Israel, USA take armed siege of Gaza Hospital. Kill over 51 ICU pts and 4 infants. Expel thousands now

This morning, doctors were assembled at gunpoint at al Shifa hospital in Gaza, Palestine, and given one hour to expel the patients and refugee families at the hospital. At publication time, the procession of doctors carrying their patients have reached a point two kilometers south.

FPMag’s Behar Abbasi is in the procession wheeling two patients. She says that she hopes to reach a point 7 kilometers south outside the area controlled by Israeli forces and find ambulances.

“We were forced to leave at gunpoint. Premature infants, recent ICU surgeries, amputees have been left behind with the promise they will be cared for by a UN evacuation team but the only person who told me that was an Israeli soldier who was gesturing to me with an assault weapon. I am a nurse practitioner and here that is considered to be among doctors based on experience, responsibilities and education. I was part of the group this morning being told by the Israelis that we had one hour to go out,” explains Behar.

“We requested that the remaining patients be ambulated to Egypt where they would be put in incubators. Many doctors refused to leave without their patients. I only had two at this hospital and they are with me. Two others died post surgery last week. I probably shouldn’t tell you this right now but Ai’sha was forced to strip and was searched and then she was abused and released. I was in surgery at the time. That was two days ago. She and the others are in a rage. I had to stop them from doing something stupid. They will join our people down south at our little birthing clinic. Some of the patients in this procession will go there too. We are going to be met and will be taken care of by our own people who are taking a vehicle to a meeting place 6 kilometers ahead, I think,” explained Ms. Abbasi in a renewed call after the satellite phone disconnected.

“I have lost touch with Ai’sha now and the three nurses with us because they were out first pushing wheeled patient beds. The hospital is in a state of total disaster. We have not been outside for days. You have no idea what a nightmare that was. Where we are now there are dead bodies everywhere. Total destruction is what we see at the place where the Baptist hospital was located. We hear the bombs falling to the east of us and to the south. We are walking into bombs,” reports Ms. Abbasi.

Note: Al-Ahli Arab Hospital was an 80-bed hospital in Gaza City. It was run by the Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention between 1954 and 1982, and is still known as the Baptist Hospital (Arabic: المستشفى المعمداني) despite currently being under Anglican management. – Wikipedia

Hundreds of patients and medical practitioners have been forced out of the al Shifa hospital in Gaza, Palestine. For eight days the hospital has been under Israeli siege without water, food, oxygen, power, medicines, sanitation, sewage and other necessities of life and hospital function.

Some 650 patients have been expelled from the al Shifa hospital. Ambulances have been forbidden. Patients in wheelchairs and wheeled beds are being pushed southeast in this dark moment in history amidst bloated, reeking dead bodies.

Some 450 seriously ill patients including premature babies have been left in the hospital with a crew of 5 doctors and a dozen nurses. Some doctors and nurses plus other workers have been held hostage according to Ms. Abbasi.

Humanitarian considerations have been thrown out the window in a campaign to exterminate the occupants of Gaza.

File photo from 10 November at al ShifaIn the past eight days under Israeli/USA siege, nearly 70% of ICU patients at Al-Shifa Hospital have died, an al Shifa doctor says. 10 November file footage. Journalists have been expelled from the al Shifa hospital and the surrounding area. Melissa Hemingway of Feminine-Perspective Magazine has escaped the area and to our knowledge is safe.
Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Video: Israel could not find any indication that Hamas was present at the al Shifa hospital which is now a mass grave and prison camp.

“I only saw three Americans among the Israeli soldiers. They had no badges. One of them caught me staring at him and he started asking an Israeli guy who I was.  That person asked me what I was doing and I said ‘I brought the masks you requested. I wa trying to see who to give them to.’ That ended the challenge. I was lucky because I had a bunch of N-95s with me. The man grabbed them and dismissed me with the wave of his back hand. They treat everyone like garbage, here,” answered Ms. Abbasi in response to a question.

“I knew they were downstairs for hours looking for something and setting up tables because I saw them carried inside. I don’t even know what day that was. The whole time of the siege melted together.”