire proposal to fail said Vassily Nebenzia, Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN expressing his regret over the Security Council’s failure to adopt the resolution, blaming the “selfish intention of the western bloc.”

“We are extremely concerned by the unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza and the very high risk of the conflict spreading,” he said.

After today's UNSC Ceasefire Fail

France, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States killed a UNSC Ceasefire.

The UN Security Council on Monday evening failed to adopt a resolution proposed by the Russian Federation that would have called for a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, which has been ravaged by a food, water, fuel, siege, 10 days of bombing with over 6,000 bombs, and forced relocations of civilians by Israel. Photo siplied by Behar Abbasi in Gaza,  Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

“Our leaders do not care about us people, only their money and their careers,” says Behar Abbasi a medical practitioner working in three hospitals in Gaza. I care about getting children fed, hydrated and sent back to a proper school, but there is no food, water and the schools have been bombed by Israel and a huge number of the children’s friends have been slaughtered deliberately by Israeli military forces.

Israel has no impunity for slaughtering or relocating civilians it is supposed to be protecting. The law of belligerent occupation is relied upon by Israel’s Supreme Court in its jurisprudence. As to the State of Israel, it accepts the de jure applicability of the Hague Regulations and the de facto applicability of GCIV, which constitute the main instruments of the law of occupation.


Medical supplies from the World Health Organization’s logistics hub in Dubai arrive in Egypt intended for Civilians in Gaza. Photo credit: United Nations/WHO

Antony Blinken was told by Israeli defence minister Yoav Gallant that the military operation against Gaza will continue. Leaving Blinken without a gold star and instead, humility for having the effectiveness of a wet teabag.

There has been no border opening at the Rafah crossing between Egypt and Gaza. The plan was to accept American passport carrying foreigners into Egypt for transit home to America and to allow humanitarian deliveries from scores of heavy lift trucks waiting in long convoys on the Egyptian side. Netanyahu has kiboshed that idea.

Antony Blinken mumbled something about unequivocal support for Israel’s Gaza Genocide without using those exact words. America doesn’t talk about the genocide only some 7 October echo of “Israel has the right to defend itself”.

“In this case Israel is slaughtering kids and their mothers in Gaza like a bunch of sniveling cowards whining that the people they have beaten into submission have jumped back and punched Israel in the nose,” notes Dale Carter, security director for The RINJ Foundation which has proposed to Iran and its allies a substantial indictment of the key leaders of the Gaza Genocide as an alternative to violence.

UN Photo by Eskinder Debebe of  The Security Council meeting on the situation in Gaza.

More facts about 7 October

“During the 7 October  terrorist attacks by the raping, murdering criminals either members of Hamas or supporters of Hamas—we don’t care how rapists and murderers identify themselves—the RINJ Foundation’s security contractor rescued more people than did all of Israel’s security services. A peculiar thing happened when trying to identify perpetrators,” noted Ms. Carter.

“Two parties to a rape in progress after they were told to cease and offered a safe trip in cuffs to a local jail, to they responded with sidearm fire and hence became deceased in the aftermath, their carried identification was seized during initial first-aid attempts and they were not who they said they were. Their identification claimed to be persons known to be Iranian police services personnel however the real persons in Iran identified themselves to security investigators at our office near Tehran and the Hamas terrorists were proven to be fraudsters. The best we can do now is a global DNA search which is underway. The interest now in who they are is not a priority. The same applies to the rescued parties who were attending the Rave and probably had consumed narcotics and like all the other people there were participating in a music and drug fest which flies in the face of strict Jews and strict Muslims so let’s not talk about that part. Kids will be kids.

Religious freaks get crazy when women dance at Raves.

Such aversions to drugs and flaunted jiggling breasts and hips we know from our huge percentage of Muslim sisters is a serious sacrilege especially to subscribers of the arcane  Sharia principles.  We have seen Muslim Jihadists behave this way in the past. Daesh were crucifying and even doing worse things to those whom they claim are  infidels in Nineveh, Kurdistan in 2014,” Ms Carter explained.

“But Hamas is no ISIS. Hamas is more like a high school motorcycle group riding electric scooters while claiming to be affiliated with Hell’s Angels. They are far from that. Hamas are crazies. Sick crazies, not Daesh. And any Palestinian who claims they are led by Hamas is a fool who has been brainwashed,” Ms. Carter explained.

“What Hamas did on 7 October was a flagrant violation of many international statutes but more than that, for a group that as a non-state actor that disingenuously claims to lead the people of Gaza (it doesn’t and the PLO does) Hamas endangered all the people it claims to govern and protect by peeing in the face of the giant Israel with crude sewer pipe rockets and being exploited by Israel as a justification for a genocide in Gaza. Hamas is a collective self-serving liar and should not even exist. The recognized Palestinian Authority should never have acquiesced to Hamas, which in fact looks like complicity in many crimes. Between Palestine and Israel there are no good leaders and have not been any hence they are two nations in a big mess that with America’s tutelage keeps the Middle East destabilized,” Ms. Carter said.

