World shocked as Palestinian Jabalia Refugee Camp obliterated

“There were seven to eight huge holes in the ground, full of killed people, body parts all over the place. It felt like the end of the world,” a witness said. She had been waiting in line to buy bread when suddenly and without any warning seven to eight missiles crashed into the refugee camp said the witness.

It happened again. A serious war crime says the United Nations as Israel blows a refugee camp to bits once again a few hours ago before nightfall in Gaza.

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24 Hours ago: “The Jabilayha (Jabalia)  Refugee camp in Gaza has been leveled to the ground by Israeli bombing with American bombs supplied in scores of regular U.S. military airlift flights,” reports Melissa Hemingway.

American weapons deliveries of bombs and missiles to Israel via C17 and other transports did this

A sad experience for Health Care Workers watching children carry children to hospitals from Jabalia.

“Children poured into triage areas all alone,” said nurse Ai’sha.

“The kids in the first strike  flooded in. They were helped by rescue workers and other children.

“I saw children carrying children. I took my lab coat off, put it on the floor and lay two children down and begin a systematic examination with tears in my eyes as my investigation revealed the sobbing children had broken bones and bad cuts, some with embedded debris. I began mild disinfection and sterilization and quick interim cleaning and bandaging of open wounds because sepsis is rampant in this place. Three more children came walking in with an EMS worker, seeing that I was on the job brought them to me and I welcomed them. She ran back to her vehicle and brought me a quilted blanket and a floor covering because all I had to put down was a shawl. There are very few women practitioners here. I was so happy to see her. She also ran and got some supplies I needed. My bag is getting empty, I thought. Behar will bring me more of our supplies if I can find our volunteers to fetch her a few blocks away at al Shifa.”

American weapons deliveries of bombs and missiles to Israel via C17 and other transports.

American weapons deliveries to Tel Aviv

American weapons deliveries of bombs and missiles to Israel viz C17 and other transports.

Nurse Ai’sha continued saying, “What has happened to these children is disgusting me. American bombs pour in here in C17 airplanes we have seen and go into an Israeli bombing plane and attack a Refugee Camp. Those people must be punished, Insha’allah, because even though it was clear many families were massacred they did it again, next day, four hours ago. I still don’t have beds for my first five patients,” added Ai’sha in a soft voice.

Ai’sha’s supervisor came along and relieved Ai’sha telling her to have a shift of sleeping time. They were sharing a broken down ambulance for quarters with some other workers.

“We know the deaths we have seen from here but the information is chaotic. Honestly, I have heard from 100 dead to 400, but I don’t have any certain casualty numbers,” said Behar Abbasi as she signed off their Sat-Phone to conserve power.

“We are still counting the numbers of the dead and the people injured. We are still trying to find the people under the rubble. Maybe at the end of that, tomorrow, we can talk about the exact numbers and maybe some names,” Hamas spokesperson Osama Hamdan told the media.

Video: Israel is attacking the administrative center of Gaza City from five directions, and fierce fighting is taking place in the enclave.

During the day, the IDF hit 300 targets; an airstrike was carried out on the alleged underground tunnels below the refugee camp of  Jabalia where hamas has tunnels but Hamas has tunnels everywhere.

Jabalia is the largest refugee camp.

Hamas estimates the latest numbers as 400 killed, unconfirmed but reportedly up from 100 in the first attack. The new numbers are proposed to be available tomorrow, 2 November 2023.

After the second Jabaliya attack, even the U.S. was talking momentarily about the need to take measures to avoid civilian casualties.”

Two days of extremely violent attacks, unannounced, on the Jabalia Refugee Camp in the north of Gaza have devastated the population. Injuries are overwhelming health care.

Many injuries must be escalated to a full service hospital says RINJ NWOB senior nurse practitioner Behar Abbasi on loan to Gaza from Yemen and Iran where she has worked over the past seven years.

Video below, the case for: