Americans are averaging 248 dead Gaza kids daily, and many more missing, says Gaza doctor

“This doctor has treated far too many babies with missing body parts. I held her in my arms as she started to shake from low blood sugar. She sobbed uncontrollably,” recounted NP Behar Abbasi from a central Gaza hospital two days after the doctor’s breakdown.

“I asked nurse Ai’sha when this unstoppable doctor last slept or ate, ‘not this week so far,’ Ai’sha told me, so I ordered a bed and a half-strength Darrow’s solution with 5% dextrose IV immediately. I knew we had that in good supply from the humanitarian aid that came from planes sent in from Jordan, thank Allah; thank the sweet King Abdullah and thank the living saint Queen Rania,” NP Abbasi continued.

“Just then a procession of EMS workers with broken kids rushed by and that was a last straw that morning. We were all three of us triggered and fighting back sobs. None of us had eaten or slept properly, but we two nurses got back to work as we sent doc to recover, and come back to work, when she is fit. We saw her again with a scalpel that night after a 12-hour sleep, or 12-hour collapse,” Behar added, noting that more children had arrived, and she must go.

The pain of watching children die.Mostly children are being killed in this Old Testament biblical genocide. “Just then a procession of EMS workers with broken kids rushed by with horror written all over their tired, sad faces. We were all three of us triggered and fighting back sobs,” said the brave medical workers, close to their wits’ end. “I can’t even imagine the pain a dad goes through as he fights for the life of his last child.” Photos submitted by Behar Abbasi from central Gaza.  Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Hours ago, Israeli planes bomb a school in the south of Gaza with American munitions where thousands of Palestinians from the north have taken refuge. We don’t know how many, but more kids will pour into few remaining hospitals as the genocide continues.

Who is the cause of all this? The Butchers of Gaza.

“America’s rogue president, a sociopathic personality and an aggressively demented president is launching you Americans into a world war and you will not survive. America will not survive an America against the world war,” commented Katie Alsop at the start of this week.

Think about freedom, what it meant to Martin Luther King’s dream and the “greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation”.

“You Americans are averaging 248 dead kids daily, and 100 missing women and kids on your dollar and in your name,” said the RINJ Women Executive Director.

“That American president has created a spending loophole by which he can spend any amount of money on bombs and missiles and ship them to Israel to be dropped on children. That’s who lives in Gaza. The adults, thinned out by past massacres, are mostly dead leaving a massive population skew toward the surviving children. Now the crush of the bombed buildings is killing their little bodies too,” said Ms. Alsop with flames in her eyes. “The few sane people in the State Department and in the Pentagon are quietly freaking out, but just a few,” she added.

Munitions pour into Israel from White House

Illegal munitions pour into Israel from the White House by Air & by Sea.  U.S. Air Force photo by Chustine Minoda. Photo is cropped and enhanced for digital publication. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

“This Biden spending spree can build a huge 2024 election fund from the kickbacks and graft but every day you Americans wake up in the morning there are an average of 325 dead babies and some dead mothers in your name. You paid for their killing. Go to hell,” says nurse practitioner (NP) Ai’sha.

What Netanyahu and his extreme right wingers are carrying out is a biblical deception and mythical war fight that requires the death of women and children of the alleged Palestine enemy, the biblical genocide.

Dear Americans:

The 7 October invasion by Hamas was another flop. Hamas came to get hostages for a prisoner exchange. Hamas are not the brightest lights in the string and made the mistake of inviting other militias to follow them into Israel. Some Palestinian militias did come but a lot of hooligans, young men pent up under oppression and thoroughly pissed off, came in and caused mayhem. There were also people on the Netenyahu side who were instructed to make this invasion look as bad as they could—a serious crime of misleading you.

“American taxpayers have been totally fooled. Hamas failed to make a dent. The numbers people hear, the stories about babies beheaded and the babies cooked in ovens is, all Netanyahu lies and propaganda,” explains Ms. Alsop who is also an Israeli as well as being a Jew.

The hospitals and mortuaries in Israel on 8 October only had 97 dead from Hamas violence. The Kibbutz deaths were done by IDF people who came upon Kibbutz members who had already armed themselves and prepared sandbags or cinder blocks when they heard the radio blabbering about an invasion and saw the rockets fly.

It was an IDF-created bloodbath—a mishap of panicky young adults with guns but it still never reached 1400 deaths.

7/10 Is all Netanyahu lies to justify a biblical Genocide.

“Stick with the New Testament without the violence or throw the Bible out because it is too violent and makes no sense outside Mesopotamia and no sense in any other part of the entire Universe,” said Father Robert, a long-time friend of RINJ Women.