Medical workers in Gaza say these trucks must reach Gaza. These are UNICEF trucks loaded with bottles of drinking water traveling near El Arish, Egypt. Photo Credit: UNICEF/Mohamed Ragaa

“Defence against armed criminals requires a force commensurate with the threat—no more no less.”

The men and women who stopped Hamas armed terrorists from raping young women partygoers on 7 October had no choice but to use lethal force in self defence.

“Israel is in the same situation. But Israel has a much larger protectorate than just an encountered group of youths at a party.  Israel has the population if its own country and the population of the Occupied Territories to protect. What Israelis are missing is the responsibility of Israel includes protecting the ordinary citizens of Palestine too,” Ms. Carter explained.

“Israel is telling whopping lies or acquiescing to those telling lies about horrible deeds done by  Hamas chopping baby heads which did not ever happen, in fact most of what Israel describes about the 7 October 2023, Hamas attack is exaggeration. In one case, during a firefight at a kibbutz,  the IDF itself slaughtered almost all the residents in a massive unwise and unrestrained crossfire with Hamas, according to a survivor. That was a horrific tactical miscalculation, not a war crime by anyone.”

“Israel’s Harming and even Killing Palestinians who by the way have all the same rights as any Israeli Civilian, is indeed a crime. There seems to be an Israeli population misconception led by disingenuous politicians like Benjamin Netanyahu.”

From all indicators, three quarters of a million Palestinians have moved from north Gaza to the south. During the convoys’ travel, they were bombed by Israeli aircraft and also bombed during their arrival.

Video trigger warning. 18+ Air attack violence

Many people are now dying in hospitals because there are no supplies, say heartbroken medical staff, unable to do their life saving work fully.

“These persons, Antony Blinken, Joseph Biden, Lloyd Austin, Rishi Sunak and Benjamin Netanyahu are accused in a sworn information of Genocide; Conspiracy to commit genocide; Direct and public incitement to commit genocide; Attempt to commit genocide; and Complicity in genocide,” says Ms. Geraldine Frisque, RINJ Foundation spokesperson.

“Some of these people are backpedaling on previous statements and acts since we first began talks with the ‘Axis’ on a Court (s)  action in lieu of violence, but nevertheless, the parties all brought about an enormous human tragedy that is a crime against humanity. All of humanity must seek accountability.”

A few Particulars in the ongoing Palestine Genocide and the accusations against the named parties.

Benjamin Netanyahu and many of his senior officials throughout all Mr. Netanyahu’s life worked at dehumanizing the Palestinian people in a growing effort to normalize ethnic cleansing—genocide by another name. These actions which contravene numerous international laws are described in a Statement of Particulars.

Direct and public incitement to commit genocide done by the government of Benjamin Netanyahu under Benjamin Netanyahu’s specific direction has led to Israeli “settlers” (people who have stolen homes from Palestinians) committing crimes of outright mass murder of over 40 Palestinians in the Occupied Territory of The West Bank.

Under Benjamin Netanyahu’s specific direction, Israeli Army specialists pre-planned and deliberated the 11 May 2022, murder of long time al Jazeera reporter Shireen Abu Akleh who could and did publicly witness and testify publicly to the long-conspired genocide of the Palestinian people.

Israel has used artillery shells of phosphorous in residential areas. Human Rights Watch has publicly declared it has evidence of Israel’s use of white phosphorus in military operations in Gaza and Lebanon that puts civilians at risk of serious and long-term injuries, Human Rights Watch said on 12 October in releasing a question and answer document on white phosphorus.

Human Rights Watch verified videos taken in Lebanon and Gaza on 10 October 2023 and 11 October 2023, respectively, showing multiple airbursts of artillery-fired white phosphorus over the Gaza City port and two rural locations along the Israel-Lebanon border, and interviewed two people who described an attack in Gaza.

By blocking all food, water, medical supplies, fuel, humanitarian aid, avenues of exit, the accused parties deliberately inflict on the Palestinian group conditions of life calculated to bring about the group’s physical destruction in whole or in part.

America’s and Israel’s genocidal narratives intentionally open a door to savage disposal of the Palestinian people. The final solution of the listed parties is on display in the Occupied Territories at the western point of the Mediterranean Sea known as “The Gaza Strip”.

Benjamin Netanyahu supports and does terrible actions like ordering the murder of journalists such as American-Palestinian Shireen ABu Akleh and claims impunity for the murder of thousands of other Palestinians over the years.

Under the direction of the accused Benjamin Netanyahu, the armed forces of Israel have been instructed to force the relocation of over a million Palestinians from the north of Gaza to the south of Gaza  and then proceeded with Naval bombardment and air attacks to set upon the migrating convoys and kill some 85 civilians including women and children certainly not parties to any conflict and certainly non-combattants.