Gaza updates. Health care in Gaza has collapsed. Americans released from Gaza

After nearly a month of Washington’s pleading, 74 Americans in Gaza were released by Israel. After injuries incurred by Israel in Gaza are treated in Egypt, they will eventually make their way home.

It has been revealed that U.S. President Biden whose poll numbers are tanking, has decided to make himself out as a war-time President for electioneering purposes in 2024. That is why he has commanded the U.S. Navy to send two massive aircraft carrier groups, thousands of soldiers, hundreds of war planes and several destroyers and missile cruisers to the Middle East, allegedly to back Israel in its war, which has turned out to be a war mostly against the people of Gaza where Israel has incurred over 30,000 casualties not counting the unknown thousands buried in the rubble of a 52% destroyed occupied nation of Palestine.

After a month of begging Netanyahu, Israel releases 74 Americans After a month of waiting, Netanyahu releases 74 Americans from Gaza.
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3,700 Children have been killed in Gaza.
2,500 of their moms have been killed.

Image: Israel under the accused criminal Benjamin Netanyahu has killed over 6,000 women and children.

The slaughter of women and children in Gaza has reached 6,000

Somehow Benjamin Netanyahu sees himself as an omnipotent Moloch demanding the sacrifice of babies. The art of Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Hardline Rabbis in Israel are declaring the Tora’s demands that in war, all men, women and children of the enemy must be killed as they have lost the right to exist.

The slaughter of women and children in Gaza has reached 6,000 according to the hospital officials FPMag contacted.

The slaughter of women and children in Gaza has reached 6,000 according to the hospital officials FPMag contacted.

“In a poly-centrism world where Biden has lost all clout, he couldn’t even convince Netanyahu to release the Americans in a timely manner. Biden wants to be a War President but losing the war in Ukraine makes him look foolish. Likely he will do something stupid,” suggests a military expert.

“Despite Russia’s enemies being all of NATO and another score of nations providing military components including weapons, ammunition, advisors, active military personnel, bombs, missiles and who knows what else, Russia is kicking the crap out of the Americans’ Ukraine proxy team. The losses on both sides are astronomical and the casualties in Ukraine, all sides, have reached and exceeded over 1 million according to medical officials on both sides of the contact line,” reports Simon Baldock, an Israeli security analyst.

“Joe Biden is looking to start a war so that he can become a war-time president and win the election in 2024 despite polls suggesting a snowball would have a better chance in a steel smelting plant than Joe would have in winning an election in 2024,” notes Mr. Baldcok.

“The Americans were strongly urged by the U.N. and Civil Society to send hospital ships to the east Mediterranean to support the 30,000 casualties in Gaza, but that has been ignored, by America, and they sent weapons instead including multiple daily shipments by air of bombs and missiles plus artillery rounds in C17s, all used to slaughter women and children in Gaza, Palestine, ” noted Dale Carter, security director for the global women’s rights group, RINJ Women.

Most hospitals, starved of water, food, medical supplies and power, they have closed.

Closed in Gaza are hospitals Al-Durra, Al-Hayat, Al-Karama, Al-Turki, Al-Wafa, Al-Yemen, Al-Saeed, Beit Hanoun, Dar Al-Salam, Friends of the Sick, Haifa, Hamad, Indonesian, International Eye, Jaffa, Muslim Specialist, St.John’s hospital. Some like the Indonesian which have been damaged severely are closed permanently.

Thirty out of 55 regional Gaza Strip medical clinics and health care facilities have also closed, reports Melissa Hemingway from Gaza.