On Nov. 20, World Childrens Day, cowardly Americans and Israelis kill babies, mothers

“The Gaza Genocide continues with a vengeance as Benjamin Netanyahu gets more bad news from the courts and Joseph Biden continues to tank in the polls. Whatever made these sociopaths believe that they would benefit by killing 5,600 little children and 3,600 of their mothers and another 4,000 women and children missing? Their Gaza Genocide continues,” says one of the nurses in Gaza during a heated group conversation.

Joseph Biden says indiscriminate bombing of hospitals is justified because he saw the fake video Israel produced showing camo-pants and a gun somewhere deep in the hospital which nurses “watched the Israelis bring into the al Shifa hospital along with an Israeli officer, a Lt-Colonel,” said one of the nurses who had been hit hard with a rifle, enough to painfully break a rib. Her cell phone was confiscated in the process, a phone she had tried to use to take a picture.

World Children's Day, Gaza

Palestinian Child with bandaged head injury in Gaza. World Children’s Day, 20 November 2023. Photo submitted by NP Behar Abbasi. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Israeli soldiers are ransacking, Al-Rantisi Hospital, al Shifa Hospital, Indonesia Hospital and others. Perhaps ten of the near fifty hospitals in Gaza are having any kind of function says Nurse Practitioner Behar Abbasi from Gaza.

Earlier this month Indonesia’s foreign ministry said that the purpose of their Indonesia Hospital in Gaza was to “fully” serve Palestinians and their medical needs in response to an accusation by the Israeli military that it has been used by militants to launch attacks.  But the only attacks at the Indonesia hospital have been done by Israel according to dozens of people queried at the hospital among the 700 people there. Over thirty-seven medical workers interviewed in the matter of this claim, none in the past two years have seen any person resembling a militant of any kind in the hospitals although there were 2 persons from among the hostages who needed urgent care and they were given that care by cardiologists, one nurse explained.

Indonesia Government furious at the Israeli attacks o the Hospital

Indonesia has hours ago condemned Israel’s attack on the Indonesian Hospital. The Indonesian Hospital in Gaza, Palestine is being hit with bombs, tank fire and artillery.  It is surrounded by armored vehicles. Many medical staff have been killed, others injured and many of the 700 people inside. Foreign Affairs Minister Retno Marsudi said that her ministry has lost contact with three Indonesian nationals who were volunteering at the hospital following an Israeli attack.

“The purpose of these attacks on hospitals is to force the people of Gaza out. Netanyahu has instructed his people to create evidence that shows Hamas used hospitals as military command bases, however, Hamas is doing fine in the hundreds of kilometers of tunnels very deep under the entire Gaza strip where they have fine food and comfort while we live like fkn hungry rats, knee-deep in filth and dead bodies” says a very angry nurse Ai’sha.

“Netanyahu is working toward passing a law,” she says, “saying that prisoners of war will automatically receive the death penalty, no trial no fuss. A 2017 poll indicated 70% of Israelis approved this move, so great is Israel’s hate for their apartheid victims.”

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry is saying that Israel obstructs the entry of aid  to Gaza to compel Palestinians to leave the Gaza Strip.

Two hundred and fifty-nine patients were not removed from the al Shifa hospital due to the seriousness of their injuries. Premature babies were moved on Sunday by the World Health Organization to the south of Gaza and are now being moved to Egyptian emergency temp-hospitals set up in the desert.

“Netanyahu’s war cabinet is reportedly discussing the removal of all the surviving people of Gaza into Sinai, but I fear that there will be nobody able to go that far due to physical injuries as Israel bombs refugee locations including schools, hospitals and residential neighborhoods.

“We are seeing a plethora of water borne diseases and some new things we have never seen before. The sewage system has completely broken down in the south although I hear that the Israelis are trying to halt some of the spreading infection by getting the feces and urine off the streets, but with this weather, most of us here think it is too late. The spread of cholera is now a real problem, and the plethora of other diseases and parasites is just plain scary. People are getting very sick. For sure we have several incipient epidemics of cholera, diarrhea, measles, chickenpox and I have done tuberculin TB skin tests that were positive, but I believe the spreading upper respiratory problems are likely viral. We are trying to get some sputum tests done,” explained NP Abbasi.

Human flesh shredding weapons now being used against Palestinians

Human flesh shredding weapons now being used against Palestinians

Photo source submitted. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Surgeons are talking about bombs and artillery rounds that don’t just cause crush and impact trauma breaking bones at a joint, they are talking about serrated edge amputations in the middle of a femur, humerus, tibia, fibula and pelvis bones as well as ribs severed under the arm which has been cut off by the weapons. The munitions spread scores of pieces of sharpened metal that cuts into the body at extreme velocity.