It was planned. Netanyahu was warned far ahead of 7 October, but Netanyahu decided to let it happen, stage some events and turn it all into a sympathy crisis by which to justify the removal of the people from Gaza as a retribution. Long planned and we have red the plan in three parts, three documents.

From an obscure intelligence department in the Netanyahu government came an official document of the Ministry of Intelligence recommending that the security system carry out a full transfer of all residents of the Gaza Strip to North Sinai, Egypt, as the preferred option among the three alternatives it offers regarding the future of the Palestinians outside the Gaza Strip in this world or the next, at the ‘end of the current cleansing operation’.

Another document recommends that Israel act “to evacuate the Gazan population to Sinai” during the war and establish tent cities and new brick and mortar cities in northern Sinai, which will accommodate the deported population, and then create a sterile zone of several kilometers inside Egypt and not allow the population to return to activity or residence near the Israeli border. At the same time, countries around the world, and primarily the USA, must be harnessed to implement the move.

The transfer plan is divided into several phases: in the first phase, the population in Gaza must be “vacated to the south”, while the Israeli and American Air Force strikes will focus on the northern part of the Gaza Strip. In the second phase, ground entry into Gaza will begin, which will lead to the occupation of the entire strip, from north to south, and the cleansing of the useful buildings above ground and the cleaning out of underground bunkers from Hamas fighters then the evacuation of the remaining people to Egypt.”

“At the same time as the Gaza Strip is de-populated, the citizens of Gaza will move to Egyptian territory, leave the Gaza Strip, and will not be allowed to return to it permanently. It is important to leave the traffic lanes towards the south usable, to allow the evacuation of the civilian population towards Rafah,” the secret document states.

What were these babies going to do to Israel or the United States that made them targets?

Over 5,000 kids bombed and killedFive children in a crowded hospital that has little to no resources left for treating bombed families. Photo submitted by Behar Abbasi.

Many more children have been killed in Gaza every day compared with Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iraq and other conflict zones. By far.

Thirty days of relentless bombing with American bombs pouring in the cargo holds of large ships and on C17 flights and Blinken says he might be able to find a few minutes of cease fire for the remaining hostages whom Israel has not yet killed with its bombing with American bombs. How many bombs has the USA dropped.

“God commands us to kill children,” says Rabbi Yaron Reuven a hard line religious leader of Israel. “Kill every one,” he says about Palestine and Gaza specifically.

In the peculiar 13 October planning document authored by an Israeli government think-tank intelligence department, it was proposed to create a propaganda campaign targeting citizens in Gaza that will “motivate them to agree to the plan” and make them give up their lands.

“The messages should revolve around the loss of the land, that is, to make it clear that there is no longer any hope of returning to the territories that Israel will occupy this November. The image should be, “Allah made sure that you lost this land because of your choosing the leadership of Hamas. Palestinians must move to another place with the help of Egypt,” the 13 October unauthorized document reads in Hebrew.

In addition, it is written that the government must lead an English campaign that will promote the transfer program across the West “in a way that does not incite and blacken Israel, in which the deportation of the population from Gaza will be presented as a humanitarian gesture. People like America’s Blinken and Austin who have already introduced themselves as the ironclad supporters of Israel must travel the Mideast lead ing the support of the world because convincing Egypt to allow the evacuation to the Sinai will lead to “fewer casualties among the civilian population compared to the otherwise expected colossal number of casualties which if the Air Forces initially drive high will create a global will to to push Egypt into accepting the remaining Palestinians. The number is likely to be down to about 1,200,000 persons or less if after starvation sets in the population starts killing each other over food and water which must never be allowed to enter Gaza. This will take a lengthy duration, but the outcome will be a certainty.”

That document also states that the U.S. should be exploited to force the move of Gazans to Egypt and put pressure on Egypt to take in the residents of Gaza, and to harness other European countries, and in particular Greece, Spain and Canada, to help take in and settle many refugees Egypt rejects who will be evacuated from Gaza to Canada.

“This data from multiple sources has been known publicly for weeks. The RINJ Foundation has asked this be kept quiet for a while because we were seeking large hospital ships from NATO members to house the injured and evacuate those willing to leave. Instead, the United States president insisted on a slaughter instead, which he now has on his bloody hands. I may as well say it, we want this guy hung because that is the penalty in his country for this crime,” said Ms. Alsop who also noted that life imprisonment would be the penalty anywhere else.

