Israel must be dismantled, top down. Israelis, rise up. In-Depth

The one-state-solution to the Israeli/Palestine crisis, is the intellectual pondering of many scholars who are exasperated by past failed efforts.

USA, the most racist nation on Earth, prefers propping up the second most racist and fascist nation in the world while America’s rich elite, people like the influence peddling Bidens, make big money selling weapons. Israel in the process gains more territory away from what it deems the second class citizens of Gaza and continues its ethnic cleansing of Palestine which it once invaded and occupied gradually diminishing the Occupied Palestine territory.

Orphan Girl from Deir al-Balah Photo submitted by Behar Abbasi.

This little girl has been pulled out of the burning rubble of her home. She is at the intake stage of her care asking about her mother and father and siblings but has not yet been told they are all dead. Nurse Ai’sha and Behar Abbasi are trying to ascertain her injuries and her level of function in a medical context. They are asking her questions to determine her source of acute pain and cognition so that her case is escalated correctly and she sees the correct specialists. Preventing deep shock is the immediate concern but while distressed, the child is staying engaged. The medical practitioners feel positive about her case but children in shock can take a turn for the worse very fast.

The slaughter of women and children in Gaza has reached 9,900

2014 File Photo. Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

“As we fought for the safety of women and girls in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Iran, we will fight again,” say RINJ Women.

Warning to cowards who kill thousands of children

“The massacre of thousands of women and their children cannot stand. If men are too cowardly to rise up, women will hike their skirts and do that as women have done before, across all human history, when men act like cowards,” say RINJ Women.

It would be better to have a stable and prosperous land region between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean coast shared equally by all the people peacefully.

“Corrupt Joe Biden and America’s fooled followers have put a huge segment of the human race in a shameful state of failure. Everywhere America goes it starts wars and perpetuates grief. The American greed formula never works,” says Simon Baldock, a security analyst in Tel Aviv who is no fan of Netanyahu and his beastly massacres of women and children.

“The U.S. knew well before the 7 October attack by Hamas and others that the Hamas et. al. attack would come with a goal of capturing hostages/prisoners to trade for the illegitimately arrested Palestinians held by Israel,” explained Dale Carter, the RINJ Women security director.

“This entire 7 October mess could have been prevented but a decision was made to create  a harmful action designed to look like it was perpetrated by Hamas while feigning surprise. This was planned between America and Israel. According to the plan, Hamas plus unregulated hooligans were allowed to run freely into and around Israel starting with sunup on 7 October 2023. This created a basis for an outrageous pack of lies comprising a narrative to justify more ethnic cleansing which America has supported since 1949 and has done many times itself and continues every day. The plan fits with Joe Biden’s slippery past and deviant character while it also fit with Israel’s goal of clearing out the Gaza Strip. Thus a scripted narrative and action plan of lies and deceptions was created.”

The Hamas side of the attack of 7 October was a badly executed plan of legitimate resistance to a brutal occupation. As usual, Hamas soiled itself and wandered off plan by inviting every hate-inspired radical group in Palestine to join them.

During WWII these types of actions were like what MUR-Mouvements unis de la Résistance (“Unified Resistance Movements”) did against the Nazis and the MUR-Mosul Underground Resistance did in Ninevah Province of Iraq against the ISIS Caliphate.

Mosul Underground Resistance

“We were there on 7 October as is often the case when we pick up chatter about an attack. We have thousands of members in the region between the Jordan river and the Mediterranean. Israeli’s attacks on Palestinians are usually on girls and women.

“In this event, sent those of our medical members and protector partners who are current and former trained IDF personnel and shot and killed rapists and killers then identified them after rescuing a van and car full of victims and took them directly north to their individual homes. They are now among our newest members. Israel now knows this and knows that as always, our partners be they American, British, Israeli or French will not be identified, and nobody will be compromised. However, it is safe to say that the events of 7 October were not what is being reported in the American media which is largely a thing of entertainment,” Ms. Carter continued.