“Do you really think anyone can justify the killing of nearly ten thousand children including those who are missing in the rubble,” asked Ms. Alsop rhetorically when she was challenged with another question on the suggestion of a hanging sentance for the Butchers of Gaza?

Think about FREEDOM in the current climate outside of biblical genocide madness. That’s what the Palestinians want. Freedom.

Think about FREEDOM; think about Rosa Louise McCauley Parks who was an American activist in the civil rights movement best known for her pivotal role in the Montgomery bus boycott. She decided she would be free and would no longer be forced to crouch down in fear in silence at the back of the bus. She was being a Palestinian seeking freedom from oppression.

Think about Bobby Kennedy; John Kennedy; Martin Luther King; Abraham Lincoln; think about the freedom they believed in and bought with their lives when murdered by assassins like Netanyahu and Biden. That is what is happening.

Think about freedom, Martin Luther King’s dream and the “greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation”.

And also think about “I can’t breathe” the last words of Eric Garner, an unarmed man who was killed in 2014 after being put in a chokehold by a New York City Police Officer.

Think about a number of other oppressed Black Americans, such as Javier Ambler, Manuel Ellis, Elijah McClain, and George Floyd. Each one of these men who believed in freedom said the same phrase prior to dying during similar law-enforcement encounters.

America, you have enough current history, you don’t need the violence of the bible and its extremist practitioners trying to pull off a genocide in your names using your money.

And now think about the 350 mothers and babies your government is killing with your money every day in your name in Gaza.

Bobby Kenedy; John Kenedy; Martin Luther King; Abraham Lincoln; think about the FREEDOM they believd in and bought with their lives.

And now think about the 350 mothers and babies your government is killing with your money every day in your name in Gaza.

Joe Biden is a charming sociopath with a terrible concept of what social mores should be. And he never was an honest man.

My grandmother at a very old age was picked up by police, at 3:00AM in the middle of a busy traffic intersection in her nightgown and slippers, shrieking at police that her son had stolen her underpants, and the police should get their guns, find him, and shoot him dead.

That’s what Joe Biden is doing.

Sending two U.S. Navy carrier battle groups, some battleships, some missile cruisers, some destroyers and a normally hidden SSBN ICBM Nuclear Boomer into the Middle East (Are you -ucking crazy?) hundreds more war planes plus thousands more troops into an area where there are already 700 U.S. military bases is not just overkill, it is lunacy. It is a provocation to everyone in the world.

Recommended to all Americans. Do Not Travel outside USA.

If you are an American away from home, go home.

“Today, a clown in a rowboat with the right man-pack missile can sink a U.S. aircraft carrier or bring down an American commercial airliner. That’s how pissed off the world is at America and its current slaughter of babies that continues today. America watches from surveillance drones in the sky and sends the grids to the Israelis who use American bombs and missiles to demolish occupied schools; residential homes; universities; hospitals; health care clinics; ambulances; United Nations refugee camps; U.N. doctors and nurses; and you Americans are looking cowardly killing mothers and children, honestly,” said RINJ Women security director Dale Carter when asked for a comment.

Be silent when kids sleep, not when kids are murdered.

The Earth does not need that kind of American pollution but there is nothing that pollutes more in this world than your military at sea and on the land at 800 locations spewing black everywhere.

Dear Americans. 97 People were killed by Hamas on 7 Oct. but since then you with Israel have killed over fifteen thousand, mostly women, children and the elderly including the missing. You are sick racists. A message from Canadian health care workers in Gaza. 

Apart from friendly fire, we can only find 97 persons killed in the attacks by 5 different groups of amateur attackers and two groups of terrorist creeps against Israel on 7 October. Hospitals and coroners do not show 1400 violent deaths by Hamas. It is all a lie. The deeper we dig the worse it gets.

The vast majority of deaths were friendly fire deaths done by the IDF when Kibbutz members got out their guns, piled sandbags or cinder blocks and readied to fend off attacks by Hamas when the frightening newscasters warned of hell unleashing and the sound of puny rockets setting trash bins alight like a run amok firecracker.

IDF units came along and saw the armed people in the Kibbutz’s and opened fire.  In the ensuing firefights the IDF wiped out a a lot of people but not 1400. We were there and that is what we thought we saw. Checking the science, and the physical facts; it is what we saw.

Netanyahu knew the attack was coming and so did Biden. They planned a scourge of Gaza, cleaning it out under the ruse of retribution. In order to end a race of people, you kill its women and the babies by bombing residences, hospitals and schools. That’s what is happening. You are doing that, you racist assholes. Well, how would you put it if you held my pen.

“Joe Biden must step aside immediately, say millions of American women around the world,” according to a straw poll.