“IDF killed most of the people in the Kibbutz’s. Nobody beheaded babies and nobody put babies in an oven. We do have video of a male person who is not Hamas but was with the invaders who invaded a home independently, stole food and cooked it in an oven. It looked like a vegetable calzone. After the invader was restrained and zip-tied (nylon restraint used because ReaperTeam‘s handcuffs are very expensive and the Israelis never return them), he was taken blindfolded and cuffed with the rescue convoy into the area of the victim’s homes where he was dropped off at a police station by the two off-duty IDF persons, who then continued the escort and delivery of surviving victims of the scumbags whoever they were, attacking the drunken, stoned Rave concert in south Israel.

“The number of people killed in Israel by Hamas were less than 100, according to discrete information shared by hospitals and coroners in Israel. The numbers of people killed by the IDF in Kibbutz’s are very high but in aggregate do not rise to 1,400 as Netanyahu claimed. Netanyahu, like Biden spouting that he has seen evidence of beheaded infants, are both disgusting liars and have been all their careers. There were no beheaded babies as Netanyahu and Biden claimed keeping their stories synchronized and there were no babies cooked in ovens as the Netanyahu team claimed. Biden, Netanyahu and most of Netanyahu’s team must be imprisoned for genocide of Palestinians, slaughter of thousands of women and children, murder of Israelis, violation of most if not all of the Rome Statute,” explained Dale Carter, the RINJ Women security director.


Video: It is Palestinian women who are gathering to the aid of each other in the fight for even their wounded children. This child has a painful freshly reset arm in a fresh cast. Watch the passive work of a young women ‘Palestinian Joan of Arc’ who tries to point out to the soldier that the child suffers in horrible pain and the soldier’s physical abuse of the child is exacerbating the problem.

“The World Ignored Israel’s Brutal Occupation of Palestine for decades. That is going to stop because we are going to intervene. Palestinain Olive growers are going to have armed guards. Settlers who attack them will be dealt with, using a force commensurate with their threat which is a lethal force based on the deaths of 140 unarmed innocent Palestinians in the West Bank and over a thousand arrested so more settlers can steal their homes, since 7 October 2023,” said Ms. Carter.

“Oddly, but perhaps led by racism in America, journalists and politicians in the West have dismissed Palestinian claims of human rights abuses in the Israeli Occupied Territories, for decades, but should we be surprised? Biden, Trudeau, Sunak, Macron, Ursula von der Leyen, and Kashida, are without a doubt the worst leaders the West has ever suffered.

“They bully the media including social media, forcing digital corporation elements (excluding X since Elon Musk came along) to abide their narratives even arresting people who speak their mind as in France.

“These leaders are racist, belligerent, arrogant, self-indulgent, corrupt, mentally unstable, some with very serious personality disorders, and predisposed to jingoism and war. The absolute worst collection of incompetent sociopaths ever. Imagine them getting together in their typical G7 antisocial events, snubbing the one on the grease and lauding the popular ones who promote killing civilians. Then people wonder why the West is so perilously screwed up?” added Ms. Carter.

On 30 March, 2001, that global ignorance was destined to change with the birth of a girl child Ahed whom many are still acclaiming as the Palestinian equivalent of “Joan of Arc”. Joan was a heroine of France, loved for her role during the Lancastrian phase of the Hundred Years’ War, and canonized as a Roman Catholic saint. Ahed Tamimi, don’t forget her name.

Israel has a propensity to murder women and children. Israel murdered Shireen Abu Akleh. They keep trying to take out Ahed Tamimi but Ahed is dodging their bullets.

We wonder if Ahed Tamimi‘s parents told her of the famous Yasser Arafat quote:

“In order to obtain the goal of returning to Palestine, all of us sometimes have to grit our teeth.”

A 14-Year-Old Kid was Shot in the Face – so a Millennial Girl ‘Kicked The Hornets’ Nest’

Symbol of Palestinian Resistance is a womanArt: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

The symbol of Palestinian Resistance is a Woman named Ahed Tamimi. She is the Real ‘Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest‘.  The Israelis have arrested her again, something they began doing when she was 5. RINJ Women are demanding her immediate release. Tamimi’s resistance has only been passive.

December 2017, then sixteen year old Ahed Tamimi slapped and kicked an Israeli Occupation Forces soldier who was on her property and would have otherwise raped her. She was upset her cousin and playmate was in a coma with a bullet wound to his face. Ever since then, the Israeli government is trying to lock this kid in a prison for her entire life.

Shortly before this event, Mohammed Tamimi was shot at close range in the village of Nabi Saleh in the occupied West Bank on Friday, according to witnesses. Ahed was overwhelmed with grief.

Upsetting Ahed Tamimi, a IOF soldier shot 14 year old Mohammed Tamimi in the faceIsrael has a long history of violating children. They rape Palestinian kids; shoot Palestinian kids; maimed Palestinian children and kill Palestinian children in massive numbers. The state of Israel must be dismantled, and women need to do that if men are going to remain cowardly.  RINJ Women are calling on a large group of women to rise up again.  The 14-year-old Palestinian boy, Mohammed Tamimi, was placed into a medically-induced coma after Israeli soldiers shot him in the face with a rubber bullet during a protest against a US decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Another Mohammed Tamimi, a toddler was killedPLO Photograph.

Another child named Mohammed Tamimi, a Palestinian toddler shot by Israeli soldiers and killed.

“Direct American hands-on military operations since 7 October in Gaza, in concert with the Israeli Defence Forces, are slaughtering tens of thousands of civilians in Gaza. America is flying high technology surveillance aircraft over Gaza 24/7. The Pentagon may not agree with the White House but it certainly knows exactly what kind of human catastrophe it is incurring through complicity. Never in history have America’s fighting men behaved so cowardly and criminally,” says Ms. Carter who stays plugged in constantly. “Women in every walk of life are watching, and reporting men’s activities,” she added.

“With all the weapons in the world the United Nations, United States, United Kingdom, or the Netanyahu criminal gang have not done a single thing to stop the killing. In fact America, Britain and France is surrounding Israel with armadas while declaring leave Israel alone to carry out its slaughters,” notes Mr. Baldock.


And what are they doing? Slaughtering unarmed women and children.


Orphan Girl from Deir al-Balah

Photo submitted by Behar Abbasi. 

American meddling in the Middle East has been the bane of human existence. Everything America touches, including Israel, is in a state of chaos or near death. That now includes nearly 4 thousand kids and 3 thousand women not including the many thousands missing and still buried in the massive rubble that is what is left of Gaza.

“About the worst thing that ever happened to the settler-colonial experiment of Israel is Benjamin Netanyahu. He is a crook and a murderer. Throw him in jail. A single, democratic, and secular state must emerge within the original borders of Palestine with the people of Israel and Palestine living in harmony with equal rights. You all can’t go on only killing each other and never producing anything worthwhile,” says Katie Alsop, executive director of the global CSO RINJ Women.

“Throughout historic Palestine, Palestinians face occupation and colonization, siege, war, and discrimination; second-class treatment from Israeli rule. Additionally, millions of Palestinian refugees languish in camps awaiting their right to return to their homes,” citing “Palestine Remix by Al Jazeera“.

“The current state of Israel is nothing more than a violent gang of racist, murderous hypocrites and liars lining their own pockets with bribes and tax embezzlement, mining the population, committing crimes against humanity including genocidal acts, the most egregious offence in the human world,” commented RINJ Foundation’s Dale Carter over the phone. She is the global security director of RINJ Women.

“It certainly is true that the one state solution is a response to the exhaustion of past approaches to the conflict between the two groups which self-define as Jews and Arabs but in truth are religiously intermixed groups of people led by barbaric actors seizing power in a confused population. These groups have become defined by the nature of their leadership and not the desires or will of the people,” Ms. Carter added.

Israel must ceaseFrom Twitter

“Israel as it is constituted must be dismantled,” say RINJ Women HK in a statement on

“The State of Israel and its Apartheid must cease to exist,” the global CSO HK chapter says.

“Replacing it with a functioning democracy having a proper Constitution with a Bill of Human Rights that applies to all persons equally, is the way ahead. Use South Africa as a model,” suggested the global women’s rights group.

“Once again we are seeing a genocide unfolding before our eyes and the organization we serve appears powerless to stop it,” said a U.N. human rights official in his Retirment letter. “United Nations has failed to stop a genocide mentioning the Rwandan genocide, Muslims in Bosnia, Yazidis in Iraqi Kurdistan and Rohingya in Myanmar,” the writer added.

Men should not be allowed to govern for long periods of time. This is what they